Firebird - LavenderProse
"It's almost like a marriage proposal," Viktoria says, and the thing is—the thing is, if Viktoria wanted it to be, Yuri would make it one. If Viktoria had asked, "Is that a marriage proposal?" Yuri would have unhesitatingly said yes. She would have lowered herself onto a knee before Viktoria in Fukuoka Airport, the officially certified least romantic place in the world, and said Viktoria Konstantinovna Nikiforova, please—please—

(Yuri doesn't know if Viktoria will stay. She wants her to. She wants her to want to. But she doesn't want to be the only thing holding Viktoria here. Life for Yuri Katsuki is, as always, Hard.)
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  gender!au  au  missing-scene  rating:nc-17  writer:lavenderprose  web:ao3 
7 days ago
die in thy lap - wingchestr
“Do you wish it was me, Yuuri? Using that toy on you?”

“You are jealous,” Yuuri says grinning down at him.

“I’m jealous of a toy,” Viktor agrees, sounding distraught. “How you look right now — I like being the one to make you look like that.”

“You are,” Yuuri assures him. “I have you right where I want you, Vitya.”

“I could be the one filling you up. Yuuri,” Viktor says, as Yuuri turns the vibration up another level and keens. “Yuuri, do you fantasize about me inside you?”

Yuuri ties Viktor up and wants him to watch.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  pwp  futurefic  bdsm  rating:nc-17  word:5-10k  web:ao3  writer:wingchestr 
11 days ago
The Bittersweet Fruit of Patience - Just_Another_Day
Five times Laurent allowed Damen to share his heat with him (and one time he was absolutely adamant that that wasn’t going to happen ever again).

Part of The Veretian Flytrap:
#captive-prince  *damen/laurent  established  listfic  heat  au  a/b/o  writer:just-another-day  word:30-50k  web:ao3  rating:nc-17 
12 days ago
feel the fire within - wingchestr
Viktor looks up finally and time slows for a minute, the breath leaving his body as his eyes land on Yuuri. He’s wearing Viktor’s Team Russia jacket, the too-long sleeves pushed up to his elbows, the front hanging open and unzipped over his bare torso. Underneath that, he has on a pair of tight athletic shorts that come partway down his thighs, clinging to the muscle, not hiding anything. And—


He’s wearing a pair of high heels, black stilettos with pointy toes and red soles, and Viktor stares as Yuuri crosses into the kitchen, walking fluidly, gracefully, as though he wears these shoes every day of his life.

Yuuri surprises Viktor.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  pwp  established  bdsm  futurefic  word:1-5k  rating:nc-17  writer:wingchestr  web:ao3 
14 days ago
A Poorer Prospect - niniblack
Damianos bows and then says, “Auguste!” before pulling Auguste into a back-slapping hug. He kisses Céleste’s hand next. When he gets to Laurent he gives a short bow, eyes not leaving Laurent’s face. “Laurent,” he says. His accent is perfect.

“No hug for me?” Laurent says.

Damianos takes his hand and pulls him forward. There’s no back-slapping, and it’s just Laurent’s imagination that Damianos holds on for a bit longer than appropriate.

When he steps back, Laurent gestures to Justine. “My fiancée, Justine of Patras.”

She courtesies. Damianos kisses her hand as well.
#captive-prince  *damen/laurent  established  wedding  au  canon!au  rating:nc-17  word:5-10k  web:ao3  writer:niniblack 
15 days ago
...or it didn't happen - Lady_Ganesh
The morning after the banquet, Yuuri wakes up to a hangover, a few fuzzy memories of the previous night and the realization that he sent some guy dickpics last night...and had gotten one back.

Cyrillic guy seemed nice. Friendly. Somebody he might have wanted to hang out with, if things had been different.

Yuuri hoped he hadn't pretended the guy was Victor Nikiforov or something stupid like that. When he got that drunk, all bets were off.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  pre-slash  canon!au  au  alcohol  morning-after  writer:lady-ganesh  web:ao3  rating:pg-13 
17 days ago
The Katsulanont Guide to Surviving College (Rice Cooker Required) - xylophones
It’s Phichit’s fault.
It’s always Phichit’s fault.

(Or: A friendship told through three hamsters, a rice cooker, and the resurrected trade-and-barter system.)
#yurionice  gen  pre-canon  flatmates  humour  word:1-5k  rating:g  web:ao3  writer:xylophones 
18 days ago
occupational hazards - veterization
Stiles' work life is pretty great, from the nice cubicle he sits in, the friends he gets to have as coworkers, and all the free snacks he gets to eat during meetings. And then financial consultant Peter Hale shows up.
#teenwolf  *peter/stiles  au  boss!au  pining!stiles  first-time  rating:nc-17  word:100k+  writer:veterization  web:ao3 
20 days ago
Like Diamonds in the Sky - opalish
Yuuri watched, open-mouthed, as his new husband announced his theme for the next season.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  futurefic  crack  humour  rating:g  writer:opalish  web:ao3  word:<1k 
21 days ago
Adventures in Plainclothes Surveillance - Sixthlight
DS Peter Grant, seconded to Organised Crime, is sent to keep an eye on two persons of interest. Questions are asked. Answers are mostly ignored.
#rivers-of-london  *beverley/peter/nightingale  first-time  pwp  au  no-powers!au  rating:nc-17  word:1-5k  writer:sixthlight  web:ao3 
24 days ago
The Spoils (bad to worse remix) - neomeruru
The remix: after The Spoils, where he and Yuuri hook up at the Sochi banquet, Chris doesn't go back to his room alone.

