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Sick and Tired - YouTube
on appreciation and compensation and how these are not the same
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may 2017 by copystar
Sick and Tired - YouTube
appreciation is lost when the transaction has economic compensation
may 2017 by copystar
The future is dark (and that is a good thing) | Dr. Jane McGonigal | TEDxSkoll - YouTube
RT @avantgame: Watch my new TEDx talk! The future is dark -- and that's a good thing. Please share :)
video  UofWinds 
april 2017 by copystar
MIT Media Lab | Sebastian Deterding on Palaces in Time: Designing Against Productivity
I'm still trying to find the language that expresses why an obsession with productivity is not healthy ...
notebene  video  UofWinds  from twitter
may 2016 by copystar
Matt Jones: Jumping to the End -- Practical Design Fiction on Vimeo
I found a talk that could give shape to your Future of Libraries talk - it uses old space movies ::
ux  video  from twitter
march 2015 by copystar

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