John Darnielle’s 8 Favorite Wrestling Videos
"In wrestling — and this is how wrestling fans, as readers, are sort of considerably more sophisticated than other readers — they’re able to sustain both knowing that it’s not real and saying, 'But, well, there’s a different version of real.'"
johndarnielle  mountaingoats  interview  beatthechamp 
12 days ago
Wrestling as a Way to Survive: A Conversation with John Darnielle
For all the reasons people watch professional wrestling, emotional connection is the purest.
mountaingoats  johndarnielle  interview  beatthechamp 
13 days ago
Mountain Goats' John Darnielle: Rock's Best Storyteller
"People think of me as a nice person because I think I have grown into a nice person."
mountaingoats  johndarnielle  interview  beatthechamp 
13 days ago
Whose in/visibility? Feelings of a TWOC on #TDOV
If we are to speak of a Trans Day of Visibility, I would like to know: whose visibility are we talking about? and to whom do we need to become more visible?
trans  tdov 
14 days ago
Friday the 13th: A Ghost Story
Something is happening. Something, it seems, happens every Friday the 13th, just before midnight.
slacktivist  fridaythe13th  frederickdouglass  racism 
14 days ago
Holy Saturday
This day, the Saturday that can't know if there will ever be a Sunday, is the day we live in, you and I, today and every day for the whole of our lives. This is all we are given to know.
christianity  easter  slacktivist 
14 days ago
BYT Interviews: The Mountain Goats
That’s the thing that I’ve come to understand and really appreciate about it: It’s this great intersection of sports and theater. It doesn’t matter whether it’s real or scripted; that’s so besides the point.
mountaingoats  peterhughes  interview  beatthechamp 
14 days ago
Douglas Martin’s Dirty Shoes: The Mountain Goats Go for the Title
That’s why he can write an album about wrestling and make it a compelling piece of art, because regardless of what you think as far as wrestling being a compelling piece of art, Darnielle has harnessed an amazing level of empathy for his characters, regardless of what they do.
mountaingoats  beatthechamp 
14 days ago
Jesus’ radical politics
The memory of Jesus is disruptive to all kingdoms, to all earthly powers, without respect to any specific political affiliation or agenda.
jesus  christianity  politics 
16 days ago
George Orwell: Charles Dickens (1940)
Dickens seems to have succeeded in attacking everybody and antagonizing nobody. Naturally this makes one wonder whether after all there was something unreal in his attack upon society. Where exactly does he stand, socially, morally, and politically?
georgeorwell  charlesdickens  reading 
17 days ago
Update: The Mountain Goats
These are wrestling stories, for sure, but they’re also human stories.
mountaingoats  johndarnielle  interview  beatthechamp  pitchfork 
19 days ago
We Took The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle To His First Pro Wrestling Show In 35 Years
He isn’t breaking the code of silence around wrestling. He’s taking wrestling’s imaginary reality at face value.
mountaingoats  johndarnielle  interview  beatthechamp 
20 days ago
In Celebration of Old-School LiveJournal
I can’t shake the memory that writing was *easy* in the LiveJournal days.
the-toast  livejournal 
20 days ago
"I Love Women Who Are Being Women Wrong": Interview With ZEAL Editor And Games Writer Aevee Bee
"I think a lot of closeted trans women seek out the cold embrace of academia to allow them to process identity theoretically without ever being forced to think about it as reality, but that could just be me and more than a few of my friends."
interview  trans  transwomen  videogames  aeveebee 
25 days ago
Aging while female is not your worst nightmare
Whatever you think of Madonna at 56, or Jamie Lee Curtis at 56, let’s acknowledge that most of us will one day *be* 56, if we aren’t already, and we’ll want to define for ourselves what that means.
feminism  aging 
26 days ago
The Billionaire's Typewriter
As a writer, the biggest potential waste of your time is not typography chores, but Medium itself. Because in return for that snazzy design, Medium needs you to relinquish control of how your work gets to readers.
medium  internet  design  typography 
29 days ago
How to Setup a L2TP VPN Server on OS X
This is a fast guide on configuring OS X to act as an L2TP VPN Server.
reference  osx  vpn 
4 weeks ago
Weird perl errors on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
Can’t locate Permission denied at …
reference  osx  perl 
4 weeks ago
I’m A Trans Woman And I’m Not Interested In Being One of the “Good Ones”
It’s a great double bind. If you present in a traditionally feminine way, you’re just being a misogynistic parody of a woman, and if you fail to present in a traditionally feminine way, well ha! There’s the proof that you’re not really a woman right there.