He goes to Victor's room instead.
#yurionice  *chris/victor  established  pwp  pre-canon  rating:nc-17  writer:neomeruru  web:ao3  word:5-10k  bdsm 
29 days ago
The Spoils - neomeruru
Chris has a secret he'll take to the grave: he and Yuuri hooked up the night of the banquet in Sochi.
#yurionice  *chris/yuuri  pre-canon  alcohol  warning:dubcon  pwp  rating:nc-17  word:5-10k  web:ao3  writer:neomeruru  first-time 
29 days ago
The Sun is Low - GotTheSilver
Zach turns forty and his world changes. Or, maybe, it circles back to where it was always meant to be.


Zach spots him as soon as he steps in the cafe; sitting with his back to the wall, a mug of coffee that Zach knows has been refilled at least twice by the way Chris’ leg is slightly jittery, and a moleskine on the table, hand moving in a steady rhythm as he scribbles something down.

“Hi,” Zach says once he’s by the table, casting a shadow over Chris. He tries not to think about the symbolism in that.
#star-trek-reboot  rpf  *pine/quinto  second-time  angst  pet  rating:nc-17  futurefic  web:ao3  writer:gotthesilver  word:5-10k 
6 weeks ago
rise up singing - mardia
And now here Thomas is, in Peter and Beverley's house more nights than not, with a change of clothes he keeps in the dresser, on the regular rota for picking and dropping Laura off when needed, his own spot on their couch and his own bed in their home and it's wonderful, Thomas wouldn't give it up for anything, but--it's certainly unusual.

(Companion fic to sixthlight's excellent places to be, written from Nightingale's POV.)
#rivers-of-london  *peter/nightingale  *beverley/peter/nightingale  domesticity  kidfic  first-time  fluff  writer:mardia  web:ao3  word:10-30k  rating:g 
6 weeks ago
tfw victor nikiforov starts yelling at you in russian - missmichellebelle
Sixteen-year-old Chihoko Sato is at Four Continents almost by accident, so the fact that Victor Nikiforov is headed straight towards her is probably also an accident, right?
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  futurefic  outsider-pov  writer:missmichellebelle  web:ao3  rating:pg-13  word:1-5k 
8 weeks ago
i think i was blind before i met you - incode
Victor has a thing for every new bit of Yuuri he sees.

(It’s odd, when he thinks about it, how awkward he has historically been in everyday life in contrast with the way stepping onto the ice feels like fitting into a disguise, an alternate persona where he’s confident, alluring, captivating. Yuuri used to feel so invisible; Victor has made him blossom into someone present.)
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  futurefic  pwp  fluff  rating:nc-17  writer:incode  web:ao3  word:1-5k 
8 weeks ago
the fall of this empire will be loud - elesssar
In 1991, the Soviet Union collapses. In 1989, the Berlin wall falls. In 1987, Viktor Nikiforov, iconic figure skater and darling of the USSR, defects to the United States. In 1986, Yuuri Katsuki falls in love.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  first-time  pining!victor  pining!yuuri  angst  au  time!au  writer:elesssar  web:ao3  rating:r  wip 
9 weeks ago
it's the life we're living now - vivevoce
“... Did you know you still give me boners?” Yuri asks seriously. Otabek is startled into an incredulous snort. “Don’t laugh, you asshole! It’s tragic and inconvenient and probably going to last until we’re old and can’t get it up anymore.”

“I’m touched,” Otabek replies tonelessly. “You have such a way with words.”

“Yeah, I know.” Yuri grins, all sharp teeth. “Feel free to swoon a little closer into my arms. And on top of my crotch?”

“Fuck off.” Yuri can hear Otabek’s grudging smile, even with his back turned.




#yurionice  *yuri/otabek  first-time  angst  fluff  family  writer:vivevoce  web:ao3  wedding  breakup  futurefic  !! ❤  recced  word:30-50k  rating:r  hurt/comfort  from twitter
9 weeks ago
The Suffering of Potya - kiaronna
At first, Potya believes he’s going to the veterinarian. This means a great deal of cursing from Yuri, as he tries to unsuccessfully lure Potya into the pet carrier. But as in all things, his human wins, and Yuri stalks out the door with carrier in hand, only twenty minutes late. Potya accepts his fate.

