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Colección SOLO - Espacio SOLO / Contemporary Art Collection
SOLO Collection is an international collection of contemporary art housed at Espacio SOLO, a private museum in Puerta de Alcala, Madrid
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may 2019 by cyborg
Four Artists to Watch Now - The New York Times
They are fearless, and their works are among the season’s exciting shows. Drawing on memories and research, they propose new ways to live with our histories.
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april 2019 by cyborg
Anish Kapoor’s unfortunately suggestive Brexit artwork is a perfect lesson in how not to make art about politics | Prospect Magazine
There is an arrogance to this particular brand of political art that chooses to point out the obvious rather than inspire change. Perhaps instead of endlessly trying to capture the Void it’s time to create work that fills it
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april 2019 by cyborg

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