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Symposium: Learning to Plan on Library Island at U of T Faculty of Information - Symposium: Learning to Plan on Library Island at U of T Faculty of Information - Faculty of Information (iSchool) | University of Toronto
Come play, learn and problem solve on Library Island. Library Island, created by Matt Finch, is an activity which simulates five years in the life of a nation’s library services. Participants become librarians, government officials, academic faculty or students, community members or partners on this island and face the challenges created by conflicting wants, needs, and limited resources. There is an Indigenous community and colonial history to be reckoned with, plus a range of political interests with their own agenda for the library. Once players have played a round of “Library Island” to get used to the game, it can be adapted to any institution which serves a community, including hospitals, museums, and places of learning.

All our communities are living on new islands, dealing with new technology, new social structures and behaviours, as well as legacy ones and lots of future uncertainties. How do you plan or help others plan in such an environment? This two day event, populated by experienced consultants willing to share their processes, provides several frameworks and many tools to help you do just that.

The first 25 registrants get a print copy of Peter Morville’s most recent book, Planning for Everything: The Design of Paths & Goals and everyone will receive an after event Library Island wrap up in PDF form.
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