Elementor - Drag & Drop Page Builder for WordPress
Use Elementor with your favorite or customized theme. Change themes and still keep all your designs. Landing pages, homepages, posts, portfolios, products. Elementor can be used to design any page or custom post type.
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2 days ago
iTunes' Terms And Conditions Turned Into A Satirical Graphic Novel
You accept and comply with them on daily basis, you mindlessly scroll through them just to get to the ‘continue’ button, yet you most likely have never read them, despite a nagging feeling that you probably should: the terms and conditions of any app or website. Infamous for being over 20,000 words long, the iTunes T&C might just be the most unappealing of them all, but comic artist Robert Sikoryak managed to make them not only readable, but also immensely enjoyable by turning them into a graphic novel.
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2 days ago
Tentacular Archaeology
Wouldn’t you like to write and deploy on the web your own generative piece of tentacular archaeology? Eldritch Archaeology? (Or maybe an abstract generator – one click, and you’re done. Something new everytime. We all just do variations on the same paper over and over again anyway, don’t we….)

You can, now, via glitch.com. This site allows you to remix and deploy others’ code. So I rewrote the site report generator and moved it to Glitch; you can see it in action at ªªhttps://lovecraftian-archaeology.glitch.me/ andºº if you want to remix it go to the edit page.
6 days ago
Tracery is a super-simple tool and language to generate text, by GalaxyKate. It's been used by middle school students, humanities professors, indie game developers, professional bot makers, and lots of regular people, too.
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6 days ago
The Infinite Hotel Paradox: A Brilliant Animated Thought Experiment to Help You Grasp the Mind-Bending Concept of Infinity – Brain Pickings
“Infinity is a demented concept,” astrophysicist Janna Levin, who studies the finitude of the universe, wrote in her spectacular diary-turned-book about the universe. Infinity is also a dementing concept. Most of us find it oddly hard, impossible even, to actually wrap our minds around it and envisage a thing — for it can’t really be a number, can it? — to which we can’t simply add something else to produce infinity-plus-one, instantly rendering “infinity” finite.

To help ordinary humans tussle with this extraordinary concept, German mathematician David Hilbert conceived of what is now known as the Infinite Hotel Paradox — a brilliant and mind-bending specimen of that neat intersection of science and philosophy: the thought experiment. Hilbert came up with the Infinite Hotel Paradox in 1924, but it was popularized only after his death by Russian-American theoretical physicist George Gamow’s 1947 book One Two Three… Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science (public library).

This illuminating short animation from TED-Ed, written by Jeff Dekofsky, brings the famous thought experiment to life
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7 days ago
Blink - Codestag
In a saturated market of overly complicated themes, Blink allows users to achieve a visually stunning website right out the box, without having to go through complex documentation and setup instructions.

Coded with the best coding practices for WordPress, Blink is a theme with robust performance and solid code, that adapts beautifully to any device. Experience the performance by giving a try to the live demo.
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10 days ago
The music over the ruins of Aleppo | Correspondent
There are some things that bombs and fighting just can’t kill. Like Mohammed Anis and his determination to live, and to begin anew in the ruins that are today his hometown of Aleppo. Even if his home is quite literally a pile of debris. Even if much of what he had treasured -- from his beloved collection of vintage American cars to his trusty pipe -- is today destroyed, mangled, broken. Even if the only thing around him that still works is an old gramophone that he cranks by hand.
Anis had been known in rebel-held eastern Aleppo before it fell to government forces at the end of December. Amid the savage fighting and the accompanying shortages, he refused to leave his home and his collection of vintage cars that he showed off whenever he could. The story that my colleague, Karam al-Masri, told of him became one of the more inspiring ones to come out of the besieged eastern part of Syria’s second city.
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12 days ago
George Orwell: Politics and the English Language
Modern English, especially written English, is full of bad habits which spread by imitation and which can be avoided if one is willing to take the necessary trouble. If one gets rid of these habits one can think more clearly, and to think clearly is a necessary first step toward political regeneration: so that the fight against bad English is not frivolous and is not the exclusive concern of professional writers. I will come back to this presently, and I hope that by that time the meaning of what I have said here will have become clearer. Meanwhile, here are five specimens of the English language as it is now habitually written.
These five passages have not been picked out because they are especially bad — I could have quoted far worse if I had chosen — but because they illustrate various of the mental vices from which we now suffer. They are a little below the average, but are fairly representative examples.
13 days ago
The Awesome Foundation
Have a crazy brilliant idea that needs funding? We award $1,000 grants every month. It couldn't be simpler! Your idea is yours alone. We don't want a stake in it. We just want to help you make it happen!
15 days ago
Sideways Dictionary
Sideways dictionary — it's like a dictionary, but using analogies instead of definitions. Use it as a tool for finding and sharing helpful analogies to explain technology. Because if everyone understands technology better, we can make technology work better for everyone.
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15 days ago
Teach Yourself Computer Science
If you’re a self-taught engineer or bootcamp grad, you owe it to yourself to learn computer science. Thankfully, you can give yourself a world-class CS education without investing years and a small fortune in a degree program 💸.

