The Ifs - Coding Without Screens for Ages 3 and Up
The Ifs are a family of robots that bring technology closer to children. With the help of their creativity and imagination, kids will learn how to code and develop logical thinking. The robots come with sensors and actuators that can be programmed using two different parts: if (condition), then (action). The combination of these two parts enables them to interact with each other and the rest of the world.
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14 hours ago
Raspberry Pi Dramble
The Raspberry Pi Dramble (pictured above) is a cluster of Raspberry Pis which has been used for many years as an instructional tool for cluster-based web hosting
drupal  raspberrypi  cluster  kubernetes  containers  cloudcomputing 
16 hours ago
Ion: Houston's downtown collaborative space
he Ion is a 270,000-square foot structure designed to bring Houston’s entrepreneurial, corporate and academic communities together into collaborative spaces and programs. The former Sears Building will support businesses at all stages of the innovation lifecycle and provide resources for Houstonians seeking to participate in the innovation economy as a part of the South Main Innovation District.
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18 hours ago
The Opt-Out Cap — Mac Pierce
With the rapid implementation of advanced facial recognition for both commercial and governmental purposes, individuals are unwittingly incorporated into a state of total surveillance by simply showing their face in public. Your face is your identity and is the thing about your body that most identifies who you are to those around you. The individual needs a way to disengage with those systems at will.

The Opt-Out Cap serves this purpose using common materials that are easily assembled, with all the materials costing less than $30 total. The cap also conceals it purpose by hiding the panels inside the cup of the cap when not in use. When deployed, the printed panels block the users face and replace it with an alternate. This misdirects tracking and while not flagging the user as displaying an obscured face.
privacy  diy  wearable  cap 
18 hours ago
BlinkStick | Smart LED controllers with integrated USB firmware
BlinkStick brings colorful notifications to your computer and wide range programming language implementations give you the power to control LEDs without the need to program a microcontroller.
usb  blinkstick  neopixel  led  leds 
RePurpose Depot: repurposing houston one house at a time
The RePurpose Depot is Houston's newest Reclaimed Building Materials retail warehouse. Open to the public. Repurposing Houston. One House at a time. RePurpose Depot salvages usable building materials from houses that are being torn down and makes them available for purchase by the general public. We are the partner warehouse in Houston of The ReUse People of America, a 501(c)3 non-profit.
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2 days ago
RePurpose Depot: repurposing houston one house at a time
The RePurpose Depot is Houston's newest Reclaimed Building Materials retail warehouse. Open to the public. Repurposing Houston. One House at a time.
repurpose  houston  recycling  recovery 
2 days ago
z e l e c t r i c: retro car conversions to all-electric
California-based Zelectric transforms midcentury Volkswagen models and early Porsche classics for 21st century driving. Today, the Zelectric rebuild features a custom-designed electric powertrain paired with select mechanical upgrades, retrofitted into investment-worthy vintage VW models and early Porsches. We can Zelectrify your current car or find the perfect candidate for you among vintage German originals.
cars  electric  conversion  volksvagen 
3 days ago
uECG - a very small wearable ECG @
Tired of commercial overencumbered projects using expensive AFEs, we built a simple, cheap ECG wearable. It streams realtime data and works with phones and PCs. Tindie page:  ecg  medical  health  tindie 
3 days ago
Kinova : medical and assistive robotics
Kinova’s humble beginnings were focussed on assistive robots for people with upper limb immobility, inspired by our CEO’s determination to build solutions for his three uncles living with muscular dystrophy. Now, we work with distributors around the world to offer various devices and solutions, making assistive technology more accessible for users, their caregivers, and the clinics that serve them.
robotics  medical  assistive  accessible  health 
3 days ago
ManyEars: Microphone Array-Based Audition for Mobile Robots
Intelligent systems would benefit from being able to localize and track sound sources in real life settings. Such a capability can help localizing a person or an interesting event in the environment, and also provides enhanced processing for other capabilities such as speech recognition. To give this capability to a computing system, the challenge is not only to localize simultaneous sound sources, but to track them over time. The ManyEars project propose a robust sound source localization and tracking method using an array of eight microphones.
audio  embedded  robotics  sound  localization 
3 days ago
ODAS: Open embeddeD Audition System
ODAS stands for Open embeddeD Audition System. This is a library dedicated to perform sound source localization, tracking, separation and post-filtering. ODAS is coded entirely in C, for more portability, and is optimized to run easily on low-cost embedded hardware. ODAS is free and open source.
github  odas  audio  embedded 
3 days ago
Doris the Evil Bowler Hat w/ ESP32 MATRIX Voice -
Straight from Meet the Robinsons with 3D-printed spidey legs, an LED MATRIX eye, and turning towards sources of sound to intimidate!  hat  wearable  esp32  arduino 
3 days ago
Programmable-Air : James Dyson Award
Programmable-Air is a hardware kit that allows makers to control airflow for inflatable soft robots. The project aims to bring soft robotics innovation from research labs to classrooms.
air  programmable  arduino  robotics  pneumatic 
3 days ago
Easy Optical Drive Sharing With PYODS | Hackaday
For many of us, the optical drive is a thing of the past. Once considered essential, the technology is no longer featured in the average laptop,where their omission saves plenty of precious space, and they’re rare on desktops, too. However, every now and then, something comes up and it’d be useful to have one on hand. [Klattimer] has just the solution for the MacOS set.

