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13 hours ago
The True History of Fake News | by Robert Darnton | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
In the long history of misinformation, the current outbreak of fake news has already secured a special place, with the president’s personal adviser, Kellyanne Conway, going so far as to invent a Kentucky massacre in order to defend a ban on travelers from seven Muslim countries. But the concoction of alternative facts is hardly rare, and the equivalent of today’s poisonous, bite-size texts and tweets can be found in most periods of history, going back to the ancients.
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This Augmented Reality App Tells Indigenous Stories in Canadian Cities - Motherboard
Adrian Duke showed me his phone while we stood outside Vancouver's Skwachàys Lodge. An animated raven popped up to tell me the story behind this boutique hotel, which houses Indigenous artists and their works. The raven was modelled on a commissioned painting by Garnet Tobacco, whose other paintings are on display inside the gallery.

Skwachàys Lodge used to just be another hotel until the nonprofit Vancouver Native Housing Society took it over, in 2011. Squamish Nation Chief Ian Campbell named it after the once-marshy land it occupies. Now, it houses Indigenous artists-in-residence, those at risk of homelessness who are given shelter-rate apartments, and patients who come from elsewhere in British Columbia, on Canada's West coast, seeking medical treatment in this city.

Duke, 30, is a member of the Muscowpetung Nation. He's developing a new augmented reality app—think Pokémon Go—to share Indigenous stories that are tied to physical places like this one. It's called Wikiupedia, and Skwachàys is one of its first geolocations.
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2 days ago
The Institute for Infinitely Small Things
conducts creative, participatory research that aims to temporarily transform public spaces and instigate dialogue about democracy, spatial justice and everyday life. The Institute’s projects use performance, conversation and unexpected interventions to investigate social and political “tiny things”.
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3 days ago
Proposal for a formal way of expressing public license information in Exif
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4 days ago
Jeffrey Friedl's Image Metadata Viewer
Since I'm getting more interested in photography and understanding cameras and techniques, I find myself wanting to know the details under which a photo was taken. Modern digital cameras encode a lot of such data — shutter speed, lens focal length, etc. — into the image file, generally called “Exif Data” (“Exif” stands for “Exchangeable Image File Format” and as an acronym would normally be written as “EXIF”, but the standard creators explicitly say that it should be written “Exif”, which is nice.).

So, I wrote a little online Exif viewer to view whatever data might be encoded. Here's a screenshot using the viewer on a picture from a recent post:
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5 days ago
Net Art Anthology
This two-year online exhibition will present 100 artworks from net art history, restaging and contextualizing one project each week.
Devised in concert with Rhizome's acclaimed digital preservation department, Net Art Anthology also aims to address the shortage of historical perspectives on a field in which even the most prominent artworks are often inaccessible. The series takes on the complex task of identifying, preserving, and presenting exemplary works in a field characterized by broad participation, diverse practices, promiscuous collaboration, and rapidly shifting formal and aesthetic standards, sketching a possible net art canon.
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6 days ago
Adding a Text Block via the Customizer in WordPress | WP Beaches
This guide takes you through adding an editable text block via the Customizer in WordPress, this tutorial uses the Genesis Sample theme and will set the footer text which is normally changed via a filter in the functions.php file in a number of StudioPress themes, using the Customizer will easily allow a non-technical user to change it.

You can build on this example and add a number of text blocks that you may need a client to edit throughout the Site.
7 days ago
Helping Students Develop Their Online Identity – The Principal of Change
As I was speaking at a school in North Broward Preparatory School in Coconut Creek, Florida, and was talking about this, one of the teachers, Jason Shaffer, said, “We already do this.”  I was so pumped to hear more.