There are plenty of resources out there, but some are better than others. You don’t need yet another “200+ Free Online Courses” listicle. You need answers to these questions:

Which subjects should you learn, and why?
What is the best book or video lecture series for each subject?
This guide is our attempt to definitively answer these questions.


Study all nine subjects below, in roughly the presented order, using either the suggested textbook or video lecture series, but ideally both. Aim for 100-200 hours of study of each topic, then revist favorites throughout your career
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16 days ago
Glitch is the friendly community where you'll build the app of your dreams

With working example apps to remix, a code editor to modify them, instant hosting and deployment - anybody can build a web app on Glitch, for free
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17 days ago
Pork Chops and Apple Sauce: Appraising the Brady Bunch’s Art Collection
The world of The Brady Bunch can be defined by a conspicuous style. After all, the setting is an architect father’s passion project, accoutered with what Carol Brady once described as Danish Modern furniture. The family’s fashion arc went from Ozzie and Harriet in season one to post-sixties extremes in season three. Yet the Brady’s choice of household artwork seems oddly uninspired. Apart from a few exceptions, Brady wall art is practically invisible, begging to be upstaged by Mike’s designs, which include both the house and the family that lives there. What follows is an examination of that which is meant to be ignored.

I’ve detailed the Brady family art collection and elaborated on the trends and styles that it represents. It began as a lark, but it became a personal opus that surpassed the simple room-by-room inventory I envisioned. In some cases specific artists, pieces, and manufacturers have been unearthed, filling a gaping informational void on the internet. My work is sure to be a treat for anyone who loves art, or The Brady Bunch, or tedious overanalysis.
18 days ago
Hemingway Editor
Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear.

The app highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors; if you see a yellow sentence, shorten or split it. If you see a red highlight, your sentence is so dense and complicated that your readers will get lost trying to follow its meandering, splitting logic — try editing this sentence to remove the red.
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19 days ago
PHP Live Regex
regular expression tester for PHP, grep for life!
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20 days ago
mashed radish – everyday etymology
I am obsessed with English etymology, the study of where words come from and how their meanings change over time.

Each etymology is like a magic portal into a tiny truth about history, culture, language, or the mind—a miniature eureka, a quiet a-ha, a satisfying huh, or a little story that I believe only a good word origin can tell. So, each week, I pick some words, usually based on a newsy theme or topic, to see what we can learn from their roots.
21 days ago
Pixar in a Box | Partner content | Khan Academy
Pixar in a Box is a behind-the-scenes look at how Pixar artists do their jobs. You will be able to animate bouncing balls, build a swarm of robots, and make virtual fireworks explode. The subjects you learn in school — math, science, computer science, and humanities — are used every day to create amazing movies at Pixar.
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21 days ago
The Art of Storytelling | Pixar in a Box | Partner content | Khan Academy
What makes someone a good storyteller? Storytelling is something we all do naturally, starting at a young age, but there’s a difference between good storytelling and great storytelling. In this lesson you’ll hear from Pixar directors and story artists about how they got their start, what stories inspire them, and you’ll begin to think about what kinds of stories you might want to tell.
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21 days ago
Theft! A History of Music
We are proud to announce the publication of Theft! A History of Music, a graphic novel laying out a 2000 year long history of musical borrowing from Plato to rap. The comic, by James Boyle, Jennifer Jenkins and the late Keith Aoki, is available as a handsome 8.5 x 11″ paperback, and for free download under a Creative Commons license.

