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Attacking the Core : Kernel Exploiting Notes
The latest years have seen an increasing interest towards kernel based
explotation. The growing diffusion of "security prevention" approaches
(no-exec stack, no-exec heap, ascii-armored library mmapping, mmap/stack
and generally virtual layout randomization, just to point out the most
known) has/is made/making userland explotation harder and harder.
Moreover there has been an extensive work of auditing on application codes,
so that new bugs are generally more complex to handle and exploit.

The attentions has so turned towards the core of the operating systems,
towards kernel (in)security. This paper will attempt to give an insight
into kernel explotation, with examples for IA-32, UltraSPARC and AMD64.
Linux and Solaris will be the target operating systems. More precisely, an
architecture on turn will be the main covered for the three main
exploiting demonstration categories : slab (IA-32), stack (UltraSPARC) and
race condtion (AMD64). The details explained in those 'deep focus' apply,
thou, almost in toto to all the others exploiting scenarios.

Since explotation examples are surely interesting but usually do not show
the "effective" complexity of taking advantages of vulnerabilities, a
couple of working real-life exploits will be presented too.
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february 2017 by cji

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