Soon, he realizes greater horrors are in store for him: Yuri’s dropped him off with the dopey poodle couple, the snuggly and curly bastards.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  outsider-pov  pet  au  canon!au  humour  fluff  domesticity  word:1-5k  rating:pg-13  writer:kiaronna  web:ao3 
9 weeks ago
five theories about victor "my husband" nikiforov (+ one fact) - dadvans
No one knows the truth about the strange, well-paying man who comes into the bar three times a week and only talks about his husband. But everyone has their theories.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  outsider-pov  established  humour  gossip  writer:dadvans  word:1-5k  rating:g  web:ao3  listfic 
9 weeks ago
Hermione Granger's Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run - waspabi
'You're a wizard, Harry' is easier to hear from a half-giant when you're eleven, rather than from some kids on a tube platform when you're seventeen and late for work.
#hp  au  canon!au  trio-era  *draco/harry  sirius-lived  pining!draco  recced  !! ❤  word:50-100k  rating:pg-13  web:ao3  writer:waspabi  from twitter
9 weeks ago
The Bulge (Don't Bring a Weapon to a Public Beach) - nagoyadelay
Victor posts a photo of Yuuri on instagram without realizing that it’s somewhat suggestive.

A thirsty skating fandom collectively loses their shit.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  humour  gossip  social-media  futurefic  rating:r  word:1-5k  writer:nagoyadelay  web:ao3 
9 weeks ago
a silver splendour, a flame - thehandsingsweapon
When a magic user's craft fully matures it manifests in the form of a spirit guardian taking the shape of a magical creature. Mages and elves who bear these familiars spend a year traveling through four kingdoms, where they present them to each of the high courts of the aes sidhe throughout the year's festivals. Both Viktor and Yuuri have their reasons for hiding the full extent of their gifts -- Viktor's been hurt before, when his own powers were used against him; Yuuri's been warned that everyone will abuse his gift. The world they live in is one burdened with legacy and expectation; wars fought long ago that linger and divide.

So what will happen when Viktor's younger brother, Yuri, comes of age and must travel the wheel, and in doing so, makes two bright stars finally cross?
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  *yuri/otabek  au  magic!au  fae!au  first-time  angst  deathfic  web:ao3  writer:thehandsingsweapon  word:100k+  rating:r 
9 weeks ago
Where the Air is Rarefied - thirty2flavors
If pressed, later, she’d say it was exhaustion that caused her to forget who she was talking to, and it was that same exhaustion which prevented her from foreseeing the inevitable fall-out of telling James Potter, “Ugh, no thanks, I hate flying.”
#hp  *lily/james  hogwarts  first-time  fluff  mwpp-era  word:5-10k  rating:g  writer:thirty2flavors  web:ao3 
10 weeks ago
Half a Chance - ratherunnecessary
Yuri has never cared about anything as much as he cares about skating. Until, one day, that changes.

Or, Viktor falls in love with Yuuri, Yuuri falls in love with Viktor, Yuri falls in love Yuuri, Otabek falls in love with Yuri, and somehow everything turns out okay.
#yurionice  *yuri/otabek  *victor/yuuri  *yuri/yuuri  pining!yuri  angst  alcohol  domesticity  first-time  futurefic  pet  gossip  wedding  rating:r  word:50-100k  writer:ratherunnecessary  web:ao3 
10 weeks ago
Circling the Sun - dasedandconfuzed
Viktor is moving backwards through time, trying to go back to when everything was easy and Yuuri is moving forwards, trying to keep everyone happy, even if it means he's unhappy. They're going to get their happy ending, they just need to get to the right time and place.

Wherein Viktor and Yuuri meet in America, five years before they were meant to, right as Viktor begins his legend and right before Yuuri is anything.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  second-time  angst  fluff  au  canon!au  pining!victor  writer:dasedandconfuzed  web:ao3  rating:pg-13  word:10-30k 
11 weeks ago
a constant satellite - sixpences
Victor’s been in a constant state of falling since Sochi, and with his return to Russian soil for the Rostelecom Cup looming, everyone needs to know.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  fluff  missing-scene  word:5-10k  rating:pg-13  writer:sixpences  web:ao3 
11 weeks ago
Just Hold On (We're Going Home) - kiaronna
Where Yuuri remembers the banquet, Viktor forgets, and Yakov Feltsman has his own plans.

“I’ve been made aware of your recent break with Celestino Cialdini, and would like to offer you a trial period where you train under me, in St. Petersburg. There are only three conditions: you will board with another one of my students, you will take ballet with Madame Baranovskaya, and you will help me coach Yuri Plisetsky, who refuses to listen to my criticisms of his spins.” Yakov nods at this point, leans forwards and looks Yuuri in the eye. “I will charge no coaching fees.” With a deal like that, even if it means he has to face Viktor again, Yuuri has no choice but to agree.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  au  canon!au  first-time  angst  fluff  domesticity  flatmates  oblivious/pining  pining!yuuri  pining!victor  rating:r  web:ao3  alcohol  writer:kiaronna  word:10-30k 
11 weeks ago
a fairytale ending - Sixthlight
“Hey,” said Abigail, “I almost forgot. I found a thing, and I think it’s magic.”
#rivers-of-london  *peter/nightingale  *beverley/peter  established  hijinks  writer:sixthlight  web:ao3  rating:g  word:5-10k  futurefic 
11 weeks ago
dear true love - cityboys
Victor is a writer pretending to be on a break; Yuuri is a pianist pretending to not be on a break.

