To pink or not to pink… is not a question.

For girls and women compulsory femininity is absolutely a thing and sho…
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december 2017
Design tools are running out of track – freeCodeCamp
Here's my thoughts on why our current design tools are so lacking and what we can do to improve them.
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september 2017
your ux team needs a design tech
“Your UX Team Needs a Design Technologist. Here’s Why.” - our person in this style role is doing a great job for us
august 2017
Exercise Can't Undo Sitting - The Atlantic
"I’m as guilty as anyone of thinking I can sit for 10 hours and then go run a few miles and it all balances out."
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august 2016
The Foundation of Technical Leadership · An A List Apart Article
RT : Tech leadership is built on passion for team success & desire to help others reach your expertise level.
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june 2016
Scaling Knowledge at Airbnb — Airbnb Engineering & Data Science — Medium
“Unlike engineering code, low quality research doesn’t create metric drops or…” — 
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june 2016
Introducing Design Systems Ops — Salesforce UX — Medium
Really like the idea of a "design ops" role. It's a massive gap in most UI development workflows:
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may 2016
Survive JS
Babel, WebPak, React
january 2016
Teach kids to Code
september 2015
Accessible Colors | WCAG 2.0 AA and AAA color contrast checker
Great OSS project to calculate accessible colours, by & —powered by React/Redux/CSS Modules:
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september 2015
The Weekly CFP
Want to speak @ conference, but don't know where/when to submit? Try
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august 2015
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