Google calendar tips
Including "find a time that works for everyone"
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5 hours ago
How the bullet train went from peak California innovation to the project from hell - Los Angeles Times
Yet bite after bite, huge cost overruns, mismanagement, political concessions and delays ate away at the sleek and soaring vision of a bullet train linking San Francisco to San Diego. A project meant to drive home California’s role as the high-tech vanguard of the nation was looking more and more like a pepped-up Amtrak route through the Central Valley.
'If It Gets Me, It Gets Me' The Town Where Residents Live Alongside Polar Bears via Instapaper http://bit.ly/2SvMRTE
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2 days ago
Jase Harley Criticizes Childish Gambino After Grammy Win
“It’s almost like the house slave heard the chants from the field,” Harley continued. “And he took that song back with him, and sung it back to the house. And instead of trying to liberate the people in the field, he got a bigger room in the house.”

Harley also criticized Gambino for not showing up to the Grammys ceremony and missing an opportunity to use the platform to elevate the song/music video’s messaging.
2 days ago
Former Air Force Intelligence Agent Charged With Spying for Iran - The New York Times
She had access to ongoing counterintelligence operations and the true names of intelligence assets and the identities of American officials involved in their recruitment.
spycraft  iran 
2 days ago
Anyone using emacs org-mode on the Mac. : orgmode
One of the issues was that I lacked the ability to add enough contextual notes around the tasks to make them useful. I work for a small software company, and I'm always juggling several implementations. I don't have everything about every client in my head, but by keeping fairly well-maintained org buffers around, I can get back into a given customer's headspace pretty quickly.

I also really, really love that it's plain text. I'm 46; I've had no end of data orphaned by software in the past, sometimes even "stealthily" (nothing like that feeling of trying to open a 15 year old DOC file and having Word laugh at you). That won't ever happen with org mode.
orgmode  osx 
2 days ago
Foo Fighters Reveal Why They Could Be 'Done For Awhile' - AlternativeNation.net
“He can control the crowd, and I keep learning his lessons, you know, the things you shouldn’t do to turn an entire roomful of people against you.

“We’ve been talking about this. The things that don’t work on stage are going negative and sarcasm. Sarcasm and inside jokes do not work, ever.”

Did you learn that the hard way?

“I learned that just last week.”
2 days ago
How the FBI Used El Chapo's Own Spies Against Him - The Atlantic
The Spyware That Brought Down El Chapo’s Drug Empire via Instapaper http://bit.ly/2APcbsS
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2 days ago
BuzzFeed Journalists Said to Vote to Unionize in Wake of Layoffs - Bloomberg
BuzzFeed Inc.’s journalists, reeling from a round of layoffs, voted to unionize and plan to inform management as soon as Wednesday, according to a person familiar with the matter.

An overwhelming majority of workers voted in favor of the decision to join NewsGuild, the labor union that’s part of the Communications Workers of America, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the information isn’t yet public. A spokesman for the union didn’t respond to requests for comment.
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3 days ago
Alexis Ohanian warns against the dangers of "hustle porn" — Quartz at Work
“Hustle porn,” as Ohanian so deliciously calls it, is distracting young entrepreneurs from doing good work, and reinforcing sexist stereotypes that to win in tech, you have to ditch everything outside of work and devote your life to your company, a tradeoff many people (and women especially) simply cannot make. He shared this perspective at Web Summit, one of Europe’s largest tech conferences, held Nov. 5-8 in Libson, as Nicholas Say reported for MoneyMakers.
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3 days ago
Mexican drug cartel cannibalism: Hit men eat victim’s hearts
A reporter who spent time with him told El Blog del Narco, “After sentencing him (the victim) to death, he orders him to bathe, and even to shave his whole body and let him de-stress for two or three hours, even better sometimes he gave them a bottle of whisky to relax, then he ordered a very quick death so there is no adrenaline in the meat to prevent it getting bitter or hard.”

He would then devour the man’s buttock flesh in tamales after it had been cooked in lemon and served on toast.
bookofmormon  lastdays 
3 days ago
Always Trying To Work It Out: A Conversation with Low’s Alan Sparhawk
Always Trying To Work It Out: A Conversation with Low’s Alan Sparhawk via Instapaper http://bit.ly/2N2A7xM
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3 days ago
We didn’t see this coming | Bill Gates
We didn’t see this coming | Bill Gates via Instapaper http://bit.ly/2GnMmEn
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3 days ago
Learning to Press the Reset Button
As I listened to Elder Jeffrey R. Holland in the October 2018 general conference, this sentiment was reinforced. He taught: “Surely each of us could cite an endless array of old scars and sorrows and painful memories that this very moment still corrode the peace in someone’s heart or family or neighborhood. Whether we have caused that pain or been the recipient of the pain, those wounds need to be healed so that life can be as rewarding as God intended it to be” (“The Ministry of Reconciliation”).
Pressing the “Reset” Button

In every relationship, we open ourselves up to being hurt or misused or misinformed at times. So I have developed a mental “reset” button. My reset button means I recognize the potential hurt—“Ok, that was snappy or unkind”—and then decide that I don’t need to hold on to it forever.
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3 days ago
Learning to Press the Reset Button
Learning to Press the Reset Button via Instapaper http://bit.ly/2GpxxRK
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3 days ago
Chronic Fatigue, syndrome, anxiety – anxietycentre.com
oreover, addressing your anxious behaviors can also be helpful, as most chronic fatigue sufferers behave anxiously. Learning to cope with adversity, uncertainty, and risk in a healthy way will reduce the stress load on the body, including the stress that causes chronic fatigue.