They meet, somehow, in the backwaters of Saga Prefecture, Japan.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  au  music!au  writer!au  angst  first-time  rating:pg-13  word:50-100k  web:ao3  writer:cityboys 
11 weeks ago
For the Record - DasWarSchonKaputt
by Viktor Nikiforov

What it takes to craft an Olympic Champion, and what it takes to be one.

Or: Viktor Nikiforov, sports journalist and retired figure skater, interviews Olympic Champion Yuuri Katsuki for an exclusive piece.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  au  canon!au  first-time  oblivious/pining  angst  word:10-30k  writer!au  rating:pg-13  writer:daswarschonkaputt  web:ao3  pining!victor  pining!yuuri 
12 weeks ago
Take Hold - LavenderProse
"I believe…" Yuuri says, pensive. "I believe that when you're connected to another person so closely that you share a soul, it's stupid to think that you wouldn't feel it. How can you not recognize part of yourself when they're standing right in front of you?"

"That's…I…yes." Viktor tries to untie his tongue, mouth suddenly arid. "You—I think you would know, yes."

Yuuri skates onto the ice and Viktor's soul screams after him, Do you know? Can you see me? I'm here, I'm here.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  bond  oblivious/pining  angst  fluff  first-time  au  writer:lavenderprose  web:ao3  word:10-30k  rating:r  pining!victor  oblivious!yuuri 
12 weeks ago
Yes - Josselin
“We both remember what happened the last time we were in the garden,” said Laurent.

The encounter with Ancel had been the furthest thing from Damen’s mind, but it came to the forefront with sudden force.

“I didn’t--”

“I could do that again,” said Laurent.
#captive-prince  *damen/laurent  pre-slash  ust  missing-scene  writer:josselin  web:ao3  word:1-5k  rating:nc-17  warning:noncon 
12 weeks ago
he's my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds - wingchestr
Viktor and Yuuri move to St. Petersburg and can’t keep their hands off each other.

The water and the warmth and the closeness is so much, and Viktor wants to be so good for him, give him everything, gather the stars, pluck the moon from the sky for him. In lieu of that, however, he’ll do what he can, here, just the two of them. Because Yuuri is everything, the only thing in the world that matters, the only thing that Viktor cares about so much he would give up just about everything else if it only meant Yuuri, Yuuri.

There’s a word for this, Viktor thinks, sinking to his knees, trailing his hands down Yuuri’s slick sides, all lean muscle, circling his slim waist, coming to rest atop his hipbones.

#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  pwp  domesticity  fluff  web:ao3  word:10-30k  rating:nc-17  writer:wingchestr 
april 2017
Blackbird - sixpences
The year is 1942, and Europe is at war. Captain Victor Nikiforov, an intelligence operative for the NKVD, has been trapped in Berlin by the German invasion of the USSR. Posing as a Nazi industrialist, his days are spent charming information out of Axis diplomats to try and keep the Red Army fighting another day.

Yuuri Katsuki, a foreign-educated bureaucrat in the Japanese Embassy, has secrets of his own concealed beneath his unremarkable demeanour. When he uncovers Victor’s real identity, it will alter the course of both of their lives forever.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  au  spy!au  war  angst  first-time  writer:sixpences  rating:r  word:100k+  web:ao3  recced  !!! asdfghjkl;  from twitter
april 2017
Changing Shapes - stardropdream
Yuuri thinks about kissing Victor again and starting over from square one. But Yuuri knows that Victor’s stamina isn’t as robust as Yuuri’s own, and he doesn’t quite feel bold enough to make demands while in Victor’s bed. But now that Yuuri is getting semi-regular sex, he finds that he really can’t stop thinking about it most of the time. It is, frankly, rather embarrassing. But also exhilarating to think that, somehow, Victor wants him. That, somehow, Victor is just as enthusiastic about sleeping with Yuuri, despite Yuuri’s complete lack of experience.

Or: that one time Yuuri discovered that he really likes Victor coming on him and doesn't know how to tell him.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  first-time  missing-scene  pwp  writer:stardropdream  rating:nc-17  word:10-30k  web:ao3 
april 2017
Questions of Character - Sixthlight
I’m embarrassed to admit that it wasn’t Nightingale kissing me, that night, that made me realise there was something seriously wrong.
#rivers-of-london  *peter/nightingale  first-time  sex-pollen  futurefic  writer:sixthlight  web:ao3  word:5-10k  rating:nc-17 
april 2017
This New Taste of Love - autoeuphoric (FreezingRayne)
“The Yuuri that comes out of you when you skate.” Victor’s lips quirk. “That Yuuri makes me shiver.”

(Yuuri channels his eros character to seduce Victor.)
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  first-time  missing-scene  pwp  writer:freezingrayne  word:1-5k  rating:nc-17 
april 2017
Pas de trois (Choréo. Baranovskaya) - ineptshieldmaid
‘You slept with Lilia Baranovskaya.’

Chris turns, surprised. Théo has stopped, halfway through the door of Chris’ apartment, and is staring at him. He has that funny closed-off look on his face again.

‘I did, yes,’ Chris says, the back of his neck prickling. They don’t... He’s never had a permission-seeking arrangement with Théo, but he suddenly feels like he should have, this time.