This comic lays out 2000 years of musical history. A neglected part of musical history. Again and again there have been attempts to police music; to restrict borrowing and cultural cross-fertilization. But music builds on itself. To those who think that mash-ups and sampling started with YouTube or the DJ’s turntables, it might be shocking to find that musicians have been borrowing—extensively borrowing—from each other since music began. Then why try to stop that process? The reasons varied. Philosophy, religion, politics, race—again and again, race—and law. And because music affects us so deeply, those struggles were passionate ones. They still are.

The history in this book runs from Plato to Blurred Lines and beyond. You will read about the Holy Roman Empire’s attempts to standardize religious music with the first great musical technology (notation) and the inevitable backfire of that attempt. You will read about troubadours and church composers, swapping tunes (and remarkably profane lyrics), changing both religion and music in the process. You will see diatribes against jazz for corrupting musical culture, against rock and roll for breaching the color-line. You will learn about the lawsuits that, surprisingly, shaped rap. You will read the story of some of music’s iconoclasts—from Handel and Beethoven to Robert Johnson, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Ray Charles, the British Invasion and Public Enemy.

To understand this history fully, one has to roam wider still—into musical technologies from notation to the sample deck, aesthetics, the incentive systems that got musicians paid, and law’s 250 year struggle to assimilate music, without destroying it in the process. Would jazz, soul or rock and roll be legal if they were reinvented today? We are not sure. Which as you will read, is profoundly worrying because today, more than ever, we need the arts.
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23 days ago
Library: Pixar One Thirty - RenderMan Community
Created for classic Pixar films, this texture library includes 130 repeating textures, now available for free.
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24 days ago
Making Your Online Identity Count: Know Your Digital Footprint
Employers are increasingly using the internet and social networks to screen prospective employees. Some studies suggest that up to 60% of employers research job candidates online, a figure that has been growing steadily over the past decade. In addition, social media is now an invaluable means of communicating with your professional peers from around the world.
This is the first of two tutorials that explores how you can develop an online identity that is tailored for this professional environment and how to manage this identity effectively.
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25 days ago
index [CryptoParty.]
CryptoParties are free and open for everyone, but especially ​those without prior knowledge, who haven't yet attended one.

CryptoParty is a decentralized movement with events happening all over the world. The goal is to pass on knowledge about protecting yourself in the digital space. This can include encrypted communication, preventing being tracked while browsing the web, and general security advice regarding computers and smartphones.

To try the tools and apps directly at the CryptoParty, bring your laptop or smartphone.
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26 days ago
WP Pusher | Git deployments for WordPress
WP Pusher lets you install and update WordPress themes and plugins, directly from GitHub - even if your clients are using cheap shared hosting. If it can run WordPress, it can run WP Pusher. You can manage all your WordPress themes and plugins from one place, the dashboard, or enable Push-to-Deploy and have your code update itself automatically every time you push to GitHub or Bitbucket.

This is made possible by the WP Pusher plugin. The plugin hooks into WordPress and uses core functionality to fetch your themes and plugins from GitHub. No need to give us access to your servers or GitHub, since WordPress does the real work for us
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27 days ago
Pedagogy and the Class Blog | samplereality
How do you get students to post?

How do you get students to do anything?

You grade it.

