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GetUrRecon - Google Drive - christina harlow
So today I’ll be talking about reconciliation, otherwise known as entity matching, otherwise known as one of the big elephants in the linked data in libraries’ room. But this talk is also a brief narrative of my work in library metadata so far and how much reconciliation work overlaps with a lot of my experimentation and goals. With that said, let’s go back in time...
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Coyle's InFormation: Precipitating Forward
I have said before (video, article) that we made a mistake when we went from printing cards using data encoded in MARC, to using MARC in online catalogs. The mistake was that we continued to use the same data that had been well-adapted to card catalogs without making the changes that would have made it well-adapted to computer catalogs. We never developed data that would be efficient in a database design or compatible with database technology. We never really moved from textual description to machine-actionable data points. Note especially that computer catalogs fail to make use of assigned headings as they are intended, yet catalogers continue to assign them at significant cost.
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