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This site is a collection of graphs showcasing the bike counts from the counters set up by the City along with some weather data from Environment Canada. The data is automatically scraped once a day from the respective sites.

Counts and Weather - Daily counts and the high for the day
Trending Averages - Rolling monthly average for each counter.
Individual Daily Graphs - Each installation measured in trips/hr.
Cumulative Counts - Cumulative totals since January 1, 2015.
Data Examples - Counts from each installation with hourly weather informations.

For more details on what data is available please check out the README on GitHub

Thanks to the City of Calgary, Eco-Counter, and Environment Canada for making the data available.

Calgary Bike Counter Page
Peace Bridge - Bikes and Pedestrians
Stephen Ave
7th St.
5th St. - North Leg, Under the Tracks, South Leg
12th Ave. - West Leg, Central Memorial, East Leg
8th Ave. - West Leg, Centre
9th Ave. - NMC


The graphs are generated by Grafana with Graphite/Whisper being used as the data store, and Python scripts to scrape the data. Scripts and how it is set up is available on GitHub.

There are a couple caveats; Grafana will sometimes bin results so the daily counts are off by 1 or 2 and the extra 1 or 2 are in they day before or day after. The other is that while the dashboards are set to correct for the browser - daylight savings time means the hourly and 15 minutes graphs appear an hour earlier than reality. (MDT = -6, instead of -7).
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