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Scott Nicholson on Twitter: "Here's a preprint of an article I just had published in the journal Childhood Education about escape games in the classroom (and library) :"
The aspect that all of the examples presented here have in common is participatory storytelling.
The players are involved in the story, and the puzzles, challenges, and locks are elements to help tell the story. Because live -action games engage the player directly with the game, they provide an opportunity to engage the player in the story behind the game.
These games can have elements where the players have to make a choice with implications, and by doing so,
create moments where the player is involved in affecting the storytelling experience. Making the players matter is a key design concept behind creating an engaging escape game.
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past and present – circumstance.
From 2010 – 2016 we made intimate in-ear stories, subtlemobs, pedestrian symphonies, science fiction theatre , music, and books that go beyond the page.
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