[Part of the 'The Patron Saint of Communicating Like A Fucking Adult' series:]
#yurionice  *chris/lilia  threesome  first-time  futurefic  pwp  bdsm  writer:ineptshieldmaid  rating:r  web:ao3  word:1-5k 
april 2017
extremely loud and incredibly close - anirondack
They walk back to the hotel once Yuuri has changed back into regular clothes and does his second round of interviews. He’s still quiet, but his eyes are burning instead of sparkling. He still holds Victor’s hand, but he walks half a step ahead of him, and Victor lets himself be led. There are a couple other skaters around - some stayed to shower, but most have been gone for half an hour or more - but Yuuri pays no attention to them. His gaze is on the building they’re staying at, and he barely says a word until they get there and then, when the elevator doors close, he hits the button for their floor and then shoves Victor against the wall.

“Oh,” Victor says.


The aftermath of Yuuri's Four Continents skate.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  futurefic  pwp  writer:anirondack  rating:nc-17  word:5-10k  web:ao3 
april 2017
Catharsis; Metamorphosis - breathtaken
Yuri Plisetsky at seventeen is a mess: all he did the whole of last season was lose, lose, lose, his dick has gone rogue, and he hates every fucking second of it.

So he skates it out.
#yurionice  *yuuri/victor/yuri  pre-slash  futurefic  oblivious/pining  bdsm  writer:breathtaken  web:ao3  rating:r  word:5-10k  pining!yuri 
april 2017
Persevere - floss
"You toy with me."

"No," Damen said, humour draining out of his voice. He crawled up Laurent's body and searched his face: a confused mix of frustration and arousal. "I want to give you pleasure."

"You--are," Laurent gritted. He pushed his fingers through his sweat-damp hair, agitated. "And then you stop."
#captive-prince  *damen/laurent  established  pwp  writer:floss  web:ao3  rating:nc-17  word:1-5k  !! ❤ 
april 2017
The Boy Who Watched - Rosie_Rues
Despite the fact they've been competing in the same competitions for years, Victor Nikiforov doesn't meet Katsuki Yuuri until the Sochi Grand Prix Final. On the other hand, there's a boy who's been watching him for years and Victor's desperate to know his name.

In which Victor pines, everybody drinks too much, and Yakov deserves a sainthood for putting up with these idiots. Basically, it's a decade's worth of near misses, misunderstandings, and pure obliviousness.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  oblivious/pining  pre-canon  angst  alcohol  web:ao3  writer:rosie-rues  rating:pg-13  word:10-30k  pining!victor 
april 2017
between the motion and the act - Fahye
"They don't want it to be real," Laurent says. He touches lightly, with his fingertips, where he's written LOVE WINS. "They want us to sell them a fantasy, and they want just enough reality that they can pretend it might happen to them, one day."
#captive-prince  *damen/laurent  au  modern!au  first-time  oblivious/pining  jealousy  fluff  writer:fahye  rating:pg-13  word:10-30k  web:ao3  recced  !! ❤  from twitter
april 2017
three-body problem - Sixthlight
“But what if he’s not interested?” Peter asked.

Beverley groaned. “I cannot emphasize enough how that’s not my fucking problem.”
#rivers-of-london  *beverley/peter  *peter/nightingale  first-time  established  futurefic  yuletide  writer:sixthlight  web:ao3  word:10-30k  rating:r  outsider-pov  !! ❤ 
april 2017
just keep your eyes on me - Sixthlight
Bev looked at me, then leaned down further, and said something very quietly in Nightingale’s ear. I’m always going to remember his expression as she spoke. He’s never actually told me what she said. Neither has she.

I’ve got some pretty solid conjectures, though.
#rivers-of-london  *beverley/peter/nightingale  *peter/nightingale  *beverley/peter  threesome  amtdi  established  pwp  rating:nc-17  writer:sixthlight  word:5-10k  web:ao3 
april 2017
Mostly Ceremonial - Sixthlight
Peter and Nightingale have to get married for MAGIC CEREMONY REASONS. People have opinions about this.
#rivers-of-london  *peter/nightingale  fake-relationship  first-time  rating:r  word:10-30k  writer:sixthlight  recced  gossip  humour  fluff  web:ao3  outsider-pov  !! ❤  from twitter
april 2017
My Old Aches Become New Again - autoeuphoric (FreezingRayne)
Phichit knows there are parts of you that you bury, fears you don’t acknowledge until you hit the right combination of circumstances. Like slightly buzzed and stuck in a traffic jam with the world’s most famous figure skater, apparently.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  *phichit/victor/yuuri  *phichit//yuuri  first-time  established  threesome  voyeurism  word:5-10k  rating:nc-17  futurefic  pwp  writer:freezingrayne  web:ao3 
april 2017
J'attendrai - Quasar
Probationary Constable Peter Grant met me for the first time when I walked up to him by the portico of the Actors' Church on a freezing winter night and said, "Hello. What are you up to?" However, I first met Detective Sergeant Peter Grant when he jogged up to my doorstep on a mild autumn afternoon and said, "There you are, sir. It is you, isn't it?"
#rivers-of-london  *peter/nightingale  first-time  time-travel  au  angst  canon!au  hijinks  rating:r  word:50-100k  writer:quasar  web:ao3  recced  !! ❤  from twitter
april 2017
The Veretian Flytrap - Just_Another_Day
The court treated it like a joke. His uncle told him it was a weakness. Laurent chose to listen to what Auguste had said it could be: an advantage.