The Python Online Disk Server, or PYODS, is a tool that allows one to serve optical drives or ISO images over a network to MacOS clients.
python  cd  dvd  optical  sharing  crossplatform  macosx 
3 days ago
Light Up Your Body with Temporary Tattoo Circuits
Tattoo technology has been improved in many ways over the last few decades. The tattoo guns are more accurate, the ink is more durable and vibrant, and the artists themselves are exploring new areas of skill and expression. Now, people who aren’t even what you would typically call a tattoo artist are getting in on the fun by exploring new areas of temporary tattoos, by designing them to be electronic circuits.
tattoos  luminicent  display  tattoo 
3 days ago
2010s One-Hit Wonders: Remember Them? - Stereogum
What constitutes a one-hit wonder? It seems like it should be cut and dry, but the designation can be pretty arbitrary, with gut feelings often trumping objective data. Nevertheless, no retrospective on a decade in music is complete without rounding up those artists who scored one freak hit and announcing, “Remember them?” So here, start remembering, and do not under any circumstances @ me.
music  reviews  2010 
3 days ago
BEM — Block Element Modifier
a methodology that helps you to create reusable components and code sharing in front-end development. BEM is a highly useful, powerful, and simple naming convention that makes your front-end code easier to read and understand, easier to work with, easier to scale, more robust and explicit, and a lot more strict.
architecture  css  framework  browserbased  webdevelopment 
4 days ago
Atomic CSS: CSS for component-based frameworks
Atomizer is a tool for creating Atomic CSS. Generate an Atomic stylesheet dynamically from the Atomic classes you're actually using in your project (no unused styles!), or predeclare styles in configuration - it's up to you. Atomizer is not opinionated, brings no CSS of its own, and integrates nicely with your favorite task runner.
css  framework  design  tool 
4 days ago
Producing Energy with … Drones?! - Udo Zillmann - Medium
So, let’s recap: Wind Drones can be built on low-wind sites, produce more energy on high-wind sites, provide more reliable power and also cost less than wind turbines.
drones  energy  renewable  wind 
4 days ago
3D printed lego blocks based on historic architecture – Tijmen Schep
Now that the patent on LEGO has expired anyone is allowed to create LEGO compatible blocks. This project wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Behrang Moussavi, the head of the archive, and Flora van Gaalen, the producer of the exhibition on plastic. Special thanks to Niek Geurts who went above and beyond al expectations in making the incredible LEGO house.
3dprinting  lego  art 
4 days ago
PineappleJazz: Ethical Innovation
We are an Amsterdam based consultancy that supports ethical innovation and nuanced long-term thinking about new technology. Critical thinking helps us balance the drive for innovation with the needs and values of democratic societies. We believe that the best technologies are born when diverse fields of thought come together. We merge technical knowledge with sociological and philosophical insights to create bigger, more nuanced pictures of what new technologies can do. Technology is the product of people and their beliefs. We help you discover which beliefs your organization holds, and break those chains so you can innovate out of the box. We support your organization in taking action by rebuilding the belief that action is possible in the first place.
privacy  design  socialmedia  politics  socialstudies  surveillance  security 
4 days ago
Social Cooling - Big Data's unintended side effect
Social Cooling is a name for the long-term negative side effects of living in a reputation economy
society  culture  privacy  politics  socialmedia  security 
4 days ago
Projects by Tijmen Schep, "Technology Critic and Privacy Designer"
I am a technology critic and privacy designer who helps citizens, designers and policymakers understand new chances and challenges in our data-driven society.