I don’t mean to sound cynical so much as realistic. It’s a fact: students need to know that what they’re spending their limited time doing is valued by us, their professors. And how do we show we value something in the classroom? At the most superficial level, by grades. So I typically make the blogging a substantial part of the semester grade. For example, in my most recent graduate class on postmodernism, I required once-a-week postings that would add up to 20 percent of the final grade
pedagogy  teaching  netnarr 
29 days ago
Learning to See: Photography at Black Mountain College
The impact of Black Mountain College on the history of twentieth-century arts is still coming to light. A small, liberal-arts institution that ran from 1933 to 1957 in rural North Carolina, the school brought some of the most inventive minds of a generation—including European intellectuals fleeing the ravages of World War II—into contact with an intrepid student body that was ready to change the cultural gears of history.

The backbone of Black Mountain’s curriculum was the arts program, famously shaped and directed by Josef Albers from 1933 to 1949. Before coming to America, Albers had studied and taught at the Bauhaus, where he developed an understanding of Werklehre—the noble, “handicraft” aspect of art. He brought this pragmatic approach to his teachings at Black Mountain College. While at the Bauhaus, Albers created a series of semi-experimental photocollages (a selection of them is currently on view at New York’s Museum of Modern Art). His interest in photography as an art and as a mode of seeing continued upon his move to the States. “Photography,” Albers once observed, “is still a child among the crafts”; indeed, its newness might well have been part of the medium’s allure for him.
photography  thruthelens  history 
4 weeks ago
How to connect to a MySQL database with JavaScript
The DreamFactory REST API enables database connections using a wide variety of front end scenarios. This simple sample app demonstrates how DreamFactory 2.0 easily can be used as a backend for a JavaScript application. It's a simple address book, where contacts can be created, shown, updated, deleted and grouped, basically CRUD operations.

The Address Book is a very simple one page app based on plain JavaScript and jQuery. All the functions used for DreamFactory 2.0 REST API requests are extended in the file functions.js, and the code examples show how to use them.
mysql  javascript  tools  code  cooltech 
4 weeks ago
Bears, badgers and Boatswain: Lord Byron and his animals | Wordsworth Trust Blog
But it wasn’t only wolves and bears that immortalised Byron among animal-lovers; perhaps his most beloved and famous pet was the great Newfoundland dog, Boatswain. When Boatswain contracted rabies, Byron nursed him devotedly, without fear of catching the disease himself. Upon his demise, Byron commissioned a magnificent monument in the grounds of Newstead Abbey; etched upon the tombstone is one of his best-known poems,


Epitaph to a Dog
literature  dog 
4 weeks ago
Giphy Teaches Sign Language Through GIFs | GOOD
With an estimated 2,000,000 speakers, American Sign Language (ASL) is the fourth most popular language in the United States. It’s the most prominent sign language of Deaf communities in the U.S. and Canada and many of its signs are used in countries around the world. Now learning how to sign has become easier thanks to Giphy’s recently-released library of over 2,000 ASL words and phrases.
4 weeks ago
1917. Free history
“1917. Free History” is a project that enables participants to find out about the history of 1917 from those who lived during this defining moment of twentieth century history.
history  Storytelling  web2storytelling 
4 weeks ago
What is PHP Composer? | Culttt
Composer is a dependency manager for PHP. Composer will manage the dependencies you require on a project by project basis. This means that Composer will pull in all the required libraries, dependencies and manage them all in one place.
5 weeks ago
Beautiful Trouble | A toolbox for revolution
Beautiful Trouble is a book, web toolbox and international network of artist-activist trainers whose mission is to make grassroots movements more creative and more effective.
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5 weeks ago
Every New York Times Front Page Since 1852 Combined Into a Single Minute-Long Video
Data artist Josh Begley has combined every New York Times front page since 1852 into a single minute-long video. The 4K video puts 45 pages in each frame for a quick look at how the front page layout has evolved over time.
photography  thruthelens  news  history 
5 weeks ago
All You Need is Link | Rhizome
Back when I ran a webpage about Russian “parallel cinema,” I got invited to a meeting of the Syndicate mailing list subscribers which was held in Rotterdam in September 1996, as part of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF). When I registered at the festival, I got a badge that had “Artist” written on it. Before that, I considered myself mostly a film critic; I wrote about experimental cinema and served as a program director for CINE FANTOM film club. My career as an artist lasted the whole of three weeks. At the Metaforum III conference in Budapest, I presented a new web project, My Boyfriend Came Back from the War, and after that, I became a Famous Net Artist (FNA)—a fascinating and much-wanted profession.

