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Catalog of online lectures form colleges around the world
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april 2009 by criener
give me something to read for podcasts. Basically you bookmark podcasts, and it aggregates them for you, I think.
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january 2009 by criener
New York Times Science Times Podcasts
Directory listings of the NYT science times podcasts
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january 2009 by criener
The Education Podcast Network | A Landmark Project
A collection of podcasts for educators, from all over the world
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july 2008 by criener
All In The Mind - What's in a face?
Prosopagnosia radio show with interviews with sufferer of prosopagnosia
podcasts  faces  156  312 
july 2008 by criener
Mental Imagery
Philosophy talk episode on mental imagery
156  podcasts  imagery  cognitive 
july 2008 by criener
Philosophy and Neuroscience
Philosophy Talk episode with Patricia Churchland
consciousness  180  podcasts 
july 2008 by criener
Philosophy Talk episode on gender, with prof of biology and gender studies from Brown
podcasts  gender  151 
july 2008 by criener
The Mystery of Mind
Philosophy talk on mind/body problem, with John Searle
philosophy  podcasts  180  consciousness 
july 2008 by criener
Humans: The Irrational Animal
Philosophy talk episode with Stephen Stitch, base-rate neglect, irrationality, that sort of thing
podcasts  reasoning  180  156 
july 2008 by criener
Philosophy talk episode with David Chalmers
consciousness  156  180  philosophy  podcasts 
july 2008 by criener
Language and Thought
Philosophy talk episode on language and thought
Philosophy  podcasts  180 
july 2008 by criener
Artificial Intelligence
Philosophy talk with Marvin Minsky
156  cognitive  ai  podcasts  140  illusion 
may 2008 by criener
Politics and Cognitive Science
Philosophy Talk on Politics and cognitive science
156  cognitive  podcasts  180 
may 2008 by criener

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