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An Invited Threat - diabetes prevention - Indigenous Story Studio
Diabetes awareness:

An Invited Threat is about a family’s realization that the food they eat and make available to their community is not good for them. It’s about making healthy decisions now, rather than waiting until it’s too late.
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Growing Up Trans ·
While Zucker and his staff always offered parents a range of options to explain and address their gender-questioning child’s symptoms, in many cases parents were counselled to encourage their child to accept their natal sex—meaning parents should not agree to pronoun changes or cross-dressing, or they should dissuade their child from playing with toys that didn’t match their natal sex. The clinic’s reluctance to immediately affirm a child’s stated gender was based on decades of clinical experience—backed up by the results of small sample studies from the Netherlands—that suggested that many younger children moved past their dysphoria without transitioning. The clinic also employed a “wait and see” approach with older children before deciding whether to refer adolescents for hormone-blocking therapy.

When a PhD student at the clinic did a follow-up study with 139 of Zucker’s former patients a few years ago, she found that 88 percent of them were now happy with their natal sex. Eighty-eight percent is a stunning statistic—one that challenges the increasing trend toward affirming a child’s stated gender.
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The TRC Reading Challenge
Folks, I read a lot. Maybe you do too. My next reading project will be the . Learn more here:
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