Towards a theory of software development expertise | the morning paper
Experience should be measured not just on its quantity (i.e., number of years in the role), but on its quality. For example, working on a variety of different code bases, shipping significant amounts of code to production, and working on shared code bases. The knowledge of an expert is T-shaped with depth in the programming language and domain at hand, and a broad knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and programming paradigms.
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5 weeks ago
Be Unfailingly Kind – Rands in Repose
DJ is always this leader. DJ communicates clearly and competently. Need to leave a raid after we’ve been at it unsuccessfully for two hours to be with your family? DJ says, “No worries, we’ll find someone else…” Having repeated difficulty fulfilling your role in this part of the raid which is resulting in multiple wipes? “No worries, let’s try a slightly different strategy, ok?” Never played this raid before? Didn’t mention this before the raid began? “No worries, let me walk you through how this works…” Want to practice a part of the raid that will result in additional wipes? “No worries, here’s how it works…”
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9 weeks ago
Remote Code Execution in Alpine Linux
My first attempt was to use gdb to attach to the process and just call exit(0). Unfortunately, Docker containers don’t have the SYS_PTRACE capability by default and so we can’t do this. Since we’re root, however, we can read and write /proc/<pid>/mem for the apk process:
linux  docker  rce  kernel  exploit 
september 2018
Google Cloud Platform Blog: 7 best practices for building containers
Reducing the attack surface of your host system is always a good idea, and it’s much easier to do with containers than with traditional systems. Remove everything that the application doesn’t need from your container. Or better yet, include just your application in a distroless or scratch image. You should also, if possible, make the filesystem of the container read-only. This should get you some excellent feedback from your security team during your performance review.
docker  devops  kubernetes  sysadmin 
july 2018
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