trans  transwomen  transmisogyny 
4 weeks ago
Lighten Up
I'm a cartoonist. Some people would say I'm black. But under this light I'm #5c4653.
race  racism  comics 
4 weeks ago
Choose Your Character: I’m Peach, Not Mario
I gave every selectable character a chance, but my favorite was always Princess Peach.
videogames  trans  transwomen  supermario 
4 weeks ago
Punk Games
Everyone who has felt alienated by the games industry, both would-be players and creators, needs to rally together and support one another as we create a space for those of us who don't fit in traditional spaces.
videogames  notgames 
5 weeks ago
The Problem of Sparklemourne
Even given the currently nebulous state of fanfic-related case-law in the US, would it be possible to draft some sort of license applying to this situation? The problem of writers who might want to be able to read fanfic of their stuff but are worried about the legalities, I mean.
fanfic  copyright 
5 weeks ago
The Bechdel test is fine just the way it is
The Bechdel test is far from the end-all, be-all of feminist critique, but to say that because it is not useful for everything it’s therefore not useful for *anything* is the wrong conclusion.
feminism  bechdeltest  representation  avclub 
5 weeks ago
How Often Does Doctor Who Pass the Bechdel Test?
After a good few months’ worth of watching Doctor Who, reading Doctor Who scripts, talking to other people about their thoughts on Doctor Who, getting briefly sick of Doctor Who, watching more Doctor Who, and doing a tremendous amount of copypasting things into other things, here’s what happened.
doctorwho  feminism  geekfeminism  bechdeltest  representation 
5 weeks ago
Marvel’s Agent Carter: Looking Back On The Ballsy, Brassy, Revolutionary First Season
Peggy Carter’s femininity isn’t a trick or a trap, nor is a mask she wears for the benefit of the men around her.
tv  marvel  agentcarter 
5 weeks ago
Living Apart Together
“People say it’s not real if you don’t live together, but I can’t imagine it being any realer than this.”
relationships  cohabitation  nyc 
6 weeks ago
A Linguist Explains the Syntax of the F-Word
I swear, I curse for entirely academic reasons.
the-toast  linguistics  fuck 
6 weeks ago
That Way We’re All Writing Now
One joy of our age is watching wordplay evolve at the pace of E.coli.
internet  language 
6 weeks ago
Brett Morgen's film is as much a tour of Kurt's mind as it is a retelling of his life.
nirvana  kurtcobain 
6 weeks ago
King of the Outcast Teens: Kurt Cobain and the Politics of Nirvana
Nirvana was a champion for misfits, and Kurt Cobain was the king of the outcasts.
nirvana  kurtcobain  queer 
6 weeks ago
Your Internet Friends Are Real: A Defense of Online Intimacy
Contemporary identities and relationships are no more or less authentic in either space.
internet  friendship 
6 weeks ago
Utopia: The Final Frontier
Spock was an icon of perfectible human nature existing in a perfected world.
leonardnimoy  startrek  spock 
6 weeks ago
8 Things Some Asshole Says in Every Debate About Sexism
As a guy writing on the Internet, I'm not the right demographic to tell you about feminism, but I'm *absolutely* the right demographic to tell you about the assholes reacting against it.
feminism  misogyny  sexism  cracked 
6 weeks ago
Why Grammar Snobbery Has No Place in the Movement
There’s a difference between appreciating language and being a snob.
grammar  language  activism 
7 weeks ago
A Note on Call-Out Culture
What makes call-out culture so toxic is not necessarily its frequency so much as the nature and performance of the call-out itself.
calloutculture  activism  abuse 
7 weeks ago
Cleveland Police Union Blames 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice For Being Some Kind Of Monster
In America, I am beginning to realize, there are no black children, but black bodies of different sizes and threat levels, latent or active, primal and overgrown. Tamir lived in an indicted, criminal body, and it is for this reason that he deserved to die.
policebrutality  yesallcops  tamirrice  racism 
7 weeks ago
We must bulldoze what’s left of the nerdy white men’s Internet
Over the last year especially, it’s become clear that in a world where Internet and real life are inseparable, the narrative of “Internet nerds fighting back at the society that scorned them” is not only wrong, it’s dangerous.