I asked him about what he is doing, and he shared that his school has a required course on “personal branding” for students. Not only are they doing the “3 Things”, but they are going way beyond.
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7 days ago
Magic iPod
Drag and Drop Mashup
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9 days ago
How to analyze and interpret photos objectively, according to professors of visual communication — Quartz
“When photography was invented,” photo historian Vicki Goldberg once said, “it was thought to be an equivalent to truth. It was truth with a capital T.”
But as viewers quickly learned, seeing isn’t always believing. Even in the early history of photography, hoaxes like the Cottingley fairies taught people to question the validity of the images they saw. Today, we’re well aware that photos can be digitally altered—which means that the public trusts the authority of photos, including journalistic images, a whole lot less.
It is valuable for members of the public to question the authenticity of images that they see. But as contemporary audiences have grown more sophisticated about digitally manipulated images, they are now faced with a new form of manipulation: photos coupled with political propaganda, further pushing society toward the post-truth age.
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13 days ago
Exemplification theory - Wikipedia
Exemplification theory is a theory that states that an event is the exemplification of a property in an entity. This identity is often modeled as an "ordered triple" of an entity, property type, and time)
14 days ago
Alchemical Properties of Foods: Hundreds of Foodstuffs Classified According to Their Elemental Nature.
the reference in parentheses after each entry is an alchemical rating of the foodstuff's archetypal signature or elemental essence.
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16 days ago
How the inventor of Mario designs a game
Shigeru Miyamoto's design philosophy, explained.
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16 days ago
TV 2 | All That We Share - YouTube
We live in a time where we quickly put people in boxes. Maybe we have more in common than what we think? Introducing All That We Share. The English version.
18 days ago
How to Create Direction-Aware CSS-Only Hover Effects by Gabrielle Wee on CodePen
My design partner and I stumbled across the Kikk Festival homepage back in 2015, which featured these awesome parallax hover cards. We loved the look and wanted to recreate it in a project, but due to the nature of the codebase, wouldn't be able to use Javascript to get it right. Undeterred, I began searching for solutions that were CSS-only, and stumbled across something interesting.

One of the most fascinating CSS selectors for me is the ~ tilde, which selects the nearest element that matches the selector and is preceeded by the first. For example, ul ~ p selects the third element in

I realized that I could use this to create direction-aware hover effects for virtually anything!
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19 days ago
Chevereto - Image Hosting Script
Chevereto is a powerful and fast image hosting script that allows you to create your very own full featured image hosting website in just minutes.
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20 days ago
Datejs - An open-source JavaScript Date Library
Datejs is an open-source JavaScript Date Library.

Comprehensive, yet simple, stealthy and fast. Datejs has passed all trials and is ready to strike. Datejs doesn’t just parse strings, it slices them cleanly in two.
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20 days ago
Online JavaScript beautifier
Beautify, unpack or deobfuscate JavaScript and HTML, make JSON/JSONP readable, etc.
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21 days ago
Random User Generator | Home
A free, open-source API for generating random user data. Like Lorem Ipsum, but for people.
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21 days ago
If You See Something, Save Something – 6 Ways to Save Pages In the Wayback Machine | Internet Archive Blogs
In recent days many people have shown interest in making sure the Wayback Machine has copies of the web pages they care about most. These saved pages can be cited, shared, linked to – and they will continue to exist even after the original page changes or is removed from the web.

There are several ways to save pages and whole sites so that they appear in the Wayback Machine.  Here are 6 of them.
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22 days ago
On the internet, nobody knows if you're a National Park - The Verge
Donald Trump's reported gag orders on federal science agencies are continuing to spawn a wave of anonymous Twitter accounts, each claiming to speak for a branch of the government. Over the last day, we've seen accounts supposedly authored by renegade members of the EPA, the Forest Service, the USDA, and even NASA. The accounts come from different corners of the government, but all claim to represent workers who are risking their livelihoods by tweeting climate change facts, details of apparent silencing, and criticism of the Trump administration.

