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Great color blindness simulation, also a way to change color figures for people who are colorblindness - to overcome the loss of information
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january 2018 by criener
History and Anthropology of Color Naming
The history and academic study of how colors get their names is fascinating by
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may 2017 by criener
The Crayon-Bow – Crayola Color Chart, 1903-2010
Fun interactive graphic of crayola color names from 1903 to 2010
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october 2014 by criener · Swatch you doing?
Wow, this is good. RT @i4_1: Whoah. Awesome colour picker thing - finger-friendly too.
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february 2013 by criener
Brown eggs and ham » Scienceline
Color blind kids in kindergarten have trouble with lessons
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february 2013 by criener
TED-Ed | How we see color - Colm Kelleher
Great little video explaining color perception
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january 2013 by criener
Concentration on hue and saturation
It's just another clever colour matching game. It seems to be getting trickier and trickier, but don't let that confuse you - it's all about matching the colours perfectly.
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january 2012 by criener

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