Split group expenses with friends.
finance  Ios  webapp 
5 hours ago
A simple color picker.
design  color  webapp 
21 days ago
A Project Forecasting App for Teams
management  work  projects 
24 days ago
A menu bar application which acts as a small sheet of note paper.
osx  application 
27 days ago
Beautiful and data driven color palettes.
color  design 
28 days ago
2 million stock icons and 800 icon sets
design  icons 
5 weeks ago
Providing innovative tools for cinematographers that give unrestricted freedom for your creative eye.
photography  timelapse  video 
6 weeks ago
An application which generates color schemes for various applications such as Alfred and Slack.
osx  application  slack  alfredapp  design 
7 weeks ago
Harmony - Music player for 2017
Lightweight music player for Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and more.
music  spotify  osx  application  soundcloud  youtube 
8 weeks ago
Vector Emoji – Apply Pixels
Vector emojis for use in Photoshop and other applications.
design  emoji  photoshop 
9 weeks ago
VPN Report
Honest reviews of the top VPNs
security  vpn 
9 weeks ago
GitHub - docterd/MusaicFM at producthunt
A Mac screensaver which displays Spotify or Last.fm data.
screensaver  osx  spotify 
12 weeks ago
Best Youtube Classified
A curation of high quality YouTube channels.
youtube  video  entertainment  search 
12 weeks ago
eyeson for Slack - eyeson
Video streaming and conferencing through Slack and YouTube.
slack  work  streaming  video 
july 2017
The perfect way to organize, distribute and monetize your video content.
video  streaming 
july 2017
A website devoted to recipes.
cooking  food 
june 2017
Archive full copies of web pages.
june 2017
ScanSF - San Francisco Police/Fire/EMS Scanner
SF police, fire department, and ambulance radio scanner.
streaming  audio  emergency  sanfrancisco 
june 2017
An application to organize and conduct meetings.
work  meetings  application 
june 2017
A Windows application that enables per-application volume control.
windows  application 
june 2017
Tabletop Whale
Visualizations on topics in science
science  art  blog  visualization 
may 2017
NPR Training | NPR
Educational materials on audio production, digital production, visual design, and social media.
learning  work  projects 
may 2017
learn anything | MyMindNode
Links to information on an array of different topics.
education  learning 
may 2017
Castbridge - Add AirPlay Support to Chromecast
Cast to Chromecast devices from iOS and OS X.
audio  application  osx 
may 2017
AutoVolume for macOS
Automatically change the volume when your Mac wakes from sleep.
osx  application  sound 
may 2017
Inter-Dimensional Cable
A website based on the show Rick & Morty
video  funny 
may 2017
Table Sports Leaderboard App
A web-based leaderboard for tracking office sports.
work  sports  office  webapp 
april 2017
A new header photo daily.
A service which uploads a new header image to Twitter every day.
twitter  photography 
april 2017
A web-based audio editor.
audio  editor  webapp 
march 2017
Videoloupe for Mac - The Video Player for Videographers
Bridges the gap between free media players and professional editing suites.
video  application  osx  editor 
march 2017
Little Planet Factory – LittlePlanetFactory
Models of planets, moons, and other celestial bodies.
gifts  science  space 
march 2017
A curated directory of job search resources and tools.
jobs  search  work  aggregator 
march 2017
BetaList Jobs
A job search engine for startups.
jobs  search  work  aggregator 
march 2017
Kite Compositor – Motion Design for Mac
An application to prototype application animations.
work  design  application  osx 
march 2017
fman: The addictive file manager
A file manager replacement for Mac and Windows. Replaces Windows Explorer and Apples Finder.
application  osx  windows 
march 2017
Microsoft Garage - Mouse without Borders
Use the same keyboard and mouse on up to 4 different Windows computers.
windows  application 
february 2017
Notepin - Extremely simple note taking
Create a notebook without any signup required.
writing  webapp 
february 2017
Rogue Amoeba | SoundSource: A Superior Sound Control
A menu bar utility application which provides greater control over audio settings on Mac.
audio  sound  osx  application 
february 2017
Great extensions for Google Chrome.
chromeextension  search  aggregator 
february 2017
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