There's reason to believe these accounts may be genuine. The Trump administration's demands that EPA scientists stop releasing research to the public has not been well received in the academic community, and even prior to the restrictions imposed on government Twitter accounts, some agencies' social media teams indicated they were no fans of the new president — who has questioned the legitimacy of climate change and frozen EPA funding.
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22 days ago
Choose albums by the color of their covers
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23 days ago
Homaro Cantu + Ben Roche: Cooking as alchemy | TED Talk | TED.com
Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche come from Moto, a Chicago restaurant that plays with new ways to cook and eat food. But beyond the fun and flavor-tripping, there's a serious intent: Can we use new food technology for good?
cooking  netnarr 
24 days ago
The power of personal narratives in the classroom | Trends and Issues in Higher Ed
A UW Bothell professor shares how digital storytelling can be a powerful tool for learning—for students and instructors
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24 days ago
Trump Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself | aNtiDoTe Zine
Since November 9th, 2016, we know the answer. Because one and the same company was behind Trump’s online ad campaigns and late 2016’s other shocker, the Brexit “Leave” campaign: Cambridge Analytica, with its CEO Alexander Nix. Anyone who wants to understand the outcome of the US elections—and what could be coming up in Europe in the near future—must begin with a remarkable incident at the University of Cambridge in 2014, in Kosinski’s department of psychometrics.
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25 days ago
Tip: Understanding the Atom/RSS feeds created by Blogger : Blogger Xpertise
If you've heard of RSS feeds, you probably know that they're a way for your site's fans to keep up to date with your site by "subscribing" to your feeds. If they have a feed reader, any time you publish a new post, they'll see it in their reader's dashboard. You might also know that you can use those feeds to automate publishing to 3rd party services such as Facebook (using RSS Graffiti), transform your feed using Feedburner, and lots of other neat functionality. But you can also turn around and integrate those feeds back into your site, creating cool slideshows, custom sections of content, and much more (for an example check out Pinch Gallery's featured section on their homepage and their news section in the left).
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25 days ago
Open Broadcaster Software | Home
Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux.
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26 days ago
Protect Your Data - Mozilla Learning
These activities will help your learners understand how to take control of their privacy in a networked world. Complete the activities in sequence, or mix and match. Visit our discussion forum to get help and share your experience.
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29 days ago
What Makes a Person: The Seven Layers of Identity in Literature and Life – Brain Pickings
“It is the intentions, the capacities for choice rather than the total configuration of traits which defines the person.”
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4 weeks ago
A guide to joining twitter now it’s an unremittingly bleak document of how awful everything is — Ned Potter
It's a little late for that unless you've scrolled right to the end, but basically find the right people and Twitter can still be great. I still love it. It's still useful. It's still enriching. And that's because of the people I follow and interact with.
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4 weeks ago
Why Students Should Blog in Public – Messy Thinking
This post attempts to make the argument for public edu-blogging as an essential component of a connected learning strategy for higher education.  After a brief introduction to common elements of emerging digital pedagogies (specifically “open,” “connected,” and “networked”), it will define connectivity and the development of digital workflows as desired student outcomes associated with networked participatory cultures.  Personal learning networks and e-portfolios will be identified as associated and potentially “high impact” pedagogical strategies that may support connected learning outcomes while enhancing student engagement and success. Finally, the post will demonstrate how blogging fits into the development of personal learning networks and e-portfolios as a foundational (if not singular) pedagogical tool for success.
blogging  education  netnarr 
4 weeks ago
GEEKTyper.com - Hacking Simulator
GeekTyper was inspired by the various media where hacking is usually portrayed incorrectly.
Simply randomly mash your keyboard and code will be simulated on your screen.
fun  humor  hacking 
4 weeks ago
Fifty shades of open | Pomerantz | First Monday
Open source. Open access. Open society. Open knowledge. Open government. Even open food. The word “open” has been applied to a wide variety of words to create new terms, some of which make sense, and some not so much. This essay disambiguates the many meanings of the word “open
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5 weeks ago
Wanderway is an open online course created for small non-profits, artists, and creative small businesses. It will teach you how to experiment with digital engagement when you are strapped for time and resources. It will also guide you through exploring the emotions and ethics behind digital work. It was made for individuals, conference buddies, teams, boards, and even entire organizations across the non-profit world. It’s free, unfacilitated, and entirely online. You can go at your own pace, or be led through a series of email reminders and prompts. You don’t even need to login to access content.
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5 weeks ago
From the archives: Cards Against Creativity (Download!) | The Museum of the Future | Museums and culture in times of social and technological change
Last June, together with Don Undeen and the Creative Museum project, I developed a one-off game inspired by Cards Against Humanity. Cards Against Creativity was designed to start conversations during a workshop about creativity in museums, and to generate new ideas for projects, exhibitions, etc.

