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The Unhappy Creed of the Religion of Acquisition
“Earlier I said that when we look at money, we see people. We see the faces of Lincoln or Jefferson or Washington. But flip the question around: When we look at people, do we see money? More so than we realize.

Here’s how we know. The more we:

•judge our worth and the worth of others based on financial criteria

•understand the goal of life as acquisition and consumption

•determine our country’s greatness by its GDP

•choose our leaders based solely or primarily upon how they can help us monetarily

•are restless and discontent until we’ve acquired the latest gadget...

…the more any or all of these are true, the more we’ll not just look at money and see people’s faces on it, but look at people’s faces (including our own) and see money on them.”
april 2019 by crbassett
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