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Notmuch is a great mail indexing tool that can also be used in conjunction with existing Mail User Agents (MUA) instead of replacing them. The advantage of such mixed solutions is that users can benefit from notmuch features (such as full-text search and thread reconstruction) without having to change MUA.
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april 2013 by cschrader
mutt: Mark all unread messages as read « Peter Blair
I love this little mutt macro. Once I’ve cleared all of my mail that I’m interested in reading, I use this little macro to mark the rest as read:
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may 2012 by cschrader
Re: mutt mark tagged as read?
> (I know how to tag, but marking all the tagged messages as read part
> somehow does not work for me :/).

once tagged:
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august 2011 by cschrader
mutt & Maildir Mini-HOWTO
This document describes how to use the Maildir format with the Mutt MUA
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april 2011 by cschrader
intro to mutt part 2
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july 2005 by cschrader

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