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Here’s a third "rainbow forest” forest illusion. The trees seem to be four different colors but are actually all th…
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july 2018 by criener
SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
RT : You really should listen to this 50 second clip on how our brains process sound. It's guaranteed to blow your mind.
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june 2014 by criener
NAGAI HIDEYUKI 永井 秀幸 official site - NAGAI HIDEYUKI official site
Great 3D drawings, like chalk perspective, but with paper
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may 2014 by criener
Chadwick & Spector - Imgur
Painting optical illusions onto people is visually pretty tiring My brain is like a dog after cars
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july 2013 by criener
Snakes on a brain « Mind Hacks
Snakes on a brain: The latest Journal of Neuroscience features a study on the neuroscience behind Akiyoshi Kitao...
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april 2012 by criener
Escher's "Belvedere" in LEGO
Really nice set of pictures on how to make escher paintings with LEGO
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january 2012 by criener
YouTube - Rubber hand illusion
rubber hand illusion, with explanation from professor
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november 2010 by criener
Musical Sinewave Speech
From Haskins laboratory at Yale
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june 2010 by criener
trompe louiel of garden
march 2010 by criener
Artist who paints on flesh, then photographs it. It looks like a painting, not a real person
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march 2010 by criener
First-Person Tetris
Tetris game where you rotate the whole screen. Use to demonstrate concept of reference frames for water level tast
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january 2010 by criener
The Third & The Seventh on Vimeo
architectural / photographic abstract short film, filmed completely in CGI
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january 2010 by criener
Rise of the Robots
AI article in Wired
by Hans Moravec - 2009
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december 2009 by criener
AI Reaches the Golden Years
brief description of AI state of the art from Wired magazine
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december 2009 by criener
Optical Illusion: Check Your Brain!
checkerboard looks warped with little white squares on black sqaures
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december 2009 by criener
Using Psychology To Save You From Yourself : NPR
Intro to Behavioral Economics, podcast from NPR
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october 2009 by criener
The Million-Dollar Nose
Robert Parker, winetaster extraordinaire, profile in the Atlantic Monthly
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october 2009 by criener
Masters of Deception : Shigeo Fukuda
artist who makes impossible objects, trompe l'oueil, etc
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october 2009 by criener
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