In My Bag – by Valerie Millett | The Photo Brigade
Nice In My Bag from a photographer working sometimes in AZ.
photography  gear 
february 2016
Porting to .NET Core | .NET Blog
This is not new information but I learned somethings seeing it laid out like this.
general  c#  development 
february 2016
Chest Pack Roundup: Micro Four Thirds Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review
Unusually interesting discussion on camera chest packs for the a7rii
general  a7rii  pack  photography 
january 2016
WPF Paging Control for WPF Applications - Dynamics CRM - PowerObjects
Decent start on a paging control - with nothing built in kind of nice just to have a starting point regardless of if it gets 100% changed (or maybe more honest is don't care about using time re-imagining or developing a paging control from 'first principals')
general  wpf  controls  c# 
january 2016
c# - WPF Image UriSource and Data Binding using http: URL - Stack Overflow
Nice quick look at some image loading code referencing WPF (regarding the Image control which has not always been my friend in the past...)
general  wpf  code  image 
january 2016
My Gear List - Fototripper
Nice combo gear list from a photography taking great pictures but not using so high priced/crazy gear list items that it is not even interesting to look at.
general  photography  gear 
january 2016
Walking through extremes
Great trip report - always something interesting just off the beaten path it seems!
general  hiking 
december 2015
Amdro – turning an MPV into a campervan | Backpackingbongos
Pretty interesting conversion for a pretty standard looking vehicle.
general  vehicle  conversion 
december 2015
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Banding and Calibration
Some interesting details on using the X-Rite i1 Display Pro on the MS Surface Pro for some calibration/information - also mentions opensource calibration software dispcalGUI in the comments.
general  color  photography  calibration 
december 2015
wpf - Can a DataTemplate be tied to a nested class? - Stack Overflow
Great pointer for the non-obvious-to-me nested class syntax in WPF of DataType="{x:Type ns:MainViewModel+B}" (note the + for . - in this detail resharper and the massive VS IDE didn't help me!)
general  development  wpf  databinding 
december 2015
Coding Grounds: Logging the SQL of Entity Framework exceptions in EF 6
Some nice details on getting info from the IDbCommandInterceptor in EF 6 - nothing here is magic but I thought this was a great speed up in seeing some options.
General  c#  entityframework 
november 2015
Move the OneDrive Folder - Microsoft Community
Wow - hard to find this info on moving the OneDrive folder onto an sdcard in Win10 - I expect to fight with silliness like this sometimes but this is a little nuts on full MS stack including surface.
general  onedrive 
november 2015
RUN LIGHT - | Decathlon
Custom Chest light - light doesn't look perfect but love this overall!
november 2015
Deciphering the .NET clr20r3 exception parameters P1..P10 - Stack Overflow
This was helpful with a problem that was happening in an app where the problem was before the unhandled exception handler was catching it so the temp error files where what I had to use.
general  c# 
october 2015
Interesting strategy notes.
october 2015
Mondrian | Pentaho Community
It has been a long time since I looked at this - interesting OLAP server, nice license.
bi  retail  software  olap 
august 2015
Fighting islands of moisture
Nice write up on actual use of various material contents.
General  apparel  running  backpacking 
july 2015
Quick Tip: PowerShell Grep Equivalent
Quick write up on this - plenty of info out there but this one helped me get going which was appreciated!
powershell  grep 
july 2015
Garmin Varia Bike Radar Alerts You To Oncoming Traffic
Interesting ideas - kind of curious if and what version 2 looks like.
general  radar  garmin  smart  lights  varia 
july 2015
Micro Drone 3.0: Flight in the Palm of Your Hand | Indiegogo
Interesting price! Is this finally priced so that you could get one 'just for fun'? The battery life seems like a bit of a downer but who knows...
june 2015
Introducing Source Templates
Interesting feature - not sure I 100% get what I would use it for but at a glance there is something interesting here about mashing up code and tool.
General  c#  resharper  code 
june 2015 » How to Alias a Domain Name or Sub Domain to Amazon S3
In retrospect this all seems obnoxiously simple but I had a couple of changes to make all at once and appreciated this a lot.
may 2015
Really interesting in ear fitness monitoring - as per usual these days awesome but seems to leave gaps... (No GPS - does all info transmit to 3rd party apps - ??)
may 2015
Get Your Shit Together | Life and Death Planning: Low effort, high reward.
Not a tremendous number of details, but seems like a good starting list of items.
may 2015
Powerbank Phone
Function trumping form.
may 2015
wpf - MVVM - hiding a control when bound property is not present - Stack Overflow
The note here about handling the WPF binding case where the value is present is the 'trick' here...
may 2015
Programming, Motherfucker - Do you speak it?
Haha - mostly funny also a bit of truth and fun I think.
may 2015
Google offers retailers free fashion trend reports - FierceRetailIT
Found this late in S15 and didn't see a good source url to find in the future but overall interesting source of info.
may 2015
Rockwell Kent
Tucson Museum of Art
may 2015
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