I'm Just Walkin'
"I am going to walk every block of every public street in all five boroughs of New York City, excluding only the high-speed expressways and parkways that prohibit pedestrian traffic. I will also walk every bridge with pedestrian facilities, as well as many private streets, multi-use greenway paths, pedestrian paths and trails through parks and cemeteries, boardwalks, and accessible stretches of coastline.

It is my understanding that the total length of all the public streets in NYC is somewhere in excess of 6,000 miles. Add the bridges, private streets, paths, and coastline to that, as well as all the blocks I will end up covering more than once, and I expect to have walked more than 8,000 miles before I’m done."
blog  NYC  walking  MattGreen  photos 
7 days ago
Street Corner Cooks Have Names, Too
reading this in the source because ran out of free views

in Dekalb Market Hall
NYT  2004  street  food  cart  arepa  Brooklyn  NYC  restaurant  DanaBowen  Medellín  Colombia  ArepaLady  MariaCano 
20 days ago
The Last Heavy Footfalls of Doc Hullender
"...aluminum bracelets inscribed with the following message:

AtlantaMagazine  Atlanta  Iraq  war  MichaelHullender  Buford  Georgia  ThomasLake  2009  Army  medic 
4 weeks ago
Remembering the Dreamcast, the console that wanted to murder you
"Go ahead and put your Nintendo 64 into the garbage, because that's exactly what it is — dormant, unthinking, unfeeling garbage."
Sega  Dreamcast  video  game  GriffinMcElroy  666 
4 weeks ago
Wikipedia - Justin Wilson (chef)
"He hosted several cooking shows on PBS that combined Cajun cooking and humor. Most were aired from the studios of WYES-TV in New Orleans."
Wikipedia  JustinWilson  PBS  chef  Cajun  cooking  Louisiana  TV  comedy  storytelling 
6 weeks ago
Wikipedia - Anzac biscuit
Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

Rolled oats, flour, desiccated coconut, sugar, butter, golden syrup
food  Wikipedia  Australia  NewZealand  WWI  acronym  war  baking  biscuit  cookbook 
6 weeks ago
mEQ : MIDI Controlled Equalizer
The mEQ gives you the power of 20 EQ patches

20 patches controlled by MIDI program change commands
100% analog signal path
Volume/Level setting for each patch
Volume (attenuation) and all frequencies can be changed on the fly with an expression pedal using MIDI controller change commands
Uses a relay for True Bypassing
Frequencies: 100Hz, 280Hz, 800Hz, 2300Hz and 6600Hz. Custom frequency bands upon request
Size: 4.7" x 7.4" x 1.4" (Hammond 1590DD enclosure)
8 weeks ago
Wikipedia - Henry F. Phillips
"The credited inventor of the Phillips screw was John P. Thompson who, in 1932, patented (#1,908,080) a recessed cruciform screw and in 1933, a screwdriver for it. After failing to interest manufacturers, Thompson sold his self-centering design to Phillips in 1935."
Wikipedia  HenryPhillips  JohnThompson  screw  invention  1932  screwdriver  GeneralMotors  Cadillac 
9 weeks ago
Wikipedia - Phobos 1
"He quoted the former secret service chief under Stalin, Lavrenti Beria, who said "Let's make them work for now. We can shoot them all later." The investigation concluded with the dismissal of the ground control commander at Yevpatoria and the acknowledgement that the computer system was badly designed."
Wikipedia  Mars  Phobos  Deimos  error  Russia  space  1988 
9 weeks ago
Remember What You've Read With This Font
Sans Forgetica

