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Dichotic listening
Example of dichotic listening task, to test for language dominance. Listen to two words presented, one in each ear, then type which one you heard.
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february 2014 by criener
Linda Stone | Attention: The *Real* Aphrodisiac
Linda Stone, from Microsoft Research, discusses her idea of future of multitasking - Continuous Partial Attention
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january 2014 by criener
Book Review: 'Rapt' by Winifred Gallagher
Book about attention and multitasking - washington post book review
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january 2014 by criener
Smartphones in the Classroom, Let the Students Decide
Discusses strategy of letting the students decide a smartphone and technology policy
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january 2014 by criener
Bad At Multitasking? Blame Your Brain : NPR
Talk of the Nation on dividing attention in multi-tasking
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october 2008 by criener

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