I’d like to share four years’ worth of observations about the scene and talk about my personal experience of adapting to it.
art  netart  ds106  history 
5 weeks ago
The Tessera
THE TESSERA is an alternate reality game (ARG) about a mysterious collective of historically significant innovators, known as “The Tessera,” hunted by an even more unknown character who goes by “S.” Players navigate real-world and online computational thinking puzzles with the help of the ghosts of these famous men and women who are trying to save everything their think-tank stands for from S’s destructive tendencies.

In the Computer History Museum, ghosts have come to visit us in our world; In The Tessera, we can visit them in theirs.

Tessera: Ghostly Tracks is a real-world experience where players try to identify the ghosts of figures in computer history that are haunting the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Tessera: Light in the Dark is an online game where players use real world media and skills to interact with the fictional world of the Tessera, working together to unravel the mystery of a haunted Victorian-era tavern.
game  arg  netnarr 
5 weeks ago
A picture-based petition tool that builds active communities.
5 weeks ago
The True History of Fake News | by Robert Darnton | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
In the long history of misinformation, the current outbreak of fake news has already secured a special place, with the president’s personal adviser, Kellyanne Conway, going so far as to invent a Kentucky massacre in order to defend a ban on travelers from seven Muslim countries. But the concoction of alternative facts is hardly rare, and the equivalent of today’s poisonous, bite-size texts and tweets can be found in most periods of history, going back to the ancients.
news  fakenews  history  netnarr 
5 weeks ago
This Augmented Reality App Tells Indigenous Stories in Canadian Cities - Motherboard
Adrian Duke showed me his phone while we stood outside Vancouver's Skwachàys Lodge. An animated raven popped up to tell me the story behind this boutique hotel, which houses Indigenous artists and their works. The raven was modelled on a commissioned painting by Garnet Tobacco, whose other paintings are on display inside the gallery.

Skwachàys Lodge used to just be another hotel until the nonprofit Vancouver Native Housing Society took it over, in 2011. Squamish Nation Chief Ian Campbell named it after the once-marshy land it occupies. Now, it houses Indigenous artists-in-residence, those at risk of homelessness who are given shelter-rate apartments, and patients who come from elsewhere in British Columbia, on Canada's West coast, seeking medical treatment in this city.

Duke, 30, is a member of the Muscowpetung Nation. He's developing a new augmented reality app—think Pokémon Go—to share Indigenous stories that are tied to physical places like this one. It's called Wikiupedia, and Skwachàys is one of its first geolocations.
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6 weeks ago
The Institute for Infinitely Small Things
conducts creative, participatory research that aims to temporarily transform public spaces and instigate dialogue about democracy, spatial justice and everyday life. The Institute’s projects use performance, conversation and unexpected interventions to investigate social and political “tiny things”.
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6 weeks ago
Proposal for a formal way of expressing public license information in Exif
photography  metadata  exif  thruthelens 
6 weeks ago
Jeffrey Friedl's Image Metadata Viewer
Since I'm getting more interested in photography and understanding cameras and techniques, I find myself wanting to know the details under which a photo was taken. Modern digital cameras encode a lot of such data — shutter speed, lens focal length, etc. — into the image file, generally called “Exif Data” (“Exif” stands for “Exchangeable Image File Format” and as an acronym would normally be written as “EXIF”, but the standard creators explicitly say that it should be written “Exif”, which is nice.).