Part of The Veretian Flytrap:
#captive-prince  *damen/laurent  a/b/o  au  canon!au  oblivious/pining  ust  heat  rating:nc-17  word:100k+  writer:just-another-day  web:ao3  recced  !! ❤  from twitter
march 2017
passione segreta in b minor, part two - anirondack
Yuuri surprised Victor by indulging one of his fantasies, so Victor returns the favor.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  pwp  bdsm  word:5-10k  rating:nc-17  web:ao3  writer:anirondack 
march 2017
Treasure that I have gained (or: actually functional communication, and a gold medal) - ineptshieldmaid
‘Yakov,’ Yakov says, ‘does not want to know if anyone is betting on their own performance. That would be very unprofessional.’

Viktor smiles at him, sunnily. ‘Then we’re definitely not doing that,’ he says. And then, when Yakov has banished both of them in the direction of the changing rooms, he leans close enough to say, in Yuri’s ear, ‘He didn’t say I couldn’t bet on your lutz.’

‘What, so if I outdo you, you win, and if you outdo me, I win?’ Yuri asks.

‘Something like that, yeah,’ Viktor says, and wraps one arm around Yuri’s waist.


Or: the mostly-porn coda to Set My Mind At Ease
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  futurefic  pwp  writer:ineptshieldmaid  rating:nc-17  web:ao3  word:1-5k 
march 2017
Set my mind at ease (or: further miscommunications and extended metaphors through skating) - ineptshieldmaid
‘Hey,’ Yuri says, bumping up against Viktor. Viktor thinks that one might be on purpose, or maybe Yuri really is so tired he can’t walk straight. ‘You’re supposed to kiss me.’

‘Sorry,’ Viktor says, ‘I thought you were too tired.’

‘You thought wrong,’ Yuri says, and plants his feet squarely on the floor so that Viktor has to stop or leave him behind. Having successfully interrupted Viktor’s efforts to get them out of the airport, he grabs Viktor by the shirt and pulls him in, and Viktor really can’t complain about being obstructed by determined kissing.


Or: a longfic study in why dating someone in your highly competitive field is not, perhaps, the wisest of ideas.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  domesticity  futurefic  writer:ineptshieldmaid  web:ao3  rating:nc-17  word:10-30k 
march 2017
After Everyone Else - dance_across
Victor doesn’t want to intrude on the scene. He wants to observe. He wants, now that he thinks about it, to see how far they’ll go. He wants to watch Yuuri rendered incoherent with pleasure at Chris’s touch. He wants to see Yuuri admired and treasured and adored—and he wants to be, after all that, the person that Yuuri chooses in the end.
#yurionice  *chris/victor/yuuri  *victor/yuuri  *chris/victor  *chris/yuuri  threesome  established  first-time  pwp  bdsm  futurefic  writer:dance-across  word:10-30k  rating:nc-17  web:ao3  voyeurism 
march 2017
Quiet - elisera
Viktor grew up at rinks and in ballet studios, sneaking out of the apartment and away from his father’s oppressive silence at all hours of the day to practice, and he learned more than skating and how to control every movement of his body.

He learned how to cut someone up with a smile and the truth, to slice them into ribbons with kind words that lack anything resembling mercy. He learned to smile and let it be a threat, a showing of teeth.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  character-study  a/b/o  writer:elisera  word:1-5k  rating:g  web:ao3 
march 2017
The Tango Lesson - Halrloprillalar (prillalar)
Pre-canon. Snowed in after a competition, Chris asks Yuuri to teach him the tango.

Yuuri breathes in sharply, though he must have known where they were going, and the flush on his face deepens. He doesn’t speak but his fingers clutch Chris’s arm, holding on tightly like Chris is both the storm and the one who will bring him through it.
#yurionice  *chris/yuuri  first-time  pre-canon  pwp  rating:nc-17  web:ao3  writer:prillalar  word:1-5k 
march 2017
Old Habits - Arsenic
Logan is home on leave. Veronica's up to her usual mischief.
#veronica-mars  *logan/veronica  post-canon  established  family  pet  word:1-5k  rating:pg-13  writer:arsenic  web:ao3 
march 2017
More than willing to offer myself (Or: Miscommunication and Feet) - ineptshieldmaid
The kissing thing is still new enough to drive all thought of packing, and training, out of Viktor’s head for a few minutes, though. They really haven’t had nearly enough time: a few days snatched between the Cup of China and the Rostelcom, a few weeks between that and the Final. Not enough compared to a winter of missing Yuri and wanting, and a summer of having him in arm’s reach and still wanting more.