I do this mainly through PineappleJazz, a consultancy where I help organizations think strategically about technology and the future. A specific issue I talk about a lot is Social Cooling. It describes the large scale chilling effects that arise as the internet develops a new layer on top of it: the reputation economy.

I wrote the book “Design my Privacy“, a beginners guide to ethical design for the Internet of Things, and regularly share my views through articles, through presentations at events like TEDx and SXSW, or through presentations and workshops for consultants, designers and policymakers.
projects  tijmen  denmark  socialmedia  blog  articles  privacy 
4 days ago
HoustonVR @ Station Houston
HoustonVR (Houston Virtual Reality) is a community focused organization that holds several FREE events a month covering various aspects of Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology.
houston  virtualreality  vr  community  texas 
4 days ago
The best virtual reality headsets you can buy in 2019
Thankfully, we've got your back (and forehead, I suppose). Here is everything you need to know about the best VR headsets you can buy this year (2019).
virtualreality  hardware  article  review 
4 days ago
Candle - privacy friendly smart home
Candle is an example of a privacy friendly smart home of the future. The primary goal of the project is to stimulate companies to produces privacy friendly devices.

The secondary goal is to allow anyone to build their own copy of our prototype, so that they may help us spread the message that more privacy friendly smart homes are possible. We are a group of Dutch technologists, designers and thinkers, most of us from Amsterdam, who felt that we could inspire the market by creating examples of the products we would like to see.
smarthome  mozilla  opensource  raspberrypi  automation  iot  internetofthings 
4 days ago
General Magic: the most important Silicon Valley company you've never heard of!
Multi-award winning feature documentary GENERAL MAGIC is the untold tale of how a great vision and epic failure changed the world.

The ideas that dominate the tech industry and our day to day lives were born at a secretive Silicon Valley start-up called ‘General Magic’, which spun out of Apple in 1990 to create the “next big thing”. General Magic shipped the first handheld personal communicator (or “smartphone”) in 1994. The film combines rare archival footage with powerful honesty from the “Magicians” today, reflecting on the most influential Silicon Valley company no one has ever heard of.
documentary  technology  design 
5 days ago
EGit/User Guide @ Eclipsopedia
Tutorial for EGit, a GITHUB plugin for Eclipse.
eclipse  git  howto  versioncontrol  tutorial 
5 days ago
Experimental Theater Helps Field Test Haptic Navigation Device | Hackaday
Haptic interfaces can help the sighted and the visually impaired alike, but a smart phone really only has one haptic trick – vibration. But a Yale engineer has developed a 3D printed shape-shifting navigation tool that could be a haptics game changer.