If you’ve ever played Cards Against Humanity, you know the gameplay is super easy: One player asks a fill-in-the-blank question or poses a statement, and the other players respond with pre-filled cards with answers. Best (funniest, most appropriate, etc.) answer wins. For the Creative Museum event we remixed the format a little bit, to help participants take ideas from one workshop to the next, remix ideas from different speakers, interact with each other and create a quick summary at the end of the event.

The approach worked really well to add a new dimension to the event, and create an open and creative atmosphere among participants.
creativity  game  netnarr 
5 weeks ago
Module: Digital Citizenship – UMW DTLT
Beginning to think critically around the “rules” of citizenship on the web as they have thus far experienced them, and then think through moving forward how they will engage in online environments.
6 weeks ago
Module: Digital Identity – UMW DTLT
Introduce concepts about how online identity is created, managed, and represented.
identity  dipp 
6 weeks ago
A Movie Poster A Day on Vimeo
In 2016, I designed a movie poster a day. Here's a compilation of every single one. You can see the posters in full at amovieposteraday.tumblr.com. You can also view more about the project at instagram.com/petemajarich. Select posters are available to purchase at craftandgraft.co
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6 weeks ago
The Future of Cities
What does “the future of cities” mean? To much of the developing world, it might be as simple as aspiring to having your own toilet, rather than sharing one with over 100 people. To a family in Detroit, it could mean having non-toxic drinking water. For planners and mayors, it’s about a lot of things — sustainability, economy, inclusivity, and resilience. Most of us can hope we can spend a little less time on our commutes to work and a little more time with our families. For a rich white dude up in a 50th floor penthouse, “the future of cities” might mean zipping around in a flying car while a robot jerks you off and a drone delivers your pizza. For many companies, the future of cities is simply about business and money, presented to us as buzzwords like “smart city” and “the city of tomorrow.”
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6 weeks ago
Three steps to identify and develop your digital identity – Medium
I believe that individuals should build their own personal cyberinfrastructure. In this you actively frame, curate, share, and direct your own engagement streams throughout the learning environment. This means that you develop and direct the information streams that individuals use to interact with you online. To get us started, I’ll detail three steps to use as you identify and develop your a plan for your digital identity. In subsequent posts I go into more specifics about building an online hub to connect all of these spaces.
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6 weeks ago
The Weird, Wonderful World of Subversive Garfield Spinoffs
Even by the conventional standards of your local paper’s comics section, “Garfield” long ago achieved a level of mindless predictability that makes Charles Schulz look like Charlie Kaufman. Garfield’s brand of tame irascibility (hating Mondays and diets) has such broad appeal that he spawned his own merchandising empire, including several CGI-assisted films, a Saturday morning cartoon, and this inexplicable T-shirt.
Yet, that same tabby whose suction-cupped paws once graced the windows of family station wagons across the nation has also spawned a very odd subculture — one that draws from the worlds of avant-garde art, complex mathematics, and deliberate stupidity. Straddling the line between parody and homage, dozens of clever, hilarious, and downright bizarre “Garfield” spinoffs have popped up throughout the internet.
ds106  remix 
6 weeks ago
Flickr hosts millions of images that are licensed under a Creative Commons license or are in the public domain (Flickr Commons). Depending on the license, you may use the images on your private or commercial webpage, or can make changes to it.

If you want to use these images, you need to to the following:

Make sure you understood the license correctly
Get the correct HTML code for the IMG tag
Link the image back to the Flickr photo page
Give the author of the image proper credits (Attribution)
Link to the Flickr profile of the author
Link to the license the image is licensed under
With ImageCodr.org, there is no need to do all this manually, you simply enter in the URL of the picture page (as seen in your browser) you are interested in and ImageCodr.org will generate the ready to use HTML code. It will also display a brief and easy license summary, so you don't get in legal trouble because you missed something.
creativecommons  flickr  photos  tools  cooltech 
6 weeks ago
Digital minimalism ― being deliberate about digital identity – Medium
In the age of online harassment, fake news, propaganda, and mass digital deception, it is more important than ever to be deliberate about our public digital identity.

