On David Foster Wallace, Georg Cantor, and Infinity
Few ideas have had a racier history than the idea of infinity. It arose amid ancient paradoxes, proceeded to baffle philosophers for a couple of millennia, and then, by a daring feat of intellect, was finally made to yield its secrets in the late 19th century, though not without leaving a new batch of paradoxes. You
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2 days ago
This Is America
If you’re the kind of person who reads this blog, then by now you’ve probably seen this video. But if not, watch it now. Be warned that it’s upsetting. Donald Glover is best known…
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9 days ago
Felicity Cloake’s masterclass: a hollandaise recipe
This rich, velvety sauce can be temperamental, so follow these simple steps to get it just right
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15 days ago
Transcending Geo-culture - e-flux Architecture - e-flux

Depending on one’s perspective, the concept of geo-culture has two definitions. One is a view from the outside, from where geo-culture can be understood as the characteristics of a place or a region against a greater context. By this definition, geo-culture is a local one, or to be exact, a culture of the “Other,” and therefore indicates hierarchy. The other view, from the inside, understands geo-culture as an expression of identity and self-reflexivity that emphasizes difference, and thus, indicates exclusivity. Both viewpoints are products of modernity, and due to the fact that they have served as the foundation for the recognition of culture as such, it is difficult today to distinguish between the two. Hierarchy and exclusivity cannot but cloud our thinking and judgement.
culture  geography  geoculture  cities 
26 days ago
Trinity Leeds - 30 Photos & 22 Reviews - Shopping Centers - Albion Street, City Centre, Leeds, West Yorkshire - Phone Number - Yelp
22 reviews of Trinity Leeds "Shopping made easier. Love the Everyman cinema and its setting. The shops are spacious and it's always busy."
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28 days ago
How Wes Anderson Perfected the Music-Nerd Soundtrack
Charting the impact of the director’s use of music in his work across the last 20 years in anticipation of his latest film, Isle of Dogs.
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4 weeks ago
MVP Soundsystem
Design and writing by Frank Chimero
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4 weeks ago
Music for practicing scales | The Ethan Hein Blog

Are you trying to learn scales and patterns, but finding it hard to make yourself practice? Do yourself a favor, and practice over actual music. A student asked me to make him a playlist of harmonically static music that’s good for practicing over. I thought I would share it with everyone. The music in this post is perfect for working out scales. Each track stays in a particular key or mode for long stretches of time, and has a slow or medium tempo. You can dig deep into the scales associated with each one without needing to worry about form or rapid chord changes
music  guitar  scales  practice 
4 weeks ago
We researched longer meta descriptions: here are our findings • Yoast