Dubbed the Animotus by inventor [Ad Spiers], the device is a hand-held cube split into two layers. The upper layer can swivel left or right and extend or retract, giving the user both tactile and visual clues as to which direction to walk and how far to the goal.
haptic  hackaday  diiy  3dprinting  accessibility  navigation 
5 days ago
Raspberry fixation for screen by CommunADucros - Thingiverse
Adjustable layout for attaching a Raspberry to a TV or screen.
Consists of a base and two sliding hooks to fit the thickness of the screen. The base has a face with studs for direct attachment of the Raspberry by screwing (screws ~ 2.5 mm) and a flat face to attach a Raspberry with its case by double-sided tape.
raspberrypi  case  3dprinting  3dmodel 
5 days ago
Fusion 360 Tutorial – Easy Snap Fit Cases! - YouTube
Learn how to design enclosures with snap fit covers! Use autodesk Fusion 360 to create a parametrically driven project case for electronics.
3dprinting  tutorial  fusion360  case  raspberrypi  youtube  adafruit 
5 days ago
Fusion 360 Snap Fit Cases | 3D-Printable Raspberry Pi Case - YouTube
Fusion 360 Snap Fit Cases | 3D-Printable Raspberry Pi Case // By the end of this tutorial, you’ll know how to create snap-fit cases in Fusion 360.

We’ll take a look at modeling the snap fit connections for a 3D-printable Raspberry Pi Case. However, these snap-fit connections could be used in several projects. Be sure to stick around until the very end of this video, where I’ll show you a pro trick to make sure your plastic cases stay aligned while you snap them together.
3dprinting  tutorial  fusion360  case  raspberrypi  youtube  video 
5 days ago
Fusion 360 Snap Fit Cases | 3D-Printable Raspberry Pi Case
By the end of this tutorial, you’ll know how to create snap-fit cases in Fusion 360. We’ll take a look at modeling the snap-fit connections for a 3D-printable Raspberry Pi Case.
3dprinting  tutorial  fusion360  case  raspberrypi 
5 days ago
Reflective fabric | Etsy
Reflective fabric projects for wearable devices: fashion, safety, design ...
etsy  reflective  fabric  wearable  wearables 
5 days ago
Chinastars: Retro Reflective Fabric for Clothing
Chinastars reflective printing fabric is an innovative fashionable and functional reflective fabric exclusively produced by Chinastars Patented technology. It is applicable to any casual wear or active sportswear with custom reflective patterns
reflective  display  visual  wearable 
5 days ago
Weallight: Luminous/ Reflective Tape Manufacturer
WEALLIGHT is a reflective tape and luminous material manufacturer, including conspicuity tape, retro reflective sheeting, custom reflective signs, reflective stickers custom, luminous adhesive tape, glow in the dark signs stickers custom, photoluminescent sheet rolls wholesale, heat transfer vinyl, retro reflective fabric, reflective leather, and so on.
light  reflective  display  visual  wearable 
5 days ago
Eliminate blind spots for cars - CNN
A 14-year-old from West Grove, Pennsylvania, won a $25,000 prize for creating a prototype designed to eliminate a car's blind spots. Gassler's project uses a webcam, projector, 3D printed adapter and retroreflective fabric to make a car's A-pillars invisible by displaying the image of the blind spot behind them onto the pillar.
automotive  blindspot  projection  3dprinting  vision  display 
5 days ago
Helium LongFi Protocol for LoraWAN
Existing wide-area wireless protocols suffer from a variety of drawbacks which create challenging circumstances for a ubiquitous wireless network. Our desired implementation would be open source, lightweight, secure, and provide a universal routing and payment mechanism that allows the network to be used anywhere in the world as long as Hotspots are paid for routing traffic.

Providing wide-area wireless connectivity in a manner that is implementable by both Helium and third-parties requires a free and open protocol that Devices, Hotspots, and Routers understand.

This proposal is not an all-encompassing specification but lays the foundation for further HIPs and a reference implementation which will serve as the specification.
lora  lorawan  helium  longfi  wireless  networking 
5 days ago
LulzBot Announces 3D Bioprinting Collaboration With FluidForm
Aleph Objects Inc., manufacturer of LulzBot 3D Printers, announced their collaboration with FluidForm Inc., an innovator in 3D bioprinting. FluidForm’s FRESH printing technique, developed in Carnegie Mellon University’s Regenerative Biomaterials and Therapeutics Group, enables 3D printing of bioinks and other soft materials. Together, Aleph Objects and FluidForm will combine their expertise to offer new bioprinting solutions, with the initial offering coming this summer.
3dprinting  bioprinting  lulzbot 
5 days ago
Maker Central | Harris County Public Library
HCPL's (Houston Central Public Library) Maker Central is dedicated to the ideas that the tools that drive 21st-century innovation and invention should be accessible to all, and that the imagination and the urge to create are the strongest motivations for learning new skills.

