plaitpy/plaitpy: plait.py - a fake data modeler
plait.py is a program for generating fake data from composable yaml templates.

The idea behind plait.py is that it should be easy to model fake data that has an interesting shape. Currently, many fake data generators model their data as a collection of IID variables; with plait.py we can stitch together those variables into a more coherent model.

some example uses for plait.py are:

generating mock application data in test environments
validating the usefulness of statistical techniques
creating synthetic datasets for performance tuning databases
statistics  datascience  data  random 
13 days ago
alex petralia
I subscribe to a lot of newsletters and have benefited immensely from it. I write so many emails to my friends that I decided I needed to aggregate my ideas into a periodic and consistent digest (so as not to spam them). My newsletters primarily concern mental models & learning. You can find historical ones below:
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13 days ago
SatTrackCam Leiden (b)log
atTrackCam Leiden (Cospar 4353) is a satellite tracking station located at Leiden, the Netherlands. The tracking focus is on classified objects - i.e. "spy satellites". With a camera, accurate positional measurements on satellites of interest are obtained in order to determine their orbits. Orbital behaviour is analysed.
satellite  tracking  astrophotography 
13 days ago
Toapi is a clever, simple and fast library letting any web site provide APIs. In the past, we would crawl a website and store the data to build an API around it. What's more we then had to manage updating the data.

This library make things easy. The only thing you need to do is defining your data structures that will be shared as an api service automatically.
python  api  library  crawler 
13 days ago
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