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LOEX Keynote Presentation by Barbara Fister,Gustavus Adolphus College | The Oberlin Group
My next claim is about how much emphasis we librarians put on finding sources. Though we are all on board with active learning and constructivism, and we don’t fill our time with database demonstrations, we still (and I include myself in this “we”) focus a lot of our time with students on how to use library tools to find stuff, mainly because when we typically meet with students, they aren’t deeply into their research. We’re lucky if they’ve read the assignment and have some idea of a topic they might search for. Yet we know from Project Information Literacy and a number of other studies that students actually have little trouble with this part of the process. Framing questions, seeing patterns in the literature, weighing evidence, seeing the gaps – that’s what’s hard, yet those are the activities that will make all the difference in whether or not students begin to see themselves as people who can make knowledge, as makers, not just consumers of other people’s stuff.
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