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Expo is a free and complete workflow for creating next-generation apps for iOS and Android
android  iOS  native  development  react  reactnative 
june 2018 by chrismasters
Natural Language for Developers
api  development  language  voice  bot 
january 2018 by chrismasters
The Imposter’s Handbook
For the longest time I would remain silent when discussions with my peers would veer toward theoretical topics
book  development 
august 2016 by chrismasters
Index | Greenkeeper
Your software, up-to-date, all the time Greenkeeper Makes That Change Visible Because You Can Only Manage What You Measure Always up-to-date npm dependencies, zero hassle The npm ecosystem with its
automate  development  upgrade  npm  github  PR 
march 2016 by chrismasters
The Availability & Scheduling API -
Timekit is the API-driven building block for creating products with calendars, bookings & scheduling.
api  development  javascript  tools  booking 
november 2015 by chrismasters
Basscss is a lightweight collection of base element styles, immutable utilities, layout modules, and color styles designed for speed, clarity, performance, and scalability.
boilerplate  css  development  framework  sass 
april 2015 by chrismasters
Drag and drop so simple it hurts
development  drag  drop  javascript  library 
april 2015 by chrismasters
Push API
The Push API provides webapps with scripted access to server-sent messages, for simplicity referred to here as push messages, as delivered by push services. A push service allows an application server to send messages to a webapp, regardless of whether the webapp is currently active on the user agent. The push message will be delivered to a Service Worker, which could then store the message's data or display a notification to the user.
api  chrome  development  push 
april 2015 by chrismasters
Non blocking UIs
A look into techniques for increasing the perceived speed of web interfaces.
design  development  ui  ux  blocking 
february 2015 by chrismasters is a startup factory where we empower entrepreneur-programmers. Every 5 months, we train 24 underpriviliged smart people on web development, and help them to build web startups for social good.
school  france  programming  entrepreneur  development  startup 
december 2014 by chrismasters
Styling And Animating SVGs With CSS
In-depth article on using CSS & SVG together, a good compliment to the CSSTricks article.
animation  css  webdesign  SVG  styling  development 
november 2014 by chrismasters
SoundKit is a professional sound library designed for UI projects.

Featuring 300 professional, royalty free sound effects, designed for use in mobile and desktop app design. Each sound has been custom crafted for UI applications. Designed to sound great o
audio  development  sound  ui 
november 2014 by chrismasters
development  javascript  library  programming  alert 
october 2014 by chrismasters
Animating Without jQuery
In depth article on cross-browser SVG support, physics-based loader animations, timeline control and bezier translations.
development  interactions  ui  animation  javascript  js 
september 2014 by chrismasters
See what route structure, templates and route hooks are for a given ember route definition.
emberjs  router  routes  development  js  javascript  ember 
august 2014 by chrismasters
Prerender - AngularJS SEO, BackboneJS SEO, or EmberJS SEO
Allow your Javascript apps to be crawled perfectly by search engines.
angularjs  javascript  node  SEO  search  development  rails  emberjs  js 
august 2014 by chrismasters
Ember CLI & Phonegap
Quick how to to get up and running using Ember with Phonegap
emberjs  js  phonegap  development  mobile 
july 2014 by chrismasters
A free library of HTML, CSS, JS nuggets
css  development  html  javascript  library 
july 2014 by chrismasters
Simplest possible examples of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
css  development  html5  javascript  reference 
july 2014 by chrismasters
RawGit serves raw files directly from GitHub with proper Content-Type headers.
development  git  testing  server  hosting 
july 2014 by chrismasters
How to squash commits in a GitHub pull request
So you've contributed some code to an open source project, say, Rails. And they'd like you to squash all of the commits in your pull request. But you're not a git wizard; how do you make this happen?
development  git 
june 2014 by chrismasters
Curated resources for everything creative.
Find resources that inspire you and create your own feed based on your favourites.
design  development  inspiration  resource  resources 
june 2014 by chrismasters
Fake the backend while you develop the frontend
development  javascript  json  service  stub  js  API 
april 2014 by chrismasters
View CSS Colours in Sublime Text with GutterColor
color  colors  development  hex  sublimetext  sublime  plugin  CSS 
march 2014 by chrismasters
Performant CSS transitions & animations on GitHub
css  js  transitions  animations  development 
march 2014 by chrismasters
Full Featured HTML Framework For Building iOS7 Apps
apps  iOS  iOS7  development  mobile  HTML5  framework 
march 2014 by chrismasters
InstantClick is a JavaScript library that dramatically speeds up your website, making navigation effectively instant in most cases.
javascript  click  touch  instant  links  development  mobile  web 
march 2014 by chrismasters
Liftoff 1.0
Helps developers quickly configure Xcode projects.