"But don’t use it everywhere: they suspect that if we get too used to reading in Sans Forgetica, its memory-boosting effect will fade."
font  reading  memory  Australia  SansForgetica 
9 weeks ago
Uncle Buddy’s Phantom Funhouse
still want to play this and read the linked articles, video
Shadsy  HyperCard  PhilSalvador  game  document  review  2018  ArthurNewkirk  UncleBuddy  SF  JohnMcDaid  1993  Mac  hypertext  cassette  music 
9 weeks ago
Wikipedia - Stock keeping unit
"For a product, these attributes could include manufacturer, description, material, size, color, packaging, and warranty terms."
Wikipedia  trade  number  ID  attribute  product  manufacturer  size  color  packaging  material  description 
september 2018
The Rise of the Rural Creative Class
"In a 2007 study, Wojan and his collaborators identified 100 or so rural creative havens, such as Woodstock, New York, and the area around Telluride and Silverton, Colorado. These rural creative centers tend to be in relatively close proximity to and have good connections to major metro areas; are home to a major university or college; or have considerable natural amenities which draw people to them."
RichardFlorida  rural  urban  innovation  city  country 
august 2018
The Great Chinese Art Heist
"In 2013, for instance, two of the famed zodiac heads, the rabbit and the rat, from the estate of the French designer Yves Saint Laurent, were handed over after a planned auction was scuttled. Officials in China told Christie's, the auction house, that if the heads were ever sold off, there would be “serious effects” on the firm's business. (Not long after the heads were returned, Christie's became the first international fine-art auction house to receive a license to operate independently in China.)"
GQ  China  art  Beijing  OldSummerPalace  garden  zodiac  head  LiuYiqian  HuangNubo  YvesSaintLaurent 
august 2018
Coffee and qahwa: How a drink for Arab mystics went global
"The religious scholars eventually came to a sensible consensus that coffee was, in principle, permissible."

"the original coffee port of Mocha"
coffee  Superbrown  qahwa  Yemen  Sufi  mystic  Syria  JohnMcHugo 
august 2018
Wikipedia - Planet Nine
"In their original article, Batygin and Brown simply referred to the object as 'perturber', and only in later press releases did they use 'Planet Nine'."
space  Wikipedia  planet  Sun  KonstantinBatygin  MichaelE.Brown 
august 2018
Wikipedia - Tuple
"The term originated as an abstraction of the sequence: single, double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple, septuple, octuple, ..., n‑tuple, ..., where the prefixes are taken from the Latin names of the numerals."
Wikipedia  tuple  math  list 
august 2018
Beverly Buchanan—Ruins and Rituals
"'Here I am; I’m still here!'"

"As a child, Beverly Buchanan collected stones, finding them rich in intrigue and meaning. Later she began to call the small rocks she found her art. Gathering them from one site and placing them elsewhere, these stone piles served a “functional” purpose. In her own words, “If I see some rubble, my thought is, ‘Let’s see, now where in Georgia could that go?’ I immediately claim it. Psychologically it’s mine.” Buchanan never stopped collecting, claiming, and relocating stones, instead she carried them into her continued practice of marking sites and spaces.

Beverly Buchanan (American, 1940–2015). Untitled (Three-Part ‘‘Frustula’’ Sculpture on Floorboards with Sunlight), 1978. Chromogenic print. Private collection"
BrooklynMuseum  BeverlyBuchanan  artist  brick  rock 
august 2018
Hong Kong's 'McRefugees' On The Rise Amid Summer Heat
"'McRefugees' or 'McSleepers'"

"'25 percent of Hong Kong's homeless population are McRefugees — people who call fast-food outlets home'"
NPR  HongKong  McDonald's  heat  a/c  sleep  money 
august 2018
Wikipedia - Natural wine
"uses the waxing and waning of the moon and the position of the planets and constellations to determine when to sow and harvest"
Wikipedia  drink  wine  natural  raw 
august 2018
Wikipedia - Carhartt
"The brand released a T-shirt with the now-iconic photo of their storefront mid-looting."
clothes  Wikipedia  Carhartt  workwear  1889  Michigan 
august 2018
Discogs - Dieter Feichtner
"just 1:1 recordings with fixed settings"

"Dieter Feichtner 1943-1999
a poet of sound

It was in the hot summer of 1982 when I once again invited Dieter Feichtner to my house in Waldviertel to make recordings for a planned solo album. At that time he still had his caravan, which we parked in a meadow between a shed and an old, dilapidated skittle alley. (Consequently, he also began hearing nightly skittle matches from days long past). Dieter's instruments were set up in my studio room - in such a way that he couldn't see the rotating tape recording reels from his place at the keyboards. Such things always irritated him very much. It was an experiment and an adventure in every respect. Our general agreement was: no other musicians, no listeners, no usual studio work, just direct, blunt recordings.