Secondly, we looked at which part of the copy Google used to extract a meta description. In two-third of the cases, Google used sentences from the first paragraph. It’s not a guarantee, whatsoever, but it is a clear indication that writing an introduction for your article should be done with the meta description in mind.
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4 weeks ago
crispy tofu pad thai
This is one of my favorite dishes and it took years for me to feel like I could do it crispy/crunchy, sour/sweet, salty/funky justice. The best part? The speed. Once you get a little prep out of th…
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5 weeks ago
New Sentences: From ‘How to Break Up With Your Phone’
Some combinations of words seem natural, almost predestined. Others are just flatly unacceptable.
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5 weeks ago
propaganda and social media
Reading Ellul on the massive and pervasive consequences of propaganda in the twentieth century, I found myself over and over again thinking:...
propaganda  thinking  social 
5 weeks ago
"a revisionist blizzard of alternative theories"
Tim Adams on the media in Putin’s Russia: In this culture war, disinformation was critical. Russian TV and social media would create a c...
thinking  propaganda 
5 weeks ago
How Britain could pay for its public services
ALMOST every morning Britons wake up to another alarming story about their threadbare public services. Police cuts are being blamed for a rise in violent crime. Over the winter the National Health Service only just stumbled along. The number of rough sleepers in England has almost trebled since 2010.
politics  tax  finance  economics  economy 
6 weeks ago
Elliott Smith's Guitars And Gear | Zing Instruments
Wondering how Elliott Smith got his unique sound? Here's a detailed study of Elliott Smiths Guitars and gear, so you can try and recreate it.
music  elliottsmith  guitar  gear  instruments 
7 weeks ago
How to make the perfect chocolate souffle
This is a great showstopper for Easter weekend, and nowhere near as hard as some recipes make out
food  recipes  desserts  souffle  chocolate  easter 
7 weeks ago
The 300-Year History of Using “Literally” Figuratively
The emphatic “literally” is not a millennial invention; it goes back to the 1700s at least, though Smith gets it right that it’s English. John Dryden, a man who is best known as the founder of literary criticism and the prohibition against the terminal preposition, was an early user of the emphatic “literally.” Charlotte Brontë, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, William Thackeray, Vladimir Nabokov, and David Foster Wallace all used the emphatic “literally” in their works. Even Lindley Murray, 19th-century grammarian, uses the hyperbolic “literally” in his own grammar — and he was such a peever that he thought children, along with animals, shouldn’t be referred to with the pronoun “who,” as “who” conveys personhood, and only creatures with the ability to be rational are actually people.
english  linguistics  language  history 
january 2018
Facebook is done with quality journalism
For Facebook, journalism has been a pain in the neck from day one. Now, bogged down with the insoluble problems of fake news and bad PR, it’s clear that Facebook will gradually pull the plug on news. Publishers should stop whining and move on.
social  platforms  etcetera  news  publishing 
january 2018
Little Sound Dj
Little Sound Dj, the leading Game Boy music editor.
music  gameboy  nintendo  programming  8bit  sound  diy  software  chiptune  audio 
august 2017
Voyant Tools
Are you curious about your use of words and phrases in your writing? If so, you can play around with the text analysis tools at Voyant Tools. You can paste in the text of a paper, or upload or link to it, and Voyant will produce data about the frequency and location of words and phrases, presenting it in text and graph forms.
writing  tools  data  analysis 
april 2017
How to launch software changes without pissing people off
Don’t bother pre-announcing changes.
You might think it’d be helpful to warn everyone before a big launch, like…
In three weeks, this website will be totally unrecognizable. You’ll have to figure everything out from scratch, but we think the new one is nicer. Enjoy!
…but what good does that do? Maybe the advance notice dulls the shock, but the customer can’t act on this information. They have to wait to be interrupted again later by the actual change.
This only prolongs the anxiety, with very little upside. It’s better to focus energy on the transition instead—make it so smooth that there’s no need for a pre-announcement.
Explain what’s different.
It’s bad enough to be forced into an update you didn’t agree to, but it’s even worse if you have no idea what happened or why things changed.
Make sure you have a way to introduce and explain what’s new when you launch, either via in-app announcements, a mailing list, a blog, or whatever method you have to communicate with customers.
People may not like the changes, but at least they won’t be blindsided. It’s the courteous thing to do.
ux  design  communication  customers 
april 2017
Root manoeuvres: celeriac recipes | Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall | Life and style | The Guardian
It may not be much of a looker, but celeriac is one of the most versatile of all winter veg. In fact, it's my favourite root of all time
vegetables  cooking  recipes  celeriac  food 
january 2017
Nigel Slater’s cauliflower recipes | Life and style | The Guardian
Whether creamed or spiced or crisped, cauliflower is enjoying its moment of fame. It’s time you got reacquainted, writes Nigel Slater. Recipes: roast spiced cauliflower, cauliflower soup with pickled carrot and salami
soup  recipes  cauliflower  cooking  roast  vegetables  food 
january 2017
Super ingredients: Romanesco cauliflower | Life and style | The Guardian
In the kitchen, it's a joy. You can often buy small heads of romanesco which are ideal for serving whole, as above. Alternatively, cut into chunky florets (to preserve that marvellous pattern), blanch, then dunk immediately in icy water to fix the divine colour and serve cold in a salad - it's good with shreds of raw red onion (soaked in salty water to soften their pungency), olives and capers and a dressing of peppery olive oil and lemon.

Romanesco is also a wonderful partner to pasta. Being more tender than standard cauliflower, it easily cooks down with stock or tomatoes to a crushable softness. Mingled with garlic and lots of chilli, and tossed into orecchiette or conchiglie with olive oil and Parmesan, it's one of my all-time favourite quick suppers.

Try it also in a gratin - an updated cauliflower cheese, if you like - dotting the blanched florets with crème fraîche mixed with Parmesan, then sprinkling more Parmesan and some breadcrumbs on top and baking till golden. Irresistible.
Romanesco is also a wonderful partner to pasta. Being more tender than standard cauliflower, it easily cooks down with stock or tomatoes to a crushable softness. Mingled with garlic and lots of chilli, and tossed into orecchiette or conchiglie with olive oil and Parmesan, it's one of my all-time favourite quick suppers.

Try it also in a gratin - an updated cauliflower cheese, if you like - dotting the blanched florets with crème fraîche mixed with Parmesan, then sprinkling more Parmesan and some breadcrumbs on top and baking till golden. Irresistible.
cauliflower  vegetables  recipes  brassica  cooking  food 
january 2017
OneZoom Tree of Life Explorer
OneZoom is an interactive map of the evolutionary relationships between the species on our planet. Explore the diversity of life on Earth, and discover your favourites on our tree of life.
science  biology  classification  diversity  evolution 
october 2016
Smarter Playlists
Combine and filter Spotify playlists
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july 2016
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