So, I wrote a little online Exif viewer to view whatever data might be encoded. Here's a screenshot using the viewer on a picture from a recent post:
photography  metadata  exif  thruthelens 
6 weeks ago
Net Art Anthology
This two-year online exhibition will present 100 artworks from net art history, restaging and contextualizing one project each week.
Devised in concert with Rhizome's acclaimed digital preservation department, Net Art Anthology also aims to address the shortage of historical perspectives on a field in which even the most prominent artworks are often inaccessible. The series takes on the complex task of identifying, preserving, and presenting exemplary works in a field characterized by broad participation, diverse practices, promiscuous collaboration, and rapidly shifting formal and aesthetic standards, sketching a possible net art canon.
art  internet  netnarr 
6 weeks ago
Adding a Text Block via the Customizer in WordPress | WP Beaches
This guide takes you through adding an editable text block via the Customizer in WordPress, this tutorial uses the Genesis Sample theme and will set the footer text which is normally changed via a filter in the functions.php file in a number of StudioPress themes, using the Customizer will easily allow a non-technical user to change it.

You can build on this example and add a number of text blocks that you may need a client to edit throughout the Site.
6 weeks ago
Helping Students Develop Their Online Identity – The Principal of Change
As I was speaking at a school in North Broward Preparatory School in Coconut Creek, Florida, and was talking about this, one of the teachers, Jason Shaffer, said, “We already do this.”  I was so pumped to hear more.

I asked him about what he is doing, and he shared that his school has a required course on “personal branding” for students. Not only are they doing the “3 Things”, but they are going way beyond.
identity  dipp 
6 weeks ago
Magic iPod
Drag and Drop Mashup
mashup  music  netnarr  ds106 
6 weeks ago
How to analyze and interpret photos objectively, according to professors of visual communication — Quartz
“When photography was invented,” photo historian Vicki Goldberg once said, “it was thought to be an equivalent to truth. It was truth with a capital T.”
But as viewers quickly learned, seeing isn’t always believing. Even in the early history of photography, hoaxes like the Cottingley fairies taught people to question the validity of the images they saw. Today, we’re well aware that photos can be digitally altered—which means that the public trusts the authority of photos, including journalistic images, a whole lot less.
It is valuable for members of the public to question the authenticity of images that they see. But as contemporary audiences have grown more sophisticated about digitally manipulated images, they are now faced with a new form of manipulation: photos coupled with political propaganda, further pushing society toward the post-truth age.
photography  thruthelens 
7 weeks ago
Exemplification theory - Wikipedia
Exemplification theory is a theory that states that an event is the exemplification of a property in an entity. This identity is often modeled as an "ordered triple" of an entity, property type, and time)
7 weeks ago
Alchemical Properties of Foods: Hundreds of Foodstuffs Classified According to Their Elemental Nature.
the reference in parentheses after each entry is an alchemical rating of the foodstuff's archetypal signature or elemental essence.
alchemy  food  netnarr 
8 weeks ago
How the inventor of Mario designs a game
Shigeru Miyamoto's design philosophy, explained.
design  ds106  games  netnarr 
8 weeks ago
TV 2 | All That We Share - YouTube
We live in a time where we quickly put people in boxes. Maybe we have more in common than what we think? Introducing All That We Share. The English version.
8 weeks ago
How to Create Direction-Aware CSS-Only Hover Effects by Gabrielle Wee on CodePen
My design partner and I stumbled across the Kikk Festival homepage back in 2015, which featured these awesome parallax hover cards. We loved the look and wanted to recreate it in a project, but due to the nature of the codebase, wouldn't be able to use Javascript to get it right. Undeterred, I began searching for solutions that were CSS-only, and stumbled across something interesting.

One of the most fascinating CSS selectors for me is the ~ tilde, which selects the nearest element that matches the selector and is preceeded by the first. For example, ul ~ p selects the third element in

I realized that I could use this to create direction-aware hover effects for virtually anything!
css  code  cooltech 
8 weeks ago
Chevereto - Image Hosting Script
Chevereto is a powerful and fast image hosting script that allows you to create your very own full featured image hosting website in just minutes.
photography  cooltech  thruthelens 
8 weeks ago
Datejs - An open-source JavaScript Date Library
Datejs is an open-source JavaScript Date Library.