At the beginning, everything went very sluggishly. Dieter doubted that he could get away from his stylistic imitations and would fall back into "playing ditties," as he put it. He searched for a wholly different approach. After days of torture and excessive evasion, I made the suggestion to forego any echo and other external effects and to look the pure, unflattering sounds of his electronic instrumentarium straight in the eye. The success was stunning: the first recording, later called "Fliegenpilz I" (a truly furious piece of music that continued to unfold out of nothing), set a development into motion that was to go on for over two decades and which immediately went beyond the scope of a simple recording. From then on, Dieter regarded it as his "opus," as his musical legacy that he bequeathed unto me right from the start.

Such recording sessions then took place at irregular intervals, however, always in the summer months: in 1982 in Irnfritz, in 1986 at my temporary domicile, the old school in Allentsgschwendt, and later at my estate in Rastenberg in 1988, 1989, 1993 and 1997. Dieter was given his own room. If it was warm enough, it was usually the Tatersall (a small, half-open hall that was earlier used for horses), in which he set up his whole electronic instrumentarium. Here he could play uninterruptedly at any time of the day or night and shout it out to the world. That was very important, because sealed off rooms, which are otherwise common in recording studios, were never his cup of tea and fixed working times went totally against the grain of his intuitive being.
In hindsight, it is amazing that such a thing was even possible.

In an urban setting we would have been bombarded with complaints, because Dieter liked to get the most out of his equipment and the whole valley echoed from it - often at midnight or at four in the morning.
The main output of his equipment was directly connected to the recording machine in my studio room, meaning Dieter was online 24 hours a day. My task was merely to start the recording, sometimes in the middle of the night, and to occasionally change the reels.
Once the volume setting was found, it remained unchanged the whole time, so that the whole dynamic range of his playing, from the intimate revocation to the full orchestral impact, was retained in the original recordings. We listened to these recordings from time to time and then decided very quickly what should be kept and what could be immediately erased.

I am still glad today that I could initially convince Dieter to forego any of the blessings of modern studio methods: no subsequent effects, no sound cosmetics, no overdubs and mixing - just 1:1 recordings with fixed settings. If we had approached the matter in a more sound engineering sense, we would now have a collection of more or less impressive, nostalgic sound documents.
Therefore, we have the authentic music that we can listen to through the speakers exactly as Dieter himself played them through the speakers at the moment of their conception!

In 1989, together with Dieter, I released a number of the recordings he had made up to then under the title EUPHORISMEN, in the form of a 2-CD subscription.
A breakthrough, in a trivial sense, it wasn't. Nevertheless, we could recover our costs and win over a new group of music lovers who were instantly convinced about the uniqueness of this music. Some in the large circle of Dieter's friends and acquaintances, however, behaved reserved to hostile. That wasn't the same Dieter they knew and honored, loved and also hated. Some of them didn't like these recordings, Dieter's other side. (Less sensitive people expressed it blatantly). Dieter himself commented on these circumstances, which couldn't have escaped him, if at all, in a very dry and unemotional way, devoid of resentments. The undertaking 'life's work' continued onwards without inconsequence and without any false considerations.

Today it is different: a young generation of sensually and stylistically open music lovers is currently rediscovering Dieter Feichtner. Dieter's admirable human aspects, like his feared uninhibited vitality, are today revealed through the titanic quality of his music, not the other way around. Some like to hear the countless anecdotes, even the terrible ones, but it is the music that stands in the foreground.

An important lesson was learned through the experience that such a musical giant could be denied media exposure for decades. It shames the crooked world view of artistic values that are at the mercy of the media, and rather warns us to seek the valuable things in life on our own, unperturbed by pushed trends and phony culture.

August 2005
Günther Rabl
(translated by Brian Dorsey)"
music  Discogs  DieterFeichtner  synth  1982  1993  Austria 
august 2018
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