If you are having difficulty eliminating anxious behavior, you may want to work with an experienced coach/counselor/therapist as using a self-help approach generally isn’t that effective. Working with an experienced specialist is the most effective way to overcome problematic anxiousness and its symptoms, such as chronic fatigue.
anxiety  sleep 
3 days ago
Gut Bacteria Linked to Depression Identified – Neuroscience News
Gut Bacteria Linked to Depression Identified – Neuroscience News via Instapaper http://bit.ly/2BfP9eD
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3 days ago
A Princess Vanishes. A Video Offers Alarming Clues. - The New York Times
The morning of the escape, Sheikha Latifa was driven to eat breakfast with Ms. Jauhiainen at a restaurant, as she often did. According to Ms. Jauhiainen, they got into her car and made for Oman, where they rode an inflatable raft, then Jet Skis, out to Mr. Jaubert’s yacht. A selfie they took in the car shows Sheikha Latifa grinning behind mirrored sunglasses, elated.

“We’re like Thelma and Louise,” Ms. Jauhiainen joked, referring to the 1991 American film.

“Don’t say that,” Sheikha Latifa protested. “It has a sad ending!”

As they sailed toward India on the evening of March 4, the women were getting ready for bed belowdecks when they heard loud noises. They locked themselves in the bathroom, but it filled with smoke. The only way out was up.

On deck, armed men whom Ms. Jauhiainen identified as Indian and Emirati pushed Mr. Jaubert, Ms. Jauhiainen and the Filipino crewmen to the ground, tying them up and beating them. They told Ms. Jauhiainen to take her last breath. Ms. Jauhiainen saw Sheikha Latifa on the ground, tied up but kicking, screaming that she wanted political asylum in India.
3 days ago
Do Animals Have Feelings? - The Atlantic
Have We Gotten Animal Cognition Totally Wrong via Instapaper http://bit.ly/2Spzrs8
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4 days ago
How to Work 40 Hours in 16.7 (The Simple Technique That Gave Me My Life Back)
Everything in just 16.7 hours a week?!

Right now you’re probably thinking, “I work more than that in two days! And you’re trying to tell me that’s all I need to work in an entire week?”

YES! That’s exactly what I’m telling you. And NO, you’ll probably still ‘work’ more than 16.7 hours a week. Let me explain…

I ‘work’ 35–40 hours a week, but I spend at least 20–25 of those hours on calls, meetings, networking on- and offline, and other less-focused tasks. These are important, but I don’t count them as ‘work’ time.

I truly work 16.7 hours each week…and I get about five times more accomplished in those few hours than in the other 25 hours.
work  productivity 
4 days ago
Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
Crypto CEO Dies Holding Only Passwords That Can Unlock Millions in Customer Coins via Instapaper https://bloom.bg/2SoZJKq
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4 days ago
‘Flesh and blood robots for Amazon’ They raid clearance aisles and resell it all online for a profit via Instapaper https://wapo.st/2Gwd1yj
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4 days ago
Mistress’ Brother Leaked Bezos’ Racy Texts to Enquirer, Sources Say
“The story was given to the National Enquirer by a reliable source that had given information to the National Enquirer for seven years prior to this story. It was a source that was well known to both Mr. Bezos and Ms. Sanchez,” attorney Elkan Abramowitz told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.
4 days ago
How to Eat More Beans and Fart Less
How to Eat More Beans and Fart Less via Instapaper http://bit.ly/2TKl9Pq
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4 days ago
Opinion | Our Brains Aren’t Designed to Handle the Trump Era - The New York Times
Would that I were able to task-switch as they do. Would that we all could. Would that we all could return to the rhythms of a more civilized time, when we weren’t scanning the savanna for mortal threats every 30 seconds. It seems such an unfathomable luxury — almost as unfathomable as the Russians manipulating our elections, as a child billionaire selling our privacy down the river, as the Trump presidency itself.
5 days ago
Policy Makers Need a New Path to Education Reform - The Atlantic
I Used to Preach the Gospel of Education Reform. Then I Became the Mayor. via Instapaper http://bit.ly/2UKuqap
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5 days ago
This Is What The Grammy Awards Looked Like In The 1990s
These Pictures Show Just How Perfect The Grammys Were In '90s via Instapaper http://bit.ly/2DqNfIz
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5 days ago
Erika Christakis: Active-Shooter Drills Are Misguided - The Atlantic
Around the country, young children are being taught to run in zigzag patterns so as to evade bullets.

Purposely countering them may have been a reason that, as he was beginning his rampage, the shooter pulled a fire alarm.
5 days ago
You Should Be Watching 'The Expanse' On Amazon Prime Right Now
Hell, if I was a multi-billionaire, you can bet we’d be on season 15 of Firefly right about now.
5 days ago
Digital Media: What Went Wrong - The New York Times
The digital publishing industry took a big hit in recent days, when more than 1,000 employees were laid off at BuzzFeed, AOL, Yahoo and HuffPost. Vice Media started the process of laying off some 250 workers on Friday, and Mic, a site aimed at younger readers, axed much of its staff two months ago before a competitor bought it in a fire sale. Coupled with recent layoffs at Gannett, the company behind USA Today and other dailies nationwide, the crisis in the digital sphere suggested that the journalism business was damned if it embraced innovation and damned if it didn’t.
7 days ago
Web directory permissions : linuxquestions
I don't like working with people who don't know anything.
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7 days ago
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