Minimalist lifestyle seems to be the latest craze. Minimalism is not just a genre of music or a visual aesthetic, or even an interior design scheme anymore. People are finding ways to cut back on the unnecessary aspects of their lives to focus more of their time, energy, and money on a short list of things that really matter.
While much of the minimalist movement is focused on organization, decluttering, purging material possessions, and downsizing homes, the most thoughtful minimalists I’ve come across are not just focused on having less. They’re instead being deliberate about life decisions, orienting their possessions, homes, and habits around core needs and passions.
dipp  identity 
6 weeks ago
The 4 Basic Steps to Online Privacy & Security. – Desk of van Schneider – Medium
My intention with this article is to keep it simple with a focus on the basics. Keeping you safe online is not only important for yourself, but also for your friends. The more you protect yourself, the more your protect the people you interact with on a daily basis.
In this new world, online surveillance has become the norm. And if you believe you have nothing to hide, that’s usually because you just don’t know yet, or because you are privileged enough to not feel the impact. And if you’re one of those who thinks they have nothing to hide, you might want to read this.
In this article I’d like to give you a few little tips of what you can do to be more safe online. To protect yourself, your family and your friends. I’ll try to keep it simple, no technical bullshit and we try to not go down the paranoid rabbit hole too much, I promise!
privacy  dipp 
6 weeks ago
How adtech, not ad blocking, breaks the social contract – Digital Vault – Medium
Let’s get straight what’s going on when you “visit” a Web site or page. Literally, you request it. You don’t go anywhere at all. That request is what the hypertext protocol (http or https) facilitates.
(Protocols are ritualized manners, like handshakes, bows and smiles. They also scaffold the social contract.)
So, for example, when I go to some-publisher.com, I expect the browser to display that page and its links, and nothing more. Or, when I go to seller.com, I expect the browser to display the index page of the site. And, if I have some kind of relationship with that site, I expect it to recognize that I am a returning visitor or customer.
In neither of those cases do I expect tracking files, other than those required to remember state, which was the original purpose of Lou Montuli’s magic cookie, way back in ’94. Now known as just “the cookie,” it is in ubiquitous use today. In Lou’s detailed history of that creation he writes, “The goal was to create a session identifier and general ‘memory’ mechanism for websites that didn’t allow for cross site tracking.” So there’s another broken social contract of sorts.
privacy  dipp 
6 weeks ago
How MailChimp’s irresistible “Serial” ad became the year’s biggest marketing win — Quartz
The ad was written by MailChimp and produced by Serial‘s Dana Chivvis and Julie Snyder. It’s a sly takeoff on the aural aesthetic of public radio reportage mastered by shows like This American Life: Hearing—but not seeing—each person forces you to picture the scene. Subtle touches, like the woman at the end who says, “I use MailChimp,” at a distance from the microphone, adds a richness that’s only possible on radio.
But maybe that’s overanalyzing things. The ad has also succeeded merely by association with a beloved program, currently the most popular podcast on Apple’s iTunes amid a broader renaissance of podcasting in the United States. Listeners binging on several episodes at a time become familiar with the ad by repetition.
Regardless of the reasons for its success, the MailChimp ad is clearly one of the biggest marketing coups of the year, with a cultural resonance eclipsing many Super Bowl ads that cost millions of dollars to air on TV. To get the story behind the ad, we spoke with MailChimp’s marketing director, Mark DiCristina, about the concept and what might be next for MailChimp and Serial. (This interview has been condensed and rearranged for clarity.)
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7 weeks ago
Behind the Lens: 2016 Year in Photographs – Medium
For the eighth and final time, I am presenting my annual Year in Photographs.
All of them were taken either by me or a White House photographer on my staff. For many of the images, I’ve included the backstory behind the image to provide further context or to share why that image was particularly important to me.
As always, the editing for this project is both subjective and personal. Yes, there are some historic moments included but mostly I was looking for behind-the-scenes moments that give people a more personal look at the President and First Lady. And I’ve included a few that I thought were just cool photos.
photography  thruthelens 
7 weeks ago
The Science of Life and Death in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein | The Public Domain Review
Professor Sharon Ruston surveys the scientific background to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, considering contemporary investigations into resuscitation, galvanism, and the possibility of states between life and death.
literature  science  netnarr 
7 weeks ago
Visually Satisfying Project Shares the Color Palettes of Iconic Film Scenes - My Modern Met
Twitter account Cinema Palettes takes screenshots from classic films and translates them to ten-part color palettes. Though based on a momentary still, each spectrum of shades seems to encapsulate its movie’s overall mood: the somber, otherworldly blues of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the dreamlike pinks and purples of The Grand Budapest Hotel, the cloyingly pretty pastels of Edward Scissorhands, and the earthly, organic greens and browns of Atonement, for example.

