Open-source illustrations for every project you can imagine and create.
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12 days ago
Ebookelo | Todos los libros y ebooks gratis en PDF, MOBI y EPUB
Unete a Ebookelo y accede a miles de libros gratis en formato PDF, MOBI y EPUB
4 weeks ago
Atrio Composable Cloud on Vimeo
Demo of ACC (Atrio Composable Cloud) using OpenFoam and Advania Cluster
6 weeks ago
Temur Elementals Deck for Magic: the Gathering
7 Mythic, 33 Rare, 17 Uncommon, 15 Common
mtgarena  mtg 
6 weeks ago
Budget Build Series - RG to Temur Elementals : MagicArena
r/MagicArena: The subreddit for anything concerning the new Magic Arena series!
mtg  mtgarena 
6 weeks ago
Python and Django tutorial in Visual Studio Code
Python Django tutorial demonstrating IntelliSense, code navigation, and debugging for both code and templates in Visual Studio Code, the best Python IDE.
django  python  vscode 
9 weeks ago
The Most Emo Lyrics: Emo Rap vs. Dashboard Confessional
Who has the most emotionally vulnerable lyrics, emo rappers or Dashboard Confessional? Has Juice Wrld out-emo’d emo bands?
music  data-science  nlp 
june 2019
remoteintech/remote-jobs: A list of semi to fully remote-friendly companies in tech.
A list of semi to fully remote-friendly companies in tech. - remoteintech/remote-jobs
remote  jobsearch 
may 2019
The Complete Teenage Engineering PO-35 Speak Guide – callumhowkins – Medium
The Teenage Engineering PO-35 Speak, referred to from this point on as simply the PO-35, is a small but powerful speech synthesizer. The unit features the same ‘calculator’ format as previous Pocket…
march 2019
Alesis V mini – Thomann España
Controlador MIDI-USB 25 teclas de tamaño 'mini' sensibles a la velocidad, 4 pads retroiluminados sensibles a la velocidad, Rueda de pitch y de modulación, Botones de sustain, 4 knobs asignables, Requisitos del sistema:...
march 2019
Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 – Thomann España
Interfaz de audio USB 16-bit 48kHz, 2 entradas y 2 salidas, 1 conexión combinada XLR/Jack de 6,3mm y 1x Jack de 6,3mm, Previo de micrófono diseñado por MIDAS con alimentación Phantom de 48V, Entrada de guitarra,...
march 2019
Camiseta unisex «Levanta tus puños flacos como antenas al cielo» de Talierch | Redbubble
Compra «Levanta tus puños flacos como antenas al cielo» de Talierch en cualquiera de estos productos: Camiseta, Camiseta clásica, Camiseta de tejido mixto, Sudadera con capucha ligera, Camiseta entallada de cuello redondo, Camiseta entalla...
february 2019
Green Samsung S8 Eco-Friendly Phone Case– Pela Case
Beautifully designed and eco-friendly, Pela cases are the world’s first truly sustainable phone case. They are durable enough to protect your phone from drops and scratches and are also 100% compostable! As part of our mission to create a waste free future, Pela is a proud member of 1% for the Planet so we can support
february 2019
How Does Django’s StreamingHttpResponse Work, Exactly? – Andrew Brookins
You give the class a generator and it coerces the values that it produces into bytestrings.
django  python  streaming  streams 
february 2019
SNCB official site – Buy your train tickets online
Find your tickets for rail travel in Belgium with our planning tool. Book it online and avoid queueing in stations. It’s easy, fast and secure!
february 2019
Neural networks in JavaScript | Scrimba.com
A fun and practical introduction to Brain.js. This 19-part course teaches you how to build your own neural networks through a mix of lectures and interactive tutorials.
javascript  machinelearning  ml  tutorial 
january 2019
Flaky Tests - A War that Never Ends – Hacker Noon
Don’t you hate when things are not deterministic? A test should constantly pass or fail if no code changes are applied. We should run our tests against a controlled environment and make assertions…
testing  dev 
november 2018
B/G Elves: A Modern Powerhouse | Article by Jeff Hoogland
Rare Board Games, mtg, Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, rpg, Role Playing Games, Dungeons and Dragons, and many more games and supplies for sale. Fast shipping and friendly customer service.
modern  magic  mtg  elves 
november 2018
LVM Linear vs Striped Logical Volumes
At this point, you can see that all of our SSD disks are getting exercised. While doing research for this episode, it was explained that writes go to the disks in a round-robin fashion, and as you can see, this certainly seems to be the case, and this time around the benchmark completed much more quickly because we are actually using all of the disks.

lvm  disks  storage 
september 2018
Sentry | Error Tracking Software — JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, more
Open-source error tracking that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real time. Iterate continuously. Boost workflow efficiency. Improve user experience.
august 2018
100 Best Comics And Graphic Novels : NPR
We asked readers to name their favorite comics and graphic novels, and we got thousands of answers. Now, with the help of our expert panel, we've curated a list to keep you flipping pages all summer.
august 2018
RxJS: Subjects, Behavior Subjects & Replay Subjects ← Alligator.io
An overview of Subjects in RxJS, a construct that acts as both an observable and an observer.
rxjs  js 
july 2018
Handling Long and Unexpected Content in CSS | CSS-Tricks
When we write CSS, sometimes we forget about some edge cases in the designs. For example, when the content is longer than we expected and we didn't
css  design  webdesign 
july 2018
I.clearField and I.fillField not working as expected. · Issue #499 · Codeception/CodeceptJS
What are you trying to achieve? Replace text in field using I.fillField or clearing text with I.clearField. What do you get instead? If the field has the following text already in it: "hello" and I try to replace with "world" I get "hell...
bugs  codeceptjs 
july 2018
The Tool that Will Help You Choose Better Product Ideas
Let’s say you manage a product that helps small businesses support their customers. You’re looking to improve customers’ engagement and retention levels. There are two ideas are on the table: The…
prioritisation  management  productmanagement  product 
july 2018
Why you should stop using product roadmaps and try GIST Planning
I created my fair share of product strategies, roadmaps and project gantts, but I don’t do them anymore. I found a better alternative — GIST which I’ll explain in this post.
productmanagement  management  planning  product  roadmap 
july 2018
Top 10 lightweight CSS frameworks for building fast websites in 2018
When building a website, using a CSS framework is a real time saver as it provides you with tools every web designer needs when crafting a site. But as you know, loading speed is a very important quality factor. Therefore, I have compiled an actualized list of the current top 10 lightweight CSS frameworks, for creating
css  framework  design 
may 2018
GDPR Compliance with Google Analytics - Do You Need Cookie Consent? - Jeffalytics
Let’s look at the steps you need to consider to get your Google Analytics account and website ready for GDPR compliance. We'll also talk about how to decide if you need a cookie consent popup. And download our Google Analytics GDPR compliance Resources [GDPR segments and cookie consent decision map].
may 2018
puppeteer/api.md at master · GoogleChrome/puppeteer
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
e2e  puppeteer 
may 2018
5-0 Friendly League w/ MHayashi's List: Analysis : FishMTG
Hey Merfolk friends! Here in the subreddit (and on the Discord and the MTGS forum), we've been heatedly debating the smallest details of our...
magic  merfolk 
may 2018
Carlos Puentes | cpuentesdesign - Dribbble
Connect with this designer on Dribbble, the best place for to designers gain inspiration, feedback, community, and jobs worldwide.
logos  design 
march 2018
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