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The Undergrad Thesis
One sentence summaries of undergrad theses
writing  fun  advice 
december 2013 by criener
Ruby for kids
Programming for kids site
computer  kids  fun 
april 2011 by criener
Who Wants to Be a Cognitive Neuroscientist Millionaire? § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM
Grad student contestant on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, funny story of his winning
fun  memory  brain  neuroscience 
december 2009 by criener
François Macré - Thriller (reprise a'cappella 64 pistes)
French guy singing "Thriller" using 64 tracks (64 different channels of acapella sounds)
videos  fun  312  audition 
october 2008 by criener
Home - PhotoFunia
Put your face in a great many contexts, fun site
photography  fun 
july 2008 by criener
Many Eyes : Utah: Oh, Baby!
Interactive map of us with various stats
teaching  fun  stats 
january 2007 by criener
Watch Google TechTalks, improve your brain power - Lifehacker
this video is great. Luis van Ahn computer science prof who turns problems into games
videos  fun 
november 2006 by criener
Mindset List - from Beloit College
List of things that describe college freshmen of each year, sort of a cultural zeitgeist for 18year olds
education  fun 
october 2006 by criener
turn doodles to art with Ze Frank's scribbler
fun  design 
september 2006 by criener Always bring your camera
Great site with fun science experiments, pranks, etc.
fun  science 
august 2006 by criener
Bush singing "Imagine" (with Wild Side insert)
Pretty cool mashup video of Bush singing Lennon's "Imagine"
fun  funny 
august 2006 by criener
Origami Geometric Constructions
5 frame intersecting tetrahedron
howto  fun 
june 2006 by criener
Lebowski Fest
Official website of the Lebowski fest
fun  humor  movies 
may 2006 by criener

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