The collection ranges from Mary Poppins to Star Wars, catering to all cinematic tastes. Find your favorite film below and see whether the color scheme suits your style—if so, you can now paint your home or redesign your wardrobe with your movie of choice as your hue inspiration.
ds106  design  color 
7 weeks ago
Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift' - YouTube
Dave is an extremely gifted clairvoyant who finds out specific financial information. This video reveals the magic behind the magic, making people aware of the fact that their entire life can be found online. And by doing so urging everybody to be vigilant.
privacy  dipp 
7 weeks ago
Facebook recommended that this psychiatrist’s patients friend each other | Fusion
Facebook’s ability to figure out the “people we might know” is sometimes eerie. Many a Facebook user has been creeped out when a one-time Tinder date or an ex-boss from 10 years ago suddenly pops up as a friend recommendation. How does the big blue giant know?

While some of these incredibly accurate friend suggestions are amusing, others are alarming, such as this story from Lisa*, a psychiatrist who is an infrequent Facebook user, mostly signing in to RSVP for events. Last summer, she noticed that the social network had started recommending her patients as friends—and she had no idea why.
facebook  privacy  security  dipp 
7 weeks ago
Pandoc - About pandoc
If you need to convert files from one markup format into another, pandoc is your swiss-army knife. Pandoc can convert documents in markdown, reStructuredText, textile, HTML, DocBook, LaTeX, MediaWiki markup, TWiki markup, OPML, Emacs Org-Mode, Txt2Tags, Microsoft Word docx, LibreOffice ODT, EPUB, or Haddock markup
converter  markdown  text  tools 
7 weeks ago
Glass Distortion on Vimeo
Fantastic collection of side-by-side scripts and film scenes, storyboard to films.
ds106  film  video 
7 weeks ago
Detecting Forged (Altered) Images – Forensic Focus – Articles
Are digital images submitted as court evidence genuine or have the pictures been altered or modified? We developed a range of algorithms performing automated authenticity analysis of JPEG images, and implemented them into a commercially available forensic tool.
photography  thruthelens  catfishing 
7 weeks ago
SketchPort - Drawing inspiration
SketchPort is a modern environment for digital drawing.
ds106  netnarr  drawing  visual 
8 weeks ago
What Comes Next Is The Future
What Comes Next Is the Future is a documentary film about the web created by Bearded founder Matt Griffin. It is the story of Tim Berners-Lee’s creation – how it came to be, where it’s been, and where it’s going – as told by the people who build it.
history  web 
8 weeks ago
Glitch art: Meet the artist who knitted Stuxnet into a scarf | Ars Technica UK
Ars investigates the nascent domain of turning source code and errors into art.
art  glitch 
8 weeks ago
Want to make a visual timeline, but don't have the time to draw one manually? Or maybe you have some documents, but you're not sure if the events they depict form a compelling timeline?

TimeLineCurator quickly and automatically extracts temporal references in freeform text to generate a visual timeline. You can then interactively curate the events in this timeline until you are satisfied, or quickly decide that there is no interesting temporal structure within the document. You can also create a mashup of multiple documents against each other to compare their temporal structure.