Comprehensive, yet simple, stealthy and fast. Datejs has passed all trials and is ready to strike. Datejs doesn’t just parse strings, it slices them cleanly in two.
code  javascript  cooltech 
8 weeks ago
Online JavaScript beautifier
Beautify, unpack or deobfuscate JavaScript and HTML, make JSON/JSONP readable, etc.
code  javascript  cooltech 
8 weeks ago
Random User Generator | Home
A free, open-source API for generating random user data. Like Lorem Ipsum, but for people.
api  generator  cooltech 
8 weeks ago
If You See Something, Save Something – 6 Ways to Save Pages In the Wayback Machine | Internet Archive Blogs
In recent days many people have shown interest in making sure the Wayback Machine has copies of the web pages they care about most. These saved pages can be cited, shared, linked to – and they will continue to exist even after the original page changes or is removed from the web.

There are several ways to save pages and whole sites so that they appear in the Wayback Machine.  Here are 6 of them.
archive  ccc 
8 weeks ago
On the internet, nobody knows if you're a National Park - The Verge
Donald Trump's reported gag orders on federal science agencies are continuing to spawn a wave of anonymous Twitter accounts, each claiming to speak for a branch of the government. Over the last day, we've seen accounts supposedly authored by renegade members of the EPA, the Forest Service, the USDA, and even NASA. The accounts come from different corners of the government, but all claim to represent workers who are risking their livelihoods by tweeting climate change facts, details of apparent silencing, and criticism of the Trump administration.

There's reason to believe these accounts may be genuine. The Trump administration's demands that EPA scientists stop releasing research to the public has not been well received in the academic community, and even prior to the restrictions imposed on government Twitter accounts, some agencies' social media teams indicated they were no fans of the new president — who has questioned the legitimacy of climate change and frozen EPA funding.
Twitter  identity  dipp 
8 weeks ago
Choose albums by the color of their covers
color  music  cooltech 
8 weeks ago
Homaro Cantu + Ben Roche: Cooking as alchemy | TED Talk | TED.com
Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche come from Moto, a Chicago restaurant that plays with new ways to cook and eat food. But beyond the fun and flavor-tripping, there's a serious intent: Can we use new food technology for good?
cooking  netnarr 
9 weeks ago
The power of personal narratives in the classroom | Trends and Issues in Higher Ed
A UW Bothell professor shares how digital storytelling can be a powerful tool for learning—for students and instructors
ds106  Storytelling  netnarr 
9 weeks ago
Trump Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself | aNtiDoTe Zine
Since November 9th, 2016, we know the answer. Because one and the same company was behind Trump’s online ad campaigns and late 2016’s other shocker, the Brexit “Leave” campaign: Cambridge Analytica, with its CEO Alexander Nix. Anyone who wants to understand the outcome of the US elections—and what could be coming up in Europe in the near future—must begin with a remarkable incident at the University of Cambridge in 2014, in Kosinski’s department of psychometrics.
psychology  data  facebook  dipp 
9 weeks ago
Tip: Understanding the Atom/RSS feeds created by Blogger : Blogger Xpertise
If you've heard of RSS feeds, you probably know that they're a way for your site's fans to keep up to date with your site by "subscribing" to your feeds. If they have a feed reader, any time you publish a new post, they'll see it in their reader's dashboard. You might also know that you can use those feeds to automate publishing to 3rd party services such as Facebook (using RSS Graffiti), transform your feed using Feedburner, and lots of other neat functionality. But you can also turn around and integrate those feeds back into your site, creating cool slideshows, custom sections of content, and much more (for an example check out Pinch Gallery's featured section on their homepage and their news section in the left).
blogging  rss  syndication 
9 weeks ago
Open Broadcaster Software | Home
Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux.
streaming  screencast  opensource  software  cooltech 
9 weeks ago
Protect Your Data - Mozilla Learning
These activities will help your learners understand how to take control of their privacy in a networked world. Complete the activities in sequence, or mix and match. Visit our discussion forum to get help and share your experience.
privacy  dipp 
9 weeks ago
What Makes a Person: The Seven Layers of Identity in Literature and Life – Brain Pickings
“It is the intentions, the capacities for choice rather than the total configuration of traits which defines the person.”
culture  ds106  netnarr  character  Storytelling 
10 weeks ago
A guide to joining twitter now it’s an unremittingly bleak document of how awful everything is — Ned Potter
It's a little late for that unless you've scrolled right to the end, but basically find the right people and Twitter can still be great. I still love it. It's still useful. It's still enriching. And that's because of the people I follow and interact with.
twitter  netnarr 
10 weeks ago
Why Students Should Blog in Public – Messy Thinking
This post attempts to make the argument for public edu-blogging as an essential component of a connected learning strategy for higher education.  After a brief introduction to common elements of emerging digital pedagogies (specifically “open,” “connected,” and “networked”), it will define connectivity and the development of digital workflows as desired student outcomes associated with networked participatory cultures.  Personal learning networks and e-portfolios will be identified as associated and potentially “high impact” pedagogical strategies that may support connected learning outcomes while enhancing student engagement and success. Finally, the post will demonstrate how blogging fits into the development of personal learning networks and e-portfolios as a foundational (if not singular) pedagogical tool for success.
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10 weeks ago
GEEKTyper.com - Hacking Simulator
GeekTyper was inspired by the various media where hacking is usually portrayed incorrectly.
Simply randomly mash your keyboard and code will be simulated on your screen.
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10 weeks ago
Fifty shades of open | Pomerantz | First Monday
Open source. Open access. Open society. Open knowledge. Open government. Even open food. The word “open” has been applied to a wide variety of words to create new terms, some of which make sense, and some not so much. This essay disambiguates the many meanings of the word “open
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11 weeks ago
Wanderway is an open online course created for small non-profits, artists, and creative small businesses. It will teach you how to experiment with digital engagement when you are strapped for time and resources. It will also guide you through exploring the emotions and ethics behind digital work. It was made for individuals, conference buddies, teams, boards, and even entire organizations across the non-profit world. It’s free, unfacilitated, and entirely online. You can go at your own pace, or be led through a series of email reminders and prompts. You don’t even need to login to access content.
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11 weeks ago
From the archives: Cards Against Creativity (Download!) | The Museum of the Future | Museums and culture in times of social and technological change
Last June, together with Don Undeen and the Creative Museum project, I developed a one-off game inspired by Cards Against Humanity. Cards Against Creativity was designed to start conversations during a workshop about creativity in museums, and to generate new ideas for projects, exhibitions, etc.

