Fold N Fly ✈
A guide to folding paper airplanes.
entertainment  aviation 
2 days ago
Road Runner Bags
Handmade in California By Cyclists for Cyclists.
bags  bicycle 
4 days ago
Employee onboarding
7 days ago
See what is persistently installed on your mac.
osx  security  application 
10 days ago
A smarter default browser for macOS.
osx  application  work 
10 days ago
Control your mouse with the keyboard on macOS.
osx  application 
10 days ago
Awesome Mac
Application suggestions for macOS.
osx  application  aggregator  search 
10 days ago
HDMI streaming from computers to TVs.
hardware  video  streaming  work 
11 days ago
World of Succulents
Prime destination for succulent lovers
succulents  gardening 
16 days ago
Information about voting.
elections  reference  guide 
21 days ago
My Voter Status
Check your voting status as well as the status of your previous ballots.
elections  california 
21 days ago
Breaking File-sharing, Copyright and Privacy News
news  privacy  torrent 
21 days ago
No More Google
Alternatives to Google products.
application  privacy  aggregator 
24 days ago
Boosted Strap
A cover/strap for protecting the deck and carrying the Boosted Board.
4 weeks ago
History Search
Quickly find anything you did online
4 weeks ago
A Soft Murmur
Ambient sound generator.
audio  work  sound  webapp 
4 weeks ago
A system-wide audio equalizer for Mac.
music  audio  osx  application 
5 weeks ago
The service for multistreaming. Send your stream to Twitch, YouTube, Periscope, and more all at once.
streaming  video  twitch  youtube  twitter 
5 weeks ago
Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything
design  webapp  websites 
5 weeks ago
Bird nesting and bird housing resources.
birds  nature 
6 weeks ago
Common Feeder Birds - FeederWatch
Identify common types of feeder birds.
birds  nature 
6 weeks ago
The Digital Flight Hub for DJI. Flight analysis for DJI drones.
drone  application 
7 weeks ago
iPhone, iPad, Mac Buyer's Guide
Know when to buy an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
apple  ipad  iphone  calendar 
7 weeks ago
SF Privately Owned Public Open Spaces
POPOS are publicly accessible spaces in forms of plazas, terraces, atriums, small parks, and even snippets which are provided and maintained by private developers. In San Francisco, POPOS mostly appear in the Downtown office district area.
sanfrancisco  maps 
7 weeks ago
Forests pull off a useful light trick | Cosmos
Volatile gases emitted by trees scatter light to increase its availability to leaves.
article  nature 
7 weeks ago
For cliff-dwelling birds, pointy eggs are best | Cosmos
An article explaining how evolution drove cliff-dwelling birds to lay pointy, tear-drop shaped eggs.
article  evolution 
7 weeks ago
Light pollution map
A map showing light pollution around the world.
maps  astronomy  webapp 
7 weeks ago
Recognition Models - 99% Invisible
Scale World War Miniatures Used to Tell Friends from Foes.
8 weeks ago
Search for colors.
search  color  design 
8 weeks ago
Supercharged video standups for teams
agile  management  meetings  work 
8 weeks ago
Vlad Marton’s Wall computer tutorial
Wall computer tutorial documentation
pc  design 
9 weeks ago
Flight Planning / Aeronautical Charts
flightsim  gaming  webapp  maps 
9 weeks ago
iPhone, DJI & GoPro Accessories
drone  phone  photography 
9 weeks ago
YT Music
An Unofficial Mac App for YouTube Music
music  youtube  application  osx 
9 weeks ago
Formula 1 news from 1995 to 2005. Useful when watching previous seasons.
formula1  news 
10 weeks ago
Famous Speeches
A List of the Greatest Speeches of All-Time
11 weeks ago
Coyote Rollers
Keep Pets in and Predators Out.
pets  cats  home  architecture 
12 weeks ago
President Trump's misleading claims
Tracking over 3,200 false or misleading claims made by President Trump - Washington Post
politics  article 
12 weeks ago
Reusable simple drawings
The Noun Project for small drawings. Perfect for easily adding illustrations to slides or projects.
illustration  work  presentations 
july 2018
Hear Through
Listen to sound occurring around you while wearing headphones.
audio  work  webapp 
july 2018
Intelligent adaptive brightness for your external display.
application  osx 
july 2018
My Browser.FYI
Easy to digest browser details to help you with QA and tech support.
work  webapp  support 
july 2018
Gradient Hunt
Beautiful Color Gradients
july 2018
Float Player
Plays YouTube videos on top of all apps on Mac computers.
osx  application  youtube 
july 2018
Fog Today
Satellite imagery of the San Francisco Bay Area showing fog, cloud, and smoke patterns.
sanfrancisco  weather 
july 2018
Amazon Review Checker
june 2018
Boosted Board order tracker
See who's receiving their shipping notifications and board shipments.
june 2018
Books Every Designer Should Read.
design  books  education  learning 
june 2018
How to replace default wheels on Boosted Boards
How to swap in the Caguama wheels on a Boosted Board.
june 2018
Whose Heritage? | Southern Poverty Law Center
A report on public symbols of the Confederacy
data  article 
june 2018
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