The Rise and Fall of Gene-as-God
We’ve all seen the stark headlines: “Being Rich and Successful Is in Your DNA” (Guardian, July 12); “A New Genetic Test Could…
biology  science  genetics 
6 days ago
The Fundamental Statistics Theorem Revisited - Data Science Central
In this article, we revisit the most fundamental statistics theorem, talking in layman terms. We investigate a special but interesting and useful case.
math  statistics  learning 
6 days ago
facebookincubator/xar: executable archive format
executable archive format. Contribute to facebookincubator/xar development by creating an account on GitHub.
programming  tools  python 
18 days ago
Epsilon Stream - Explore Mathematics
Are you exploring mathematics and want to know ‘how’? Or maybe you want to understand ‘why’? The web has some superb free resources, but where? How to quickly find the answers that are right for you? Go with Epsilon Stream and stay hooked on mathematics.
math  learning  education 
18 days ago
Testing | Automation Panda
High-level info about software testing.
testing  programming 
18 days ago
Blinkist: Große Ideen auf den Punkt gebracht
Mit Blinkist kannst du die Kernaussagen von über 2500 Büchern in rund 15 Minuten lesen.
learning  books  audio 
18 days ago
Cool New Features in Python 3.7 – Real Python
Python 3.7 is officially released. In this article you'll do a deep dive into some of the biggest pieces of news and new features in the latest and greatest CPython release.
python  programming 
18 days ago
Setting Up Python for Machine Learning on Windows – Real Python
In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll cover the basics of setting up a Python numerical computation environment for machine learning on a Windows machine using the Anaconda Python distribution.
python  ai 
18 days ago
Deep Learning Book Series · Introduction
This content is part of a series following the chapter 2 on linear algebra from the Deep Learning Book by Goodfellow, I., Bengio, Y., and Courville, A. (2016). It aims to provide intuitions/drawings/python code on mathematical theories and is constructed as my understanding of these concepts.
ai  books  learning  neuralnet 
18 days ago
Semantic Scholar - An academic search engine for scientific articles
An academic search engine that utilizes artificial intelligence methods to provide highly relevant results and novel tools to filter them with ease.
search  research  investigation  education  science  web  internet 
18 days ago
Home  |  web.dev
Let's build the future of the web. With actionable guidance and analysis, web.dev helps developers like you learn and apply the web's modern capabilities to your own sites and apps.
webdesign  webapps  development  google  learning  tools  online 
18 days ago
The Vacuum Tube’s Many Modern-Day Uses
The surprising modern status of the vacuum tube, a vintage technology that continues to maintain its value and use case in a world full of transistors.
technology  hardware  nostalgia 
18 days ago
Warum Menschen merkwürdige Dinge glauben | hpd
Michael Shermer ist Psychologe, Wissenschaftshistoriker und Gründer der US-amerikanischen Skeptics Society.
psychology  scepticism 
18 days ago
Why do we need Q#? | The Visual Studio Blog
The official source of product insight from the Visual Studio Engineering Team
quantum  computer  programming  languages 
18 days ago
3 Pro Tips on Alignment – Learn UI Design
The right edge of left-aligned text · Centering is still aligning · Hanging punctuation and friends
webdesign  design  ui  css  tips 
18 days ago
Rhyme - Learn by Doing
Learn software by using it. Completely in browser. With live or recorded guidance
learning  online  courses 
18 days ago
The U.S. National Academies Reports on the Prospects for Quantum Computing - IEEE Spectrum
Experts in the field of quantum computing give a hard-headed assessment of just how hard the technology is
quantum  computer  future 
18 days ago
How to recognize fake AI-generated images – Kyle McDonald – Medium
In 2014 machine learning researcher Ian Goodfellow introduced the idea of generative adversarial networks or GANs.
visual  ai  neuralnet 
18 days ago
How to build your own Neural Network from scratch in Python
Motivation: As part of my personal journey to gain a better understanding of Deep Learning, I’ve decided to build a Neural Network from scratch without a deep learning library like TensorFlow.
