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Phantom Islands
Phantom Islands are artifacts of the age of maritime discovery and colonial expansion. During centuries of ocean exploration these islands were sighted, charted, described and even explored – but their existence has never been ultimately verified. Poised somewhere between cartographical fact and maritime fiction, they haunted seafarers’ maps for hundreds of years, inspiring legends, fantasies, and counterfactual histories. Phantom Islands – A Sonic Atlas interprets and presents these imaginations in the form of an interactive map which charts the sounds of a number of historical phantom islands.
art  atlas  audio  history  maps  islands  design  inspiration 
august 2018 by chrismasters
You can use PixaTool to get 8bit / Pixel style images or videos, optimize your PixelArt or game assets just adding some cool effects. Works as a PixelArt converter or PixelArt conversion tool.
art  graphics  pixelart  tool 
july 2018 by chrismasters
A web friendly way to build unusual displays.
art  code  hardware  javascript 
june 2016 by chrismasters
Xavier Bourdil
I'm Xavier Bourdil,
a 31 year old
graphic designer,
art director
inspiration  portfolio  design  art  direction 
april 2016 by chrismasters
art  culture  instagram  interesting  photography 
august 2015 by chrismasters
Fat Slides
What the fuck is Open Source & Why do i feel so guilty. Video here:
art  opensource  history  slides 
march 2015 by chrismasters
Monodraw for Mac — Helftone
Powerful ASCII art editor designed for the Mac.
app  art  ascii  design  mac 
october 2014 by chrismasters
John Soat — Design & Art Direction
Great portfolio of US based designer / art director.
art  design  designer  inspiration 
may 2014 by chrismasters
If the Moon Was Only 1 Pixel
A tediously accurate map of the solar system
art  design  space  css  scrolling 
march 2014 by chrismasters
Oyyo N°1
Beautiful website. Beautiful rugs.
art  design  photo  responsive  inspiration  rugs 
february 2013 by chrismasters
Roger Ballen Photography
Roger Ballen started making black-and-white photographs of the rural inhabitants that he encountered on the fringes of society. Capturing the dark side of life, the self-taught photographer stages his pictures to reflect the social unconscious.