We currently have two maker labs and one digital media lab in operation with plans to open new maker labs in other regions of the county to make the maker experience available to a wider range of Harris County residents.
library  public  houston  makerspaces  makerspace 
5 days ago
Agile Ageing Alliance | Creating a brighter future for our older selves
The Agile Ageing™Alliance (AAA) is a campaigning social business which aims to demonstrate that through innovations in technology, business and service models, our age friendly homes and neighbourhoods of the future can enable multigenerational communities to enjoy healthier, happier and more agile lives, leading to a reduction of the financial burden on State and citizens.
aging  agile  neighborhood  construction  architecture 
6 days ago
Peopoly Phenom : affordable laser SLA resin printer
While there are many DLP SLA printers, there weren't many laser-based SLA printers on the market, let along a kit designed for professionals and makers alike. We challenge ourselves to create a laser/galvo based SLA printer that prints great while is affordable.
3dprinting  resin  laser  peopoly 
6 days ago
Jefferson Health Hack: reinventing Healthcare access and delivery
Starting in 2016, the Health Hack began with an idea. What if there was a place where people could get together, collaborate, and create new innovations that could change the world? No matter how humble or small, an idea can be the spark that creates a wave of progress and change. Ever since then we have been collaborating, brainstorming and seeking the next & best innovation. Learn more about this years Hack here, & sign up today!
hacakathon  medical  health  designhealth  jefferson 
6 days ago
EvaerSan Cooper realtors
Woodlands-based realtor associated with AARP and other retirment planning groups in Houston.
texas  houston  realtor  realestate 
7 days ago
NewMind network: technology in the service of mental health
The EPSRC funded NewMind network explores the potential for technology to transform the management & treatment of mental health conditions, whilst seeking to address underlying Engineering and Physical Science (EPS) research challenges.
psychiatry  psychology  mental  mind  cognition  health  blog  news  medical  research 
8 days ago
Consistency Made Simple : PLOP
Plop is what I like to call a "micro-generator framework." Now, I call it that because it is a small tool that gives you a simple way to generate code or any other type of flat text files in a consistent way. You see, we all create structures and patterns in our code (routes, controllers, components, helpers, etc). These patterns change and improve over time so when you need to create a NEW insert-name-of-pattern-here, it's not always easy to locate the files in your codebase that represent the current "best practice." That's where plop saves you.
boilerplate  generator  templates  tool  crossplatform  opensource  development 
10 days ago
Template maker: free custom templates for boxes
Custum sized papercraft and packaging templates for free. This site offers an unlimited amount of templates (also knows as ’dielines‘ or ‘nets’) for paper craft, packaging, package design, learning materials, decoration and much more.

All the models are custom sized. Usually, that includes the length, width and height of an object. Some models also have some angles you can customise or a number of facets.
papercraft  template  boxes  enclosures  diy 
10 days ago
Ploopy: an open-source trackball
Open source high-quality trackball. Kits available ($200) but code and physical parts list (3D printable) provided as well
mouse  trackball  opensource  diy 
10 days ago
Nebra AnyBeam - world's smallest pocket cinema projectors by Nebra Ltd — Kickstarter
Finally - a big screen laser cinema projector that ACTUALLY fits in your pocket. With standalone and Raspberry Pi compatible versions.
projector  pico  raspberrypi  display 
11 days ago
A Petite Pico Projector For Portable Pi | Hackaday
But there’s a need for a small projector, a pico projector, or in this case a femto projector. It’s the Nebra Anybeam, and it’s a small projector that uses lasers, and it comes in the form of a Raspberry Pi hat. The key features of this pico projector address the shortcomings of existing projectors that can fit in your pocket. This uses a laser, and there’s no bulb, and the power consumption can be as low as 3 Watts. Power is provided over a micro USB cable. The resolution of this projector is 720p, which is sufficient for a quick setup for watching a movie, but the brightness is listed as equivalent to 150 ANSI lumens, about the same as small projectors from a few years ago.
hackaday  projector  display  raspberrypi  usb 
11 days ago
HAT (daughterboard) DLP projector for BeagleBone and RaspberryPI. Around $150.
projector  texasinstruments  display  raspberrypi  beaglebone  mobile  digikey 
11 days ago
Power Ledger: Renewable energy and environmental commodities trading
Building the operating system for the new energy marketplace. Renewable energy and environmental commodities trading: We help people transact energy, trade environmental commodities and invest in renewables.

