De divina proportione — Wikipédia
livre de mathématiques écrit par Luca Pacioli et illustré par Léonard de Vinci
Maths  history  Art  Science  MIDtheory 
3 days ago
Color Library
(ECAL, recherche, David Keshavjee, Guy Meldem, Tatiana Rihs and Julien Tavelli )
2018-PHO  digitalWork 
11 days ago
Elastic System - Richard Wright
The ELASTIC SYSTEM is an artwork by Richard Wright produced in collaboration with the British Library.

The Elastic System is a digital portrait of the librarian Thomas Watts. In 1840 Watts invented his innovative “elastic system” of storage in order to deal with the enormous growth of the British Library's holdings that was threatening to overwhelm them.
19 days ago
Escape Route - Dirk Koy
A 360° trip through photogrammed city pieces of Basel.
Music: Boris Blank,
Animation: Dirk Koy,,
InteractionDesign  VR  Projects 
5 weeks ago
YES — A Multidisciplinary Design Studio
Simon Earith (Co-fondateur, directeur créatif YES Studio)
agency  Design  GraphicDesign  InteractionDesign  ecalRelated 
may 2018
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