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Guelph’s post-Mercury blues: How an Ontario city is coping without its local newspaper - The Globe and Mail
Mr. Barker has a mild-mannered counterpart in Adam Donaldson, an earnest fellow who aspires to provide Guelph’s most comprehensive coverage of local politics. After the Mercury closed, he revived a dormant blog of his, Guelph Politico, where he offers impressively detailed explanations of council meetings (which he also live-tweets) as well as podcasts of Open Sources Guelph, a weekly politics show he co-hosts on CFRU, the University of Guelph’s radio station.

Mr. Donaldson launched a campaign through the crowdfunding site Patreon to support his work full-time. It may be a quixotic quest: His evenhanded coverage seems unlikely to incite anger and therefore sharing on social media, which would help bring in sponsors. As of this week, he was only $185 toward his $1,000 monthly goal.
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