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The Art of Noticing - The Art of Noticing, No. 23: The Collective Bio Exercise; "Look At Art. Get Paid"; New Icebreaker; More
But maybe the best thing we did was the "Collaborative Biography" exercise from the book — an idea I borrowed/adapted (with credit of course) from Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Lenka Clayton, described in Amy's 2016 book Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

The short version of how it works: A group of people figures out what things they have in common. Are we all from the United States? Do we all like sushi? Do we all dislike the Boston Red Sox? Whatever you can come up with through asking questions and conversing. "Assemble your statements," Krouse Rosenthal wrote. "Call it your Short, Collective Biography."

At this workshop, I gave the 10 groups of 10 people each just 10 minutes to come up with a minimum of three facts in common. These teams gathered people from different offices and departments who didn't necessarily know each other, so everybody had to start asking and interacting immediately. The room was instantly buzzing, and the results (presented along with the outcomes of the "noticing mission") at the end of the session were really fun
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