The thing is, Viktor knows it’s not enough time for Yuri, not enough time in other ways: not enough time to have built confidence in himself. Not enough time to really trust Viktor. Not enough time, perhaps, to have figured out what he wants at all.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  bdsm  pwp  missing-scene  rating:nc-17  word:5-10k  writer:ineptshieldmaid  web:ao3  !! ❤ 
march 2017
Maybe It Started Like This - dance_across
“Can you switch to video?” Victor asks. “I want to show you something.”
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  missing-scene  pwp  bdsm  rating:nc-17  web:ao3  writer:dance-across  word:10-30k  voyeurism 
march 2017
Bright, Ridiculous Things - ineptshieldmaid
‘You’re impossible,’ Yuri says, picking up a robe to wrap himself in. ‘I’ll get the 1989.’

Minami watches him go, and then turns to find Viktor watching him watching.

‘Ah,’ Minami says, and Viktor wonders for a second if he’s going to apologise. That’s happened before, and it always makes Viktor feel weird. He’s the one who commissions Yuri’s competition costumes, after all: how anyone could think he has a problem with other people checking out his husband, given that, is a mystery to him. He likes it, likes knowing that other people want what he, Viktor, has got.

[Part of the 'The Patron Saint of Communicating Like A Fucking Adult' series:]
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  *yuuri/minami/victor  first-time  established  threesome  fluff  alcohol  rating:pg-13  word:1-5k  writer:ineptshieldmaid 
february 2017
Rough Trade - Whisky (whiskyrunner)
Arthur is an investment banker. He is professional and efficient. He's a halfway decent cook. He's totally independent and has been since the age of eighteen. Maybe he's tired all the time because he works about ninety hours a week which is twice what normal people do, but he's rich and he's competent at his job. He's almost thirty, and already a success.

And there are some things Arthur is not. For instance: Arthur is not gay.
#inception  *arthur/eames  au  angst  warning:homophobia  web:ao3  writer:whiskyrunner  first-time  rating:nc-17  word:10-30k 
february 2017
a million miles from your desperate days - fic by idrilka, art by xyai
Victor came to Hasetsu with the force of a hurricane and managed to make himself right at home at Yu-topia, somehow fitting into the quiet rhythm of their lives. Maybe this means that Yuuri will fit into Victor’s life in Saint Petersburg, too, against all odds or reason.

(Or: A year in the life.)
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  futurefic  domesticity  established  fluff  web:ao3  writer:idrilka  rating:r  word:10-30k 
february 2017
we don't even have to try - lazulisong
Victor is very happy that Phichit is very happy for them or whatever, but being kicked out of bed so Phichit can have Roomie Time is not how he was expecting to spend the morning after the Grand Prix Finals.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  fluff  bedsharing  missing-scene  word:1-5k  rating:g  writer:lazulisong  web:ao3 
february 2017
Worthy of Trust and Confidence - Alethia
"Mr. Vice President, I believe you might be familiar with Special Agent Colbert."

The world stilled.

And in walked Brad. Black suit. Black tie. Perfect.


Generation Kill/The West Wing futurefic fusion. The Seaborn/Fick ticket sailed to victory in the 2016 presidential election. Amidst governing and getting the last of the troops out of Afghanistan, Nate's daughter starts receiving threats. Naturally, it's Brad to the rescue.
#generation-kill  #tww  crossover  futurefic  family  *brad/nate  first-time  *sam/ainsley  oblivious/pining  word:30-50k  rating:nc-17  web:ao3  writer:alethia  kidfic  !! ❤  politics 
february 2017
icebreaker - Cesare
Weeks after anyone could possibly want it, a post-skating-retirement college scenario based on skygemspeaks' idea about Yuuri's college classmates learning about his figure skating career. I wrote a variation on the idea mostly because I just really wanted to include Victor in the mix.

This also heavily draws on kevystel's ideas about Yuuri unknowingly breaking hearts everywhere he goes.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  established  futurefic  fluff  outsider-pov  writer:cesare  word:5-10k  rating:g  web:ao3  recced  !! ❤  from twitter
february 2017
What We Pretend We Can't See - gyzym
Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.
#hp  *draco/harry  *ron/hermione  ewe  post-war  grimmauld!fic  flatmates  domesticity  alcohol  first-time  writer:gyzym  rating:r  word:100k+  web:ao3  recced  !!! asdfghjkl;  from twitter
february 2017
The Dew of Little Things - HugeAlienPie
When Derek packs up his life and his kid and moves back to Beacon Hills, the word he's thinking is family, not romance. Then he meets Dewey's new teacher, Mr. Stilinski, and starts thinking about the word forever. But between the scheming pack next door, the relentless single moms of Beacon Hills Elementary, and the magnet for chaos that is Dewey Hale, forever's looking hard to come by.

At this point, Derek will settle for one real date.
#teenwolf  *derek/stiles  kidfic  parent!au  au  magic!stiles  teacher!au  family  first-time  rating:nc-17  word:50-100k  writer:hugealienpie  web:ao3 
february 2017
You Only Live Once...or Twice - WonderWolf
“Anything,” Derek’s eyes are determined, boring into Stiles’.

Stiles huffs a laugh, “Careful there, big guy. Don’t want to be promising anything to every necromancer you meet. Some might ask for your soul or someth—”

“I’ll give you my soul to bring her back,” Derek says, his voice steady and strong with resolve, “if that’s what you want.”