Already using TimelineJS? TimeLineCurator works with TimelineJS: instead of tediously assembling your timeline in a spreadsheet, TimeLineCurator allows you to curate your timeline visually. When you are ready, you can export your curated timeline to a TimelineJS widget that you can embed on your website or blog.
curation  timeline  cooltech 
8 weeks ago
Network Effect
The Internet is said to show our common humanity. Through its data, it is said to provide a kind of omniscience, and through its social networks, a deeper sense of connection. For those without access, it holds the promise of a better life. For those of us who use it a lot, its power to affect our lives is clear — but what is the nature of that effect? How does it change our behavior? The way we see others? The way we see ourselves?
art  inspiration  interactive  netnarr 
8 weeks ago
The Five Days of Privacy -- Day 1: In Person | Common Sense Education
The first of five posts on accessible, achievable steps we can all take to regain control of our privacy.
privacy  dipp 
8 weeks ago
Data Detox Kit | Tactical Technology Collective
Do you feel like your digital self is slipping out of control?  Have you let yourself install too many apps, clicked "I agree" a few too many times, lost track of how many accounts you've created? Perhaps you feel you're not as in control of your digital life as you'd like to be.

Don't despair! This data detox is designed just for you. By the end of the 8-day program, you'll be well on your way to a healthier and more in-control digital self.
dipp  privacy 
8 weeks ago
Frank Chimero - What Screens Want
The past two years were a wild goose chase for answers. I read books, looked at art, listened to my heroes, and sketched out scratchy thoughts of my own to search for any sensible response to a question that had been lodged in my head for months.

What does it mean to natively design for screens?

I couldn’t get the question out of my head. I tried to find its contours, and just as I thought I had made some progress on a response, a new part of the picture appeared and showed I only had a shadow of an answer. After many failures, I began to see which approaches worked better. The way toward an answer is never what you expect, so I was surprised that mine began with a routine trip to the pharmacy.
webdesign  ds106  design 
8 weeks ago
Magazine WordPress Theme - Magazino
We’re really excited about our latest theme, Magazino. It is a pretty straight forward theme suited to magazine style blogs with a real focus on the imagery on the home page and archive pages. NB: For images to show up on the home page you must set the featured images for each post.

Magazino supports all the usual WordPress features like custom menus and widgets, and we’ve added some features which are often requested, like the ability to upload your own logo in place of the default text based title AND the ability to choose any color scheme you like. Literally you can use the color picker to change the main theme color to anything.
wordpress  theme 
8 weeks ago
New Zealand Backcountry Hikes:Backpacking Backcountry Trips
Backcountry New Zealand Hikes unfolds awesome opportunities for adventure travel, hikes, hiking, tramping and walking, trekking, backpacking backcountry tracks, backcountry trails, hiking trails, photography in spectacular scenery in our national parks.  Backcountry adventure travel is about experience and ensuring that our New Zealand destinations retain their natural character and cultural diversity for future generations to enjoy. Explore, experience and enjoy Lord of the Rings spectacular scenery throughout backcountry New Zealand. (I met Jan at 2014 Shar-e-fest)
newzealand  hiking 
8 weeks ago
Privilege: Sometimes It’s Not the Devil You’re Advocating For | Disorderly Politics
I’m not a fan of the word “privilege.” In some ideal world where arguments don’t happen, and confrontation doesn’t exist, and people only ever have the best, most benevolent intentions in mind, “privilege” would be a perfectly acceptable word. The term “check your privilege” would actually be helpful and informative. But in the real world, bringing up privilege is the intellectual’s way of shutting something down by telling someone else to STFU. “Privilege,” like “patriarchy” and “microagression” is just a buzzword. It’s a vacuous argument-ender less concerned with human empathy and constructive discussion and more concerned with making sure someone else feels bad for some unintentional, inherent transgression against some group of people you’re expected to pity on principle. You can say that that’s not what “privilege” is supposed to do, but you know that’s what it does–just like how a parent telling their socially awkward kid that they’re “special and unique” isn’t supposed to make them feel bad. But it does.
8 weeks ago
Cicada: Solving the Web's Deepest Mystery - Rolling Stone
Marcus Wanner needed a little adventure in his life. A skinny 15-year-old brainiac with wire-frame glasses and wavy brown hair, he was the eldest of five, home-schooled by their mother, a devout Catholic, near Roanoke, Virginia. Shuttling Marcus between home, church and the Boy Scouts seemed like the best way to keep him away from trouble (and girls). "I missed out on a lot," he recalls with a sigh. "I didn't get out much."
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8 weeks ago
Education Technology and Data Insecurity
Handing over data, often quite thoughtlessly, has become par for the course – in education and in society more generally. Although privacy experts have urged parents and educators to be more proactive about protecting children’s data and privacy) – while using Pokémon Go and other data-hungry apps – we now live in a culture of surveillance, where data collection and data extraction have become normalized.
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9 weeks ago
Liberating Structures - Introduction
When you feel included and engaged, do you do a better job?  Do you think teams in which people work well together produce much better results? Have you noticed the best ideas often come from unexpected sources?  Do you want to work at the top of your intelligence and give the same opportunity to others?