We have created software that allows for peer-to-peer energy trading from rooftop solar panels. Using blockchain technology we empower households to trade their excess rooftop solar power with their neighbours. Our technology can also be used to trade renewable energy and environmental commodities. We want to create new markets for energy from renewable sources.
energy  sustainability  renewables  trading  power  community 
11 days ago
Face Changing Projection Mask - Be Anything: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
What do you do when you can't decide what you want to be for Halloween? Be everything. The projection mask is comprised of a white 3D printed mask, a raspberry pi, a tiny projector and a battery pack. It is capable of projecting anything and everything onto your face.
instructable  mask  halloween  projector  opensource  wearable  cosplay  tutorial 
11 days ago
The first map of America's food supply chain is mind-boggling
My team at the University of Illinois just developed the first high-resolution map of the U.S. food supply chain.

Our map is a comprehensive snapshot of all food flows between counties in the U.S.—grains, fruits and vegetables, animal feed, and processed food items. We released this information in a publicly available database.
food  logistics  agriculture 
11 days ago
Ghost: The #1 open source headless Node.js CMS
A powerful platform for creating an online blog or publication. Includes extensible rich editor, flexible content management, team tools, subcription/membership management.
cms  nodejs  bloggin  opensource  crossplatform  paas 
11 days ago
Instructions | USB Audio Cards with a Raspberry Pi | Adafruit Learning System
The Raspberry Pi has an on-board audio jack, which is super handy for all kinds of sound effects and speech, just plug and go! However, for when you want better audio for music playback, a USB audio card can greatly improve the sound quality and volume, this tutorial will show you how.

This guide will also show you how to record audio via the headphone jack on the adapter
audio  adafruit  tutorial  usb  raspberrypi 
12 days ago
Jubilee: extensible multi-tool motion platform
Jubilee is an extensible multi-tool motion platform capable of running GCode for non-loadbearing automation applications. Out-of-the-box, Jubilee is configured for multimaterial 3D printing and multicolor pen plotting, but we've had success with light liquid-handling and image stitching applications too. Jubilee is meant to be extended by the community. Have a new tool to add to the repository? Simply check our contributing guidlelines and submit a pull request.
3dprinting  cnc  opensource  github  multicolor  multimaterial 
12 days ago
BrachioGraph - the cheapest, simplest possible pen-plotter
BrachioGraph - arm-writer - is an easy-to-build pen-plotter, driven by a library of simple Python applications.