ai  python  neuralnet 
18 days ago
How computers got shockingly good at recognizing images | Ars Technica
A landmark 2012 paper transformed how software recognizes images.
ai  neuralnet  images 
20 days ago
Bye bye Mongo, Hello Postgres | Digital blog | Info | The Guardian
In April the Guardian switched off the Mongo DB cluster used to store our content after completing a migration to PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS. This post covers why and how.
devops  sql  nosql  database  api 
20 days ago
The Spacing Effect: How to Improve Learning and Maximize Retention
We are not taught how to learn in school, we are taught how to pass tests. The spacing effect is a far more effective way to learn and retain information that works with our brain instead of against it. Find out how to use it here.
learning  psychology  memory 
20 days ago
Five Myths About Pipenv – Chad Smith – Medium
Pipenv is designed for a very specific use-case: application dependency management and associated workflows. In other words it’s a fancy replacement for requirements.txt that automates virtual…
20 days ago
Android-Smartphone neu einrichten: Zehn Tipps für Anfänger - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Unterm Tannenbaum lag ein neues Android-Smartphone? Dann gibt es ein paar Dinge zu erledigen. Matthias Kremp erklärt, welche Einstellungen er an neuen Handys zuerst ändert.
android  gadgets  tips 
20 days ago
Common CSS Issues For Front-End Projects — Smashing Magazine
Rendering and interaction have become a lot more consistent across browsers in recent years. It’s still not perfectly uniform, however, and a lot of small issues can trip you up. A list of common issues along with their solutions.
css  webdesign  tips 
20 days ago
The Best VR Games You Can Play Without a Controller
Love VR but hate controllers? Here are some of the best VR games you can play without a controller!
vr  fun  game 
20 days ago
Donald Knuth's Christmas Tree Lecture on Dancing Links - and Organ Music - The New Stack
For the last 24 years computer science legend Donald Knuth has been delivering an annual Christmas lecture at Stanford University, where he’s a professor emeritus. Over the last few years, videos have begun quietly appearing on the web, letting the rest of the world watch, which is almost like visiting an old friend for the holidays.
python  algorithms  fun  video 
20 days ago
cakinney/secure: Secure 🔒 headers and cookies for Python web frameworks
Secure 🔒 headers and cookies for Python web frameworks - cakinney/secure
security  python  web  webapps 
6 weeks ago
How to Publish an Open-Source Python Package to PyPI – Real Python
In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a Python package for your project and how to publish it to PyPI, the Python Package Repository. Quickly get up to speed on everything from naming your package to configuring it using setup.py.
python  oss  software 
6 weeks ago
Building a GraphQL API with ASP.NET Core 2 and Entity Framework Core
In this post, we'll build a GraphQL API service using ASP.NET Core 2, Entity Framework Core and graphql-dotnet.
graphql  dotnet 
7 weeks ago
Resolved: Debate is stupid | The Outline
The aim of debate is to be the most convincing, not the smartest, and anyone who’s good at debating knows this.
politics  psychology 
7 weeks ago
Deep Learning Networks: Advantages of ReLU over Sigmoid Function - Data Science Central
This was posted as a question on StackExchange. The state of the art of non-linearity is to use rectified linear units (ReLU) instead of sigmoid function in deep neural network. What are the advantages? I know that training a network when ReLU is used would be faster, and it is more biological inspired, what are the other advantages? (That is, any disadvantages of using sigmoid)?
neuralnet  ai 
7 weeks ago
A Complete Guide To Routing In Angular — Smashing Magazine
Throughout this tutorial, Ahmed Bouchefra introduces Angular Router and how you can use it to create client-side apps and Single Page Apps with routing and navigation.
angular  javascript  frontend 
7 weeks ago
5 Common Mental Errors That Sway You From Making Good Decisions - James Clear - Pocket
I like to think of myself as a rational person, but I’m not one. The good news is it’s not just me — or you. We are all irrational, and we all make mental errors. For a long time, researchers and economists believed that humans made logical, well-considered decisions.
psychology  brain 
7 weeks ago
Otherwise Network – think. tech. otherwise.
