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Optical illusion: Picture of sand dunes from space look like pits.
Holy Haleakala MT : The best example of the up/down optical illusion I’ve *ever* seen
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august 2013 by criener
YouTube - Crazy Chair Illusion!
Cool perspective illusion, chair shadow painted on ground
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june 2011 by criener
3d photography examples "wobble 3d"
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june 2010 by criener
YouTube - How the "Pavement Picasso" Does It
Video of how julian beever does his 3-D chalk art
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march 2010 by criener
Masters of Deception : Shigeo Fukuda
artist who makes impossible objects, trompe l'oueil, etc
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october 2009 by criener
555 KUBIK | facade projection | on Vimeo
projection on the front of a building, incredible three-D effects
perception  shadow  depth 
july 2009 by criener
3D Anamorphic Street Art
Howto make a Julian Beever chalk drawing
illusion  166  depth  howto 
may 2009 by criener
Axel Peemoeller - Eureka Carpark Melbourne
3-D parking lot signs, same principle as chalk art
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september 2008 by criener

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