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Pash! March 2014 translation - Samurai Flamenco — LiveJournal
Ive translated the Samurai Flamenco entry in the March issue Pash! It might seem strange to read valentine season, but Japanese magazines always come out the month before the issue month. As such, this one came out on February 10, in time for Valentines xD I have the…
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They Fought Aliens and Fell in Love: Why Samurai Flamenco is Important – Fashionable Tinfoil Accessories
Of all the things people were expecting from the Samurai Flamenco finale, a naked marriage proposal probably wasn’t at the top of the list. But I can’t think of a better way to cap off a show that thrived on plot twists both totally out of left field and bizarrely true to the characters and…
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talk trans eva to me
Buckle up. It’s time to go on a massive analysis of Rei Ayanami, or How Most of the Casual Fandom Gets Her Wrong. Featuring! • The importance of pilothood to Rei. • Her relationships with Gendo,...
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Queer Representation in Anime | The Artifice
artículo bastante mal explicado y con asunciones que se saca de ningún lado, pero buena bibliografía
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株式会社ツインエンジンホームページ - TWIN ENGINE Inc. | アニメーション映画の企画プロダクション、株式会社ツインエンジンのホームページです。
TWIN ENGINE Inc. | アニメーション映画の企画プロダクション、株式会社ツインエンジンのホームページです。
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