Das Otherwise Network ist ein Netzwerk aus freien Theoretiker*innen, Praktiker*innen, Publizist*innen. Das Netzwerk ist ein Denkraum, der durch transdisziplinären Austausch neue Perspektiven, Fragen und Diskurse eröffnet. Wir entwickeln Konzepte und Formate, Publikationen und Veranstaltungen zu verschiedenen Schwerpunkten des technologischen Wandels.
social  network  internet  politics  technology  future 
8 weeks ago
Homepage Europäische Republik
The European Republic is under construction
europe  politics  social  democracy 
8 weeks ago
Weather will be much warmer by 2050. See how these US cities will change.
How climate change will affect summer high and winter low temperatures in the next 30 years.
weather  green  usa  climate 
11 weeks ago
Google ponders the shortcomings of machine learning | ZDNet
Scientists of AI at Google's Google Brain and DeepMind units acknowledge machine learning is falling short of human cognition and propose that using models of networks might be a way to find relations between things that allow computers to generalize more broadly about the world.
ai  google  neuralnet 
12 weeks ago
7 Amazing Google Dataset Search Results You Can Use Now
Google's new dataset search engine helps researchers pour through large datasets from public sources.
research  data  google  bigdata 
12 weeks ago
Build a Blog with React and Markdown using Gatsby from taylorbell on eggheadio
A large part of a software developer’s time is spent searching the internet for answers to a never-ending stream of questions. Often, the answers we find are on blogs written by people who’ve been there, and found a solution. Isn’t it time you paid it forward?
Gatsby.js is a static site generator for React with a plugin ecosystem that makes it super easy to publish.

In this course, you’ll build a Gatsby site that transforms Markdown documents from your local filesystem into HTML. From there, you’ll use GraphQL to query posts for displaying on an index page, link between posts, and group posts by tags. After your site has been compiled, you’ll see how to deploy it via Github Pages.
course  tutorial  howto  blogging  javascript 
october 2018
When Will We Have Artificial Intelligence As Smart as a Human? Here’s What Experts Think
Robots in the movies can think creatively, continue learning over time, and maybe even pass for conscious. Why don't we have that yet?

At The Joint Multi-Conference on Human-Level Artificial Intelligence held 2018 in Prague, AI experts and thought leaders from around the world shared their goals, hopes, and progress towards human-level AI (HLAI), which is the last stop before true AGI or the same thing, depending on who you ask.
ai  neuralnet  robotics  future 
october 2018
How Microsoft rewrote its C# compiler in C# and made it open source
Roslyn is the codename-that-stuck for the open-source compiler for C# and Visual Basic.NET.
c#  dotnet  windows 
october 2018
Why You Need To Say 'No' At Work (Hint: Your Work Will Get Better)
Why do you always say yes to new tasks even when you're bogged down by an endless to-do list? You can blame science. Learn the psychological reasons why it's hard to say no and how you can gracefully turn down work without burning bridges with coworkers.
psychology  productivity  gtd 
october 2018
Bodyweight Exercises - No Equipment Workout Moves
The Best Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do at Home. This list of strength moves is all you need to complement your cardio—no equipment necessary.
training  fitness 
october 2018
When to use target="_blank" in HTML
This used to be "invalid" in HTML (maybe only XHTML?) but people used it anyway since it worked. It's now perfectly valid in HTML5. But are there good reasons to do so?
html  webdesign 
october 2018
Sabine Kastner: "Unsere Vorstellung von Aufmerksamkeit ist eine große Illusion" | ZEIT ONLINE
Sie glauben, Sie schauen konzentriert auf Ihren Bildschirm? Tun Sie nicht: Ihr Gehirn schweift dauernd ab. Neurowissenschaftlerin Sabine Kastner erklärt das Phänomen.
psychology  brain  neuroscience 
october 2018
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