If you’ve ever played Cards Against Humanity, you know the gameplay is super easy: One player asks a fill-in-the-blank question or poses a statement, and the other players respond with pre-filled cards with answers. Best (funniest, most appropriate, etc.) answer wins. For the Creative Museum event we remixed the format a little bit, to help participants take ideas from one workshop to the next, remix ideas from different speakers, interact with each other and create a quick summary at the end of the event.

The approach worked really well to add a new dimension to the event, and create an open and creative atmosphere among participants.
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11 weeks ago
Module: Digital Citizenship – UMW DTLT
Beginning to think critically around the “rules” of citizenship on the web as they have thus far experienced them, and then think through moving forward how they will engage in online environments.
12 weeks ago
Module: Digital Identity – UMW DTLT
Introduce concepts about how online identity is created, managed, and represented.
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12 weeks ago
A Movie Poster A Day on Vimeo
In 2016, I designed a movie poster a day. Here's a compilation of every single one. You can see the posters in full at amovieposteraday.tumblr.com. You can also view more about the project at instagram.com/petemajarich. Select posters are available to purchase at craftandgraft.co
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12 weeks ago
The Future of Cities
What does “the future of cities” mean? To much of the developing world, it might be as simple as aspiring to having your own toilet, rather than sharing one with over 100 people. To a family in Detroit, it could mean having non-toxic drinking water. For planners and mayors, it’s about a lot of things — sustainability, economy, inclusivity, and resilience. Most of us can hope we can spend a little less time on our commutes to work and a little more time with our families. For a rich white dude up in a 50th floor penthouse, “the future of cities” might mean zipping around in a flying car while a robot jerks you off and a drone delivers your pizza. For many companies, the future of cities is simply about business and money, presented to us as buzzwords like “smart city” and “the city of tomorrow.”
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12 weeks ago
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