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HardTimes :: Illusion [VIDEO]
ze frank and a silly optical illusion
illusion  312  perception 
may 2009 by criener
Infra Red Webcam
How to make an infrared webcam. Nice detailed instructions.
infrared  perception  diy  photography  312  illusion 
may 2009 by criener
Weird Project: acoustic "frequency hole"
similar to silly putty, negate effect of pinna with coffee stirrers
312  perception  audio  illusion  166 
may 2009 by criener
3D Anamorphic Street Art
Howto make a Julian Beever chalk drawing
illusion  166  depth  howto 
may 2009 by criener
Perception in Visualization
really nice summary of perceptual research and principles as they might apply to visualization
312  perception  166  illusion 
february 2009 by criener - Ideas - Globe
A nice graphic of different illusions, including rubber hand, ganzfeld,
312  perception  illusion  140 
january 2009 by criener
Axel Peemoeller - Eureka Carpark Melbourne
3-D parking lot signs, same principle as chalk art
180  312  perception  depth  illusion 
september 2008 by criener
Flickr: The Pisa pushers Pool
Bunch of pictures of people holding up, pushing, or otherwise using false perspective on picture s of the leaning tower
perception  illusion  166 
july 2008 by criener
Artificial Intelligence
Philosophy talk with Marvin Minsky
156  cognitive  ai  podcasts  140  illusion 
may 2008 by criener
5 Color Illusion Tutorial
How to make a spanish castle illusion
312  166  perception  illusion  class  NatGeobk 
january 2008 by criener

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