Hardware is two sticks or pieces of stiff card; a pencil or ballpoint pen; a clothes-peg; 3 servo motors; a Raspberry Pi, to drive the servos and run the custom code in PYTHON.
plotter  python  diy  tutorial 
12 days ago
#1 Rated Grants Management System & Online Grant Database Software
Have the satisfaction of knowing your organization is truly advancing its mission in the community. With Zengine you'll be able to provide an application interface that is easy to follow and understand, post-award tools for continued connection, feedback, and impact data, and reporting that helps you share the great results with your board, donors, and community. From a simple web form to a multi-step submission portal, it’s all possible. We design forms and workflows to fit your process, not the other way around. Have multiple grants with different requirements? No problem. The sky’s the limit. We grow with you.
grants  saas  management 
12 days ago
Skypull: drone-based power generation
Our vision is to create a scalable technology that provides affordable and clean energy for everyone in order to accelerate the world’s transition to renewable energy. Skypull aims at realizing an efficient, reliable, resilient and scalable system, able to exploit the winds between 200 and 800 m above the ground and to produce low cost electricity from more energetic winds in almost any location on the globe.
wind  power  energy  renewables  drones  green 
12 days ago
Kiteswarms: drone-based wind power generation.
At Kiteswarms, we are developing the future of wind energy. We are building vertically ascending kites that are interlinked and rise together to a great height with consistent wind conditions. This allows us to constantly harvest wind energy in abundance, compared to conventional wind turbines.
kite  generator  power  energy  renewables  wind 
12 days ago
Alphabet’S Makani Tests Wind Energy Kites In The North Sea
Once commercialized, Makani’s kites have the potential to bring power to hundreds of millions of people living along the world’s coastlines where the wind is strong and steady, but the water is too deep to fix wind turbines to the ocean floor.

Makani energy kites produce electricity by harnessing energy efficiently from the wind.
We're developing energy kites that use a wing tethered to a ground station to efficiently harness energy from the wind, generating electricity at utility-scale. As the kite flies autonomously in loops, rotors on the wing spin as the wind moves through them, generating electricity that is sent down the tether to the grid.
renewables  wind  turbine  kite  ieee  sustability  energy 
12 days ago
ulab: a numpy-like fast vector module for micropython
ulab is a numpy-like array manipulation library for micropython. The module is written in C, defines compact containers for numerical data, and is fast.
python  micropython  numpy  math  library  github  embedded 
12 days ago
Helping Harry's Heart -
Remote monitoring system to monitor my dog's respiration rate to help the vet to adjust his heart medication.  pet  health  monitoring  wireless 
12 days ago
Civil Eats - Promoting Critical Thought About Sustainable Agriculture And Food Systems
Civil Eats is a daily news source for critical thought about the American food system. We publish stories that shift the conversation around sustainable agriculture in an effort to build economically and socially just communities.

Founded in January 2009, Civil Eats is a nonprofit news organization with more 150 contributors who report on the evolving food landscape from Capitol Hill to Main Street.

Civil Eats was named the James Beard Foundation's 2014 Publication of the Year.
food  sustainability  permaculture  blog  news 
13 days ago
Can regenerative agriculture reverse climate change? Big Food is banking on it.
Known as regenerative agricultural practices, those methods have not only improved the land of his ranch, White Oak Pastures, they also have led to the land becoming a carbon sink, pulling carbon from the air and storing it in the ground. As a result, Harris’ ranch has been able to offset a majority of the emissions related to its beef production. A key supplier of General Mills' EPIC Provisions brand, the ranch has become a model of how to transition to a form of farming that the company says can provide a solution for climate change.

"I've literally bet the farm on it working,” Harris said.
organic  agriculture  permaculture  article 
13 days ago
Peep These Ultra-Real 3D-Printed Eyeballs | Hackaday
For humans, life is in the eyes. Same deal with automatons. The more realistic the eyes, the more lifelike (and potentially disturbing) the automaton is. [lkkalebob] knows this. [lkkalebob] is so dedicated to ocular realism in his ultra-real eyeballs that he’s perfected a way to make the minuscule veins from a whisper of cotton thread.
cosplay  halloween  costume  eyes  3dprinting  hackaday  medical 
13 days ago
The Surprising Solution to the Imposter Syndrome (TED talk)
Answers to the self-doubt experienced by successful people can help anyone build a stronger sense of self. 70% of successful people have experienced the feelings associated with the Impostor Syndrome, such as fear of failure and perfectionism. Whether you have it, or know someone who does, there are steps to build a more satisfying and happy life.