xcode  development  ios  iphone 
march 2014 by chrismasters
jQuery Events: Stop (Mis)Using Return False
Deep-dive into events, preventing default behaviour & propogation.
development  events  javascript  jquery  tips 
february 2014 by chrismasters
Nick Jensen | Cocoa Developer, Brooklyn
Tutorials on iOS development with examples like parallax scrolling album views, stretchy UICollectionView headers & animated gradient progress views.
iOS  development  UI  interface  animation  parallax  cocoa  xcode 
january 2014 by chrismasters
CSS Animation Tricks
State Jumping, Negative Delays, Animating Origin, and More
animation  css  css3  development 
january 2014 by chrismasters
Turn websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds
api  data  development  scraping 
january 2014 by chrismasters
Warming Up With Ember.js - Code School
We'll help demystify the Ember.js JavaScript framework by breaking it down. See how to build an application from scratch using Ember.js and Twitter Bootstrap.
ember  js  development  programming  tutorial  javascript 
december 2013 by chrismasters
SpriteRight — Create effortless CSS spritesheets
SpriteRight is a CSS spritesheet generator for the Mac that lets you import your existing images or stylesheets. Make your sites load faster, cut bandwidth costs and save time. SpriteRight even generates CSS code on the fly.
app  css  mac  spritesheet  sprites  development 
november 2013 by chrismasters
App Geyser
FREE App Creator. Create Apps for Android. No Coding Required. Wraps website into application.
android  app  apps  development  mobile  application  website 
october 2013 by chrismasters
Downloadable Fonts in iOS 7
iOS7 brings a lot more fonts available to design with using the font downloaded. Explains how to implement this & offers a link to see the full list.
custom  development  font  ios  fonts  iOS7 
september 2013 by chrismasters
Emmet LiveStyle
Emmet LiveStyle is a plugin for live bi-directional (editor↔browser) CSS editing of new generation.
chrome  css  plugin  live  browser  development  testing 
august 2013 by chrismasters
Taking Control of Image Loading
Four techniques for making images load better on websites.
dev  html5  images  loading  progressive  development  web  js  jquery  image 
august 2013 by chrismasters
Synch Local Rails Data with Heroku and S3
Tips on how to keep database data and assets in sync from development to production and vice-versa
rails  heroku  S3  data  assets  production  development  deployment 
august 2013 by chrismasters
Brackets is an open source code editor for the web. It's built with JavaScript, HTML and CSS by web developers like you.
css  development  editor  html  webdev 
july 2013 by chrismasters
Real Shadow: Photorealistic Shadows
Module that casts photorealistic shadows. Perfect for eye-catching demos and landing pages.
css3  design  dev  development  shadows  shadow 
july 2013 by chrismasters
Visual Idiot · I’m actually rather intelligent.
Nicely presented portfolio work with distinctive full width banding of each project.
development  inspiration  portfolio  design 
july 2013 by chrismasters
Resources for Mac and iOS Developers…
Good list of resources for iOS and Mac developers.
apple  cocoa  development  ios  programming  osx  mac  resources 
june 2013 by chrismasters
NewNet-Soft - CSS Typography cheat sheet
Small roundup on CSS features that will enhance your web typography.
cheatsheet  css3  design  typography  css  font-face  fonts  html  web  development 
june 2013 by chrismasters
Macaw | The code-savvy web design tool.
Macaw provides the same flexibility as your favorite image editor but also writes semantic HTML and remarkably succinct CSS. It's time to expect more from a web design tool.
css  design  development  osx  tool  webdesign  html 
june 2013 by chrismasters
Reveal App
Reveal brings the power of tools like Firebug and Web Inspector to iOS developers. See your application's view hierarchy at runtime with advanced 2D and 3D visualisations. Debug view layout and rendering problems in seconds.
debugging  development  ios  iphone  tools 
june 2013 by chrismasters
Flippin' Awesome
Awesome tutorials with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Mobile
development  tutorials  web  mobile  js  css 
may 2013 by chrismasters
Let's Make the Web Jank-free!
Here are some links for those of you who want to make the web smoother.
animation  css  development  javascript  performance  jank 
may 2013 by chrismasters
world-class command line utilities for iOS development.
commandline  development  ios  tools  terminal  mac 
may 2013 by chrismasters
CSS Architecture
An essay of defining best practices for writing CSS — not an easy task but comprehensively and well written.
css  development  reference  bestpractices  selectors  web  html 
may 2013 by chrismasters
Push Notifications to the Browser with Server Sent Events
How to set up SSE streaming easily using javascript and sinatra.
html5  SSE  sinatra  push  stream  development  serversentevents 
may 2013 by chrismasters
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