Stiles’ mouth gapes open for a moment before his brain kicks into gear and he stutters out, “N-no, I don’t ask for that. I only ask for money.”

(Or the one in which Stiles is a necromancer who needs help stopping a rogue alpha and Derek is the solution, but at what cost?)
#teenwolf  *derek/stiles  au  magic!au  magic!stiles  angst  writer:wonderwolf  word:30-50k  rating:nc-17  web:ao3 
february 2017
You Look Like Bad News (I gotta have you) - standinginanicedress
Option A : violently tell Derek that they are under no circumstances ever to hook up again because it was stupid and dumb.

Option B : tell Scott the truth, stand back and watch as Scott kills Derek with his bare hands so Stiles doesn't even have to face the music. Not an option at all, actually. Expunge this from the record.

The real Option B : calmly explain to Derek that the situation is too fucked up and hey, maybe if Derek and Scott ever shake hands and make up, he and Stiles can hook up again because, was great.

Option C : forget everything, charge headfirst into danger like fuckin' Bravehart and have sex with Derek all over again.

Option D : bury himself alive and wait for the worms to eat him.
#teenwolf  *derek/stiles  au  student!au  a/b/o  pining!derek  secret-reveal  first-time  heat  rating:nc-17  word:30-50k  writer:standinginanicedress  web:ao3  !! ❤ 
february 2017
All Hale - dornfelder
Stiles wakes from the absence of warmth at his back and the sound of a toilet flushing. He moves his tongue from where it’s stuck to his palate and filling his mouth with the taste of stale death. Blinking gritty, itching eyes open, he finds the world too bright, too real to deal with just yet. He snuggles up closer to Derek, burrowing into his bulk. Derek’s reaction is a content rumble. He pulls Stiles closer. Beard stubble grazes his neck as Derek opens one sleepy eye.

Wait – wait. What. The fuck?

Stiles sits up. Derek’s arm falls from his waist and he watches Derek’s eyes grow wide with dawning horror that mirrors his own.

“Good morning, my lovelies,” Peter’s cheerful voice announces from the doorstep. “Rise and shine. Early wolf catches the deer.”
#teenwolf  *derek/stiles  *peter/stiles  *peter/stiles/derek  threesome  first-time  warning:dubcon  morning-after  pining!derek  pining!stiles  writer:dornfelder  word:10-30k  rating:nc-17  web:ao3  !! ❤ 
february 2017
Squeeze - rageprufrock
From the start, Harry’s read Eggsy all over, seen right through him, so Eggsy’s not surprised that he’s barely had time to think about how he wants to feel ruined that Harry gives it to him — just like that.
#kingsman  *harry/eggsy  missing-scene  pwp  writer:rageprufrock  word:5-10k  rating:nc-17  web:ao3 
february 2017
Here's The Pencil, Make It Work - ignatiustrout
Harry thinks "Why is Malfoy working in a coffee shop in muggle London?" is a much simpler question than, "Are you going to accept that auror offer and, if you don't, what will you do?"
#hp  *draco/harry  ewe  alcohol  angst  first-time  post-war  pining!harry  pining!draco  rating:r  word:30-50k  writer:ignatiustrout  web:ao3 
february 2017
Head Cases and Questionable Characters - howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf)
Working for Argent & Hale, one of the most prestigious legal firms in the country, was always eventful to say the least. It was a big headache a lot of the times, sure, and a pain in the ass in most, but for Stiles Stilinski, it was a dream come true. He adored his colleagues, was paid a boatload of money, and everybody knew that he was damn good at his job.

...Or one where Teen Wolf and Boston Legal collides, everybody is a lawyer (except for Scott), Stiles and Lydia are BAMFs, Laura wants Derek to get laid, and Peter is (as always) creepy as hell. And Chris just wants to do his job but all his attorneys insist on being inappropriate and ridiculous.
#teenwolf  *derek/stiles  au  lawyer!au  second-time  pining!stiles  pining!derek  writer:greenleaf  word:10-30k  rating:pg-13  web:ao3 
february 2017
Six Degrees of Supernatural Separation - ebjameston
All Derek Hale wants is to figure out how in the hell to be a professor and forget about the destroyed pack he left behind. He's not looking for a new pack, he's not even looking for friends; he just wants to keep his head down and live a supernatural-free life. 3000 miles away from everything and everyone he knows, this shouldn't be hard - right? Right.

Stiles Stilinski walking into his life and announcing that the McCall pack's banshee has marked Derek for death could, however, complicate things.

(Canon-minus-Derek-Hale compliant thru 3A. Kind of.)
#teenwolf  web:ao3  *derek/stiles  writer:ebjameston  word:50-100k  rating:pg-13  au  teacher!au  magic!stiles  warning:abandoned  wip 
february 2017
Occupational Hazards - penknife
Sirius turns to James for help with a little-known requirement of Auror training. He doesn't expect things to get complicated.
#hp  *lily/james/sirius  *remus/sirius  first-time  threesome  pre-slash  mwpp-era  post-hogwarts  writer:penknife  rating:nc-17  word:1-5k  web:ao3 
february 2017
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