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The Hidden Costs of E-books at University Libraries - Times of San Diego
Paper books have no limitations since the library owns the book. But as Clifford Lynch recently put it, “nobody buys an e-book: one licenses it under typically very complex terms that constrain what you are allowed to do with it.” For example, at UCSD, Ebrary (now owned by Proquest), limits e-books to one user at a time, allows users to save a maximum of 30 percent of a book, “though some publishers have set more restrictive limits,” and allows you to copy only 15 percent of a book, text only, no illustrations.
june 2017 by copystar
Amazon E-Library Is Publishing’s Profit Model: Virginia Postrel - Bloomberg View
The lending library doesn’t include any books from the Big Six U.S. publishers -- Random House, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Macmillan Publishers Ltd., Penguin Books Ltd. and Hachette -- because Amazon can’t control what it charges for their digital books. They are undoubtedly relieved to be excluded. But the pricing control they value so highly reflects rigid arrangements they may come to regret.
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Geo-aware ebook demo - Safari Blog
We’re making the geo demo featured in the Interactivity in EPUB talk available for download under the MIT License.
About the demo

In the demo, the geolocation capability of the web browser transmits your latitude/longitude. The code then queries the Geonames database to get an English placename.
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Alliance for Networking Visual Culture - Scalar
To increase the readability and versatility of Scalar books, we’ve added a number of new layout options to the new interface, including image headers, splash pages, media galleries, maps, and other features. The new Google Map layout, for instance, plots the current page plus any geotagged content it contains or tags on a map embedded at the top of the page. A new “Structured Media Gallery” view organizes media from multiple paths into groups of thumbnails which display their media when clicked.
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