gamergate  internet  misogyny  nerdsareawful 
7 weeks ago
The Trade: 25 Years Since Gretzky Left the Edmonton Oilers
“I’d trade him again today. The right thing was done for the Oilers, and that’s all I cared about in those days. We got a lot for him; we managed to suck it up and win another Cup.”
hockey  oilers  gretzky  peterpocklington 
8 weeks ago
Don Draper is a Rape Survivor
We need to talk about the rape of Don Draper.
tv  madmen  rape  malevictimsofrape 
8 weeks ago
The framework of fundamentalist propaganda distorts how we view every religion
We’ve been tricked into seeing inquisitors and crusaders as a more genuine expression of any religion than that religion’s saints or mystics.
slacktivist  religion  fundamentalists 
8 weeks ago
Going beyond God
Religion is a search for transcendence. But transcendence isn’t necessarily sited in an external god, which can be a very unspiritual, unreligious concept.
religion  christianity  islam  buddhism  karenarmstrong  interview 
8 weeks ago
Boob Sliders, Or How Role-Playing Games Helped Me Transition
This form of fantasy—this role-playing that, for me, would eventually become more than just play—helped to sustain me while I waited to figure out my gender on my own terms.
trans  videogames 
8 weeks ago
Against Sex Positivity
Something is wrong, and it is not that the discourses of sex positivity are not refined enough, not popular enough, or in some way an aberrant expression of an otherwise good idea.
feminism  radicalfeminism  sex  sexnegative 
8 weeks ago
Jonathan Ive and the Future of Apple
Ive’s career sometimes suggests the movements of a man who, engrossed in a furrowed, deferential conversation, somehow backs onto a throne.
apple  design  jonyive 
9 weeks ago
The Ghost in the MP3
"moDernisT" was created by salvaging the sounds lost to mp3 compression from the song "Tom's Diner", famously used as one of the main controls in the listening tests to develop the MP3 encoding algorithm. Here we find the form of the song intact, but the details are just remnants of the original.
music  mp3  tomsdiner 
9 weeks ago
The Buddha's Footprint
In contrast to virtually every other religion, Buddhism does not have a mythological vision of a pre-urban idyllic past.
buddhism  environment  climatechange  urbanization  history 
9 weeks ago
The Queer Identity and Glitch
The experience of gender itself is truncated similarly to the compression of audio media (as in the MP3) in digital technology. Few people, except perhaps those under the right conditions with adequate experience, ever notice the loss
gender  queer  glitch  art 
9 weeks ago
Elsewhere, After the Flood: Glitch Feminism and the Genesis of Glitch Body Politic
Is the glitch body a [feminist] fantasy? Or is it the future of body politic, a signaling of a next chapter, an opportunity to amend the violence and divisive conservatism of normativity?
art  feminism  glitch 
9 weeks ago
The creepy beauty of VCR errors
This uneasy space between states (the known and the unknown, the functional and the broken) is where the glitch belongs.
art  glitch 
9 weeks ago
Executive Dysfunction
I’m not great at explaining what executive functioning problems ARE, but I tried to explain what they feel like.
add  adhd+its+hyperactive+cousin  anxiety  depression 
9 weeks ago
The Duke in His Domain
“Sensitive people are so vulnerable; they’re so easily brutalized and hurt just because they *are* sensitive. The more sensitive you are, the more certain you are to be brutalized, develop scabs. Never evolve. Never allow yourself to feel anything, because you always feel too much.”
trumancapote  marlonbrando  interview  reading 
10 weeks ago
How Many White People Does It Take to Ruin a Good Joke?
This is how the party ends—with white people wanting in on the joke so badly that they create a separate category of “cool” white people who mock their own whiteness in an effort at solidarity.
race  racism  whitepeople  humour 
10 weeks ago
I’m Autistic, And Believe Me, It’s A Lot Better Than Measles
My neurology is the boogeyman behind a completely preventable plague in the making.
autism  vaccination 
10 weeks ago
Profile Interview: Vivek Shraya
I can’t separate my gender expression from who I am—it is essential to how I dress, move, talk, think and love.
vivekshraya  genderqueer  interview 
10 weeks ago
Procrastination as a way of life
The core principle of productive procrastination is simple: have many tasks before you, never just one, and always choose an easier task when you feel like procrastinating.
productivity  self-improvement 
11 weeks ago
How Deep Is Your Love?
“It’s just like being a monk,” I said. “You fake it till you make it.”