Lou Solomon is a CEO, author and communications expert who is also a survivor of the Impostor Syndrome, a widespread condition that prevents successful people from internalizing and enjoying their accomplishments.
ted  intelligence  psychology  creativity 
13 days ago
Multi3D Electrifi Conductive Filament | MatterHackers
Electrifi is the first truly conductive 3D printer filament that consistently conducts an electric signal and can be used to 3D print leads and traces for electronic circuits that will reliably work. Made from a metal-polymer composite that boasts a resistivity of 0.006 Ω cm, Electrifi is perfect for making circuits or switches with your 3D printer.
filament  conductive  3dprinting  matterhackers 
13 days ago
The Kohab: intergenerational communities
The Kohab provides a new way for people across the ages to live together and support each other, just like we all used to. We provide quality homes for you to live in comfort in cities, with amenity spaces, events and activities, all supported by excellent Kohab customer service.
cohousing  community  intergenerational  neighborhood 
13 days ago
Rabbie's Tours: Small Group Tours of UK & Europe |
Get your suitcases, cameras, and thermos flasks ready, because it’s time to combine little-known legends with classic destinations on our friendly mini-coach tours of the UK & Europe.

Each trip comes with a driver-guide who knows the stories, sights, and secrets of the area you’re visiting; every itinerary is tested by travel-loving locals; and you get the chance to support the communities you visit.
rabbies  tours  england  uk  scotland  vacation  tour 
14 days ago
Omni Calculator: Your life in 894 free calculators
In a surprisingly large part, our reality consists of calculable problems. Often times we don't solve these problems, because we lack knowledge, skills, time or willingness to calculate. And then we make bad, uninformed decisions.

Omni Calculator is here to change all that - we are working on a technology that will turn every* calculation-based problem trivial to solve for anyone.

read more about us
calculator  math  inspiration  tools  free  online  browserbased 
14 days ago
buildtamu: student organization to build container-based portable medical clinics
BUILD is a student led organization aimed at unifying Texas A&M’s student body. Our goal is to connect students from all organizations, all academic colleges, and all corners of Texas A&M through a physically uniting effort. Our long-term vision is to build and send out portable medical clinics around the world in honor of those who lost their lives in the collapse of the Aggie Bonfire
construction  medical  clinics  container  volunteer  tamu 
14 days ago
Trashé SmartBin : realtime vision system for an intelligent trashcan
Trashé is a SmartBin which aims to help you get better at recycling. Making use of Azure IoT Edge we're able to leverage our trash detection model to detect plastic, glass & metals in realtime.
github  trash  trashe  azure  microsoft  deeplearning  machinevision  recycling 
17 days ago
Custom Vision w/Azure @ Microsoft: Visual Intelligence Made Easy
Easily customize your own state-of-the-art computer vision models that fit perfectly with your unique use case. Just bring a few examples of labeled images and let Custom Vision do the hard work.
vision  microsoft  deeplearning  cloud  azure 
17 days ago
Mooomba - The Cow Roomba -
Always wanted a cow, but don't have the space? Build yourself this Roomba-sized cow! My girlfriend really wants a cow. Sadly, that's a bit tricky because we live in an apartment. I did however find a small inflatable version in the local thrift store. This means we can make her a robot cow for adventuring, The Mooomba!  cow  robotics  raspberrypi  roomba  humor 
18 days ago
LoRa E32 for Arduino, ESP32 or ESP8266: Specs and Base Use
We are going to test E32-TTL-100. It is a wireless transceiver module, operates at 410 441 MHz based on original RFIC SX1278 from SEMTECH, transparent transmission is available, TTL level. The module adopts LORA spread spectrum technology.
lora  hackaday  networking  data  iot  internetofthings 
19 days ago
LOOMIA Soft Circuit Systems | E-textiles
LOOMIA designs and manufactures soft circuit systems (e-textiles) for use in medical wearables, automotive interiors and outdoor gear.

Circuit boards power the world but are built for hard goods. LOOMIA makes a new form-factor of circuit—a soft circuit system—that can be used to power soft goods. From automotive to apparel, our soft circuit systems can be used when standard PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) aren't up to the task—bringing heating, lighting, and sensing to car seats, medical apparel, outdoor gear, and more.
wearables  soft  hardware  meeical  sumi 
20 days ago
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