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Public Health Agency of Canada - Publications - Learning from SARS - Chapter 3 - The Role and Organization of Public Health
"From the outset, public health practice has depended on health information" (Learning from SARS) ::
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Overkill - America’s Epidemic of Unnecessary Care - The New Yorker
H. Gilbert Welch, a Dartmouth Medical School professor, is an expert on overdiagnosis, and in his excellent new book, “Less Medicine, More Health,” he explains the phenomenon this way: we’ve assumed, he says, that cancers are all like rabbits that you want to catch before they escape the barnyard pen. But some are more like birds—the most aggressive cancers have already taken flight before you can discover them, which is why some people still die from cancer, despite early detection. And lots are more like turtles. They aren’t going anywhere. Removing them won’t make any difference.
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