“No,” she said, raising her eyebrow, a hairless slash of blue. “You fake it till you’re not faking it anymore. It’s called trying.”
reading  jackhaubner  buddhism  death  impermanence 
11 weeks ago
I don’t know what to do, you guys
What do I do, when I see so many good, impressionable young people run screaming from left-wing politics because they are excoriated the first second they step mildly out of line?
activism  pc 
11 weeks ago
Fudgy Chocolate Beet Cake with Chocolate Avocado Frosting (Vegan and GF)
A cake that does not taste like beets. With an avocado frosting that does not taste like avocados… but quite like dark chocolate frosting. And that is vegan and gluten-free, yet you would *never* guess it.
recipe  vegan 
11 weeks ago
BoJack Horseman’s Radically Funny Sadness
BoJack Horseman is a weird cartoon about a washed-up sitcom star (who's a horse), a snappy social criticism of the entertainment industry, and the kind of in-jokey cartoon designed to tickle the internet. It's also one of the most aggressive portraits of depression I think I've ever seen.
netflix  tv  bojackhorseman  depression 
11 weeks ago
Giant Baby Cop Can’t Use His Big Boy Words, Uses Handcuffs Instead
“I’ll arrest you for resisting arrest” is a phrase that belongs in a absurdist classic like Kafka’s The Trial or a satirical dystopia like Brazil, but here it is again, somehow existing in our wholly real physical and material plane. It’s magical.
11 weeks ago
If You Tweet This, Jonathan Chait Wins
To “argue” implies logic, cohesiveness and some attempt at persuasion. A piece which “argues” operates like a sales pitch for a new idea. Meanwhile, “Not Very P.C. Of You” operates like someone yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.
sadydoyle  pc  rhetoric 
11 weeks ago
The Queen of Code
You probably don’t know the name Grace Hopper, but you should. Hopper’s story is told in “The Queen of Code,” directed by Gillian Jacobs (of “Community” fame).
gracehopper  computers  history  video  computerhistory 
11 weeks ago
Coding Sucks: Why a Job in Programming Is Absolute Hell
For the sake of the argument, can we agree that stress and insanity are bad things? Awesome. Welcome to programming.
11 weeks ago
Solid Dudes
Evan kept talking, though. And I kept replying. Because there was nothing wrong with Evan. He was a solid dude.
dating  men  from:twitter 
11 weeks ago
Another random thought re: “don’t show the monster”
The Angels are unsettling and weird, and if you obscured that, it wouldn’t work.
monsters  horror  evangelion 
11 weeks ago
Monster fiction tropes I don’t have time for
It’s okay — you *can* show me the monster. I *want* to see your monster.
monsters  horror 
11 weeks ago
Mark Bernstein: Reckless
Wikipedia administrators are too busy to enforce obvious policy violations that do real harm to people who have done no wrong, but they find plenty of time for retribution against their critics.
wikipedia  gamergate 
11 weeks ago
Mark Bernstein: Careless
[ArbCom's] draft decision shows no care for the victims of GamerGate harassment and no concern for the use of Wikipedia as a weapons platform against them.
wikipedia  gamergate 
11 weeks ago
Mark Bernstein: Thoughtless
If we gave the matter some thought, we could see where help might be needed, where harm may have been done, and supply help and assistance.
wikipedia  gamergate 
11 weeks ago
Mark Bernstein: Infamous
The infamous draft decision of Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee (ArbCom) on Gamergate is worse than a crime. It’s a blunder that threatens to disgrace the internet.
wikipedia  gamergate 
11 weeks ago
The Gender Ternary: Understanding Transmisogyny
I suggest that mainstream society actually uses a threefold ‘ternary-gender’ model of gender, dividing people into ‘women’, ‘men’ and ‘freaks’. I use this model to discuss a common area of disagreement between gender activists: male privilege as experienced by transsexual women.
gender  genderqueer  transwomen  privilege  transmisogyny 
12 weeks ago
Sex Educations: Gendering and Regendering Women
While the way in which gender is produced is often described as “socialisation” or “conditioning”, this article suggests modelling it as a lifelong process of sex role education, covering more than just the sex role an individual is expected to play.
gender  radicalfeminism 
12 weeks ago
Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Mike Schur looks back on season 1
"I've said this before, but some of every Season 1 is trial and error, and in your first ten episodes you go too far in one direction or not far enough in another. In Brooklyn's case, I think we figured out the right balance fairly quickly."
brooklyn99  michaelschur  interview 
12 weeks ago
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