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Great color blindness simulation, also a way to change color figures for people who are colorblindness - to overcome the loss of information
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january 2018 by criener
An End to Blindness?
David Dobbs piece in National Geographic
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december 2017 by criener
Live photos: watch the total solar eclipse unfold across the country - Vox
. is curating the very best eclipse photos from across the country keep checking this link
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august 2017 by criener
Sharing an eclipse with kids | The Planetary Society
If you don't have eclipse glasses, you can still view Monday's eclipse safely! Here's how: Please RT!
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august 2017 by criener
Why you absolutely cannot stare at the sun without eclipse glasses, explained - Vox
I asked an eye doctor why, exactly, it's so bad to stare at the sun. The answer is sufficiently horrifying!
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august 2017 by criener
The active construction of the visual world
The active construction of the visual world review by Thomas Parr & Karl Friston.
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august 2017 by criener
Seeing with Your Tongue - The New Yorker
Enamored with the idea that "writing ought to be considered the original [sensory substitution]" via
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may 2017 by criener
History and Anthropology of Color Naming
The history and academic study of how colors get their names is fascinating by
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may 2017 by criener
What It’s Like to Be Profoundly Face-Blind -- Science of Us
What It’s Like to Be Profoundly Face-Blind.
By Alexa Tsoulis-Reay. via
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july 2015 by criener
Beginnings in Psychological Science
project for taking psychology to elementary schools. Use for perception, add lesson plans
june 2015 by criener
How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality? : The Record : NPR
Took this quiz to see if I could spot the uncompressed WAV file. Got all of them dead wrong:
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june 2015 by criener
The Neuroscience of Why Virtual Reality Still Sucks
Really interesting. RT The neuroscience of why virtual reality still sucks
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march 2015 by criener
How Your Brain Decides Without You - Issue 19: Illusions - Nautilus
In a world full of ambiguity, we see what we want to see | | A cool article by for - with Balcetis, Feldman Barrett, Van Bavel
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november 2014 by criener
kkstudio » Katerina Kamprani | portfolio
Artist takes everyday objects and makes them useless
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october 2014 by criener
The Crayon-Bow – Crayola Color Chart, 1903-2010
Fun interactive graphic of crayola color names from 1903 to 2010
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october 2014 by criener
What evolved first, sight or hearing? | A Bit of Behavioral Ecology
In which I take a question from the audience and beat it to death: What evolved first, sight or hearing?
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september 2013 by criener
Gradient illusion
Damn you brain making this center square look as though it has a gradient!
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september 2013 by criener
Visual neurons mapped in action : Nature News & Comment
Fantastic short film demonstrates how mind-bogglingy tightly-packed neurons of the retina are:
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august 2013 by criener
Animal Superpowers | It's Okay to be Smart | PBS Digital Studios - YouTube
NEW video: Comic books ain’t got nothin’ on evolution! Behold the greatest animal superpowers
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august 2013 by criener
Optical illusion: Picture of sand dunes from space look like pits.
Holy Haleakala MT : The best example of the up/down optical illusion I’ve *ever* seen
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august 2013 by criener
Experience: I taught myself to see | Life and style | The Guardian
Fascinating! RT : Man blind since infancy describes what it's like to see by echolocation
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july 2013 by criener
Interactive Ear tool showing how the ear works by Amplifon
If you have need to teach about how our ears work, I doubt you'll find a better online interactive than this one
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july 2013 by criener
Chadwick & Spector - Imgur
Painting optical illusions onto people is visually pretty tiring My brain is like a dog after cars
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july 2013 by criener
Grid Illusions, curved
refutation of classic explanation of the Hermann Grid
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may 2013 by criener
Creative Music Video Shot Entirely in the Reflection of an Eyeball
Cool music video shot entirely in the reflection of an eyeball… AND the song is good too.
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may 2013 by criener
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