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september 2016
[no title]
docker pull centurylink/imagelayers-ui
july 2016
Using Docker Safely - Adrian Mouat - Chief Scientist at Container-Solutions.com
VM's - add layer to kernel (hypervisor)
users not namespaced
"root in a container is root on host"
create user in Dockerfile
create user then SET user (9:50)
set container fs to read-only (10:28)
set volumes to read-only (11:07)
drop capabilities (11:43)
linux security modules (13:23)
apparmor (deb/ubu)
selinux breaks mounting volumes (15:59)
set cpushares (19:19)
default weight 1024 cpu
set cpu limits (20:10)
turn off inter-container comms (20:37)
only allow linked containers 2 comms (21:44)
verify your images (23:48)
build it yourself
pull by digest
defang setuid/setgid binaries (25:18)
sharing secrets (28:53)
bake it into image: NO!
add API KEY to enviro variables, NO!
used volumes/data containers
key-value store (etcd, vault, keywhiz)
docker  security 
july 2015
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