Gradient Hunt
Beautiful Color Gradients
7 days ago
Float Player
Plays YouTube videos on top of all apps on Mac computers.
osx  application  youtube 
17 days ago
Fog Today
Satellite imagery of the San Francisco Bay Area showing fog, cloud, and smoke patterns.
sanfrancisco  weather 
17 days ago
Boosted Board order tracker
See who's receiving their shipping notifications and board shipments.
21 days ago
Books Every Designer Should Read.
design  books  education  learning 
24 days ago
How to replace default wheels on Boosted Boards
How to swap in the Caguama wheels on a Boosted Board.
29 days ago
Whose Heritage? | Southern Poverty Law Center
A report on public symbols of the Confederacy
data  article 
4 weeks ago
Cool Backgrounds
Background images for use in blog posts and social media.
stock  photography  images  blogging 
7 weeks ago
200+ Resources & Tools for Digital Nomads
aggregator  travel  gadget  search 
7 weeks ago
Audio Cabin
Royalty free music for video and audio productions.
music  video  work 
7 weeks ago
Dolat Abad Windcatchers
Windcatcher architecture in Iran which is designed to funnel wind into buildings to provide cooling.
design  architecture  article 
8 weeks ago
Generate beautiful screenshots
screenshots  work  images  webapp 
9 weeks ago
Better Touch Tool
An app which allows customization of input devices on Mac.
osx  application 
9 weeks ago
Power at Every Turn
Why Boosted uses belt drives versus hub motors.
boostedboard  article 
9 weeks ago
Organize your Research.
application  research  notes  osx 
10 weeks ago
Silenz for Mac
A smart mixer of your music and sounds of the outside world
application  sound  work 
10 weeks ago
United States of Climate Change
The flood that could change everything.
article  science 
11 weeks ago
Schedule meetings instantly, prevent double-bookings, and eliminate scheduling back-and-forth with Polymail Calendar.
work  calendar  webapp 
11 weeks ago
A forecasting service for wind patterns.
weather  webapp 
11 weeks ago
All-In-One Software Documentation Tool
work  screenshots  wordpress  application 
12 weeks ago
Shared outline documents for Mac
writing  application  osx 
12 weeks ago
Browser file sharing.
filetransfer  sharing  work  webapp 
april 2018
Hej Stylus
An application which smooths out lines drawn on Mac. Useful for illustration, signatures, or anywhere where drawing is necessary.
osx  work  art  application 
april 2018
Braun watch screensaver
A screensaver for Mac which features Braun watch faces.
clock  time  osx  screensaver 
april 2018
Fixed Broadband Deployment Data | Federal Communications Commission
A map put together by the FCC which shows the number of internet service providers and their speeds for a given location.
internet  apartment  home  housing  search 
april 2018
Customized art
Create posters to commemorate trips, vacations, or special occasions.
april 2018
Battery information for airline passengers
Information about carrying batteries on flights in the U.S.
travel  batteries 
april 2018
On-Demand Moving & Furniture Delivery
april 2018
the Internet’s Fastest, Privacy-First DNS Resolver
privacy  windows  osx  security 
april 2018
No Code
A curated directory of resources, tools & hacks for non-techs
work  reference  search  aggregator  learning 
march 2018
Replace Cover
Create album art for your Spotify playlists
spotify  webapp 
march 2018
A time manager for the Mac menu bar. Shows the current time for people and places.
time  osx  application  work 
march 2018
Allow friends to contribute to and vote on a group playlist for Spotify or Apple Music.
march 2018
Finding the right fit, simplified. Basically, a kanban board for finding a new job.
march 2018
The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
march 2018
A simple and pretty menubar Pomodoro app written in Electron.
application  osx  productivity 
march 2018
Belt Drivetrain
A belt drive conversion system for bicycles.
march 2018
Clean out old and unused files from your computer.
osx  application 
march 2018
Automatically transcribe recordings of conversations and meetings into a useful archive.
work  meetings  audio 
march 2018
Control Spotify's web player using MacOS media keys.
spotify  application  music  webapp 
march 2018
Websites for YouTube
youtube  video 
february 2018
Window Manager for Mac OS
productivity  application  osx 
february 2018
"Blueprinting" your Help Center
An article about how to build or redesign a help center.
february 2018
Team Management Skills
An article about necessary skills to successfully manage a team.
work  management 
february 2018
10 Questions To Ask Your Team Every Week
Great questions for 1-on-1s, performance reviews, etc.
work  meetings 
february 2018
Populate Template Placeholders
Information on making template projects in OmniFocus.
automation  omnifocus  scripts  work 
february 2018
Crafting Interviews
An article on how to craft an excellent interviewing system.
work  management 
february 2018
A blogging service with very simple design which encourages reading and thinking.
blogging  writing 
february 2018
Icebreaker questions
The 25 best icebreaker questions for team-building at work. Also good for general conversation with anyone.
work  conversation 
february 2018
Status Barred
Remove the status bar from iPhone screenshots.
application  osx  screenshots  images  work 
february 2018
Free app to make Slack dark.
slack  work 
february 2018
Gear for Today. Inspiration for Tomorrow.
shopping  clothing  gifts 
february 2018
Obscure Belts
Awesome looking belt buckles.
clothing  gifts 
february 2018
Wherein three national corporations control nearly all of San Francisco's live music
A description of how three companies control most of SF's live music scene.
music  sanfrancisco  article 
february 2018
Pigment by ShapeFactory
Easy to use color palette generator.
design  color  webapp 
january 2018
270 To Win
Information about elections.
elections  reference  government 
january 2018
Crowdsourced Crisis Mapping and Assistance
emergency  earthquakes  maps 
january 2018
Badge Reviews
Conference badges that do not suck.
work  events 
january 2018
Instant Replay for your Mac
osx  application  video 
january 2018
Find the best colors through the most voted products on Product Hunt
color  design 
january 2018
Represent | ProPublica
A resource to learn about congress and their actions.
politics  reference  search 
january 2018
An elegant new take on Notes.
osx  application  work 
january 2018
Ridiculous looking suits, jackets, and other clothing.
clothing  gifts 
january 2018
Baron Fig
Tools for Thinkers - Premium paper notebooks, pens and backpacks
gifts  notebooks  writing 
january 2018
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