If YES, we have found this is the kind of organization and community that people want to be part of. AND, Liberating Structures help make it happen.
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9 weeks ago
Enable Cross Team Slack Chat with Blockspring – Blockspring
Blockspring shares an office space in San Francisco with the awesome Watsi team. Both of our teams use Slack for internal communication, but what we really wanted was a shared channel to discuss office issues, plan lunch outings and post cat facts.

Since Slack doesn't support creating a shared channel across teams we decided this would be another great dogfooding opportunity. In just a few minutes we created a function on Blockspring that connects two team's incoming and outgoing webhooks.

We built the fuction to be cloned and used by other teams like yours. Follow the steps in this post to get your teams chatting for free and without needing to set up any servers.
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9 weeks ago
A ReadUp is a social reading experience. Think of it as meeting up inside a book.

ReadUps offers a web-based reading system that works on tablets and laptops. With it, you invite friends to read with you for a limited amount of time. In addition, you can share comments on any paragraph, or message the other readers in real time. All you need to do is give people the URL for your ReadUp and you're good to go! To slap a password on the ReadUp (so only the people you share the password with can get in), buy a $5 upgrade.

When the allotted time runs out, the ReadUp disappears.
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9 weeks ago
Truthy Lies and Surreal Truths: A Plea - Hybrid Pedagogy
But this problem is bigger than the proliferation of misinformation in today’s media landscape. Sure, captioning that Venezuelan video as Los Angeles could have been an honest mistake. While I think that’s true for those retweeting it, I find it hard to believe that whoever originally shared it made an honest mistake, given the architecture and the chant, not to mention all the Venezuelan flags! I think it more likely that the originator of this misinformation has something insidious in mind. Something that takes advantage of how easy it is today to pass along media uncritically.
10 weeks ago
Mapping the learning and teaching | e-Learning Stuff
During the recent Jisc Digital Leadership Programme, we looked at mapping our use of social networking tools using the concept of Visitors and Residents. We were lucky to have the influential Donna Lanclos and Dave White supporting us.

I like how the mapping exercise makes you consider how you are using various tools and what needs to happen to change that map, how do you become more resident when using a tool such as Twitter for example. Or how do you start using a tool which is currently not on your map, such as a professional blog?

The key thing I like to remind people about when using the mapping that this is a continuum and not a distinction between two groups. Your personal VandR map is not, and should not be a static thing. The mapping changes as new tools are introduced, old ones retire and your role and behaviours change.
10 weeks ago
Interactive Communications and Simulations (University of Michigan)
The Interactive Communications & Simulations Group at the University of Michigan has served the K-16 community for over 30 years. We support a dynamic assortment of innovative web-based programs harnessing the power of simulation gaming, activism and service learning, and social networking for educational purposes.

Our working model of the Internet is not just as a passive repository for information, but as an interactive space where new kinds of learning can occur. Thousands of students from over 400 public and private schools in 36 American states and 25 countries overseas have been involved in ICS exercises. In networking together far-flung classes of students and their teachers, ICS creates "global classrooms" which may be comprised of hundreds of students, but which are manageable because of the structure of the exercises.

ICS programs are not distance-learning courses in the traditional sense of the term. Rather, they are collaborative projects defined by extended interactions between students at different schools, thematic content in a variety of subject areas, opportunities for personal engagement through character-play, self-expression or social activism, and (often) involvement of university-level mentors under the supervision of the project directors. Each project involves meaningful, often intensive, communication among K-12 students, mentors, and facilitators. ICS activities use custom-built environments specific to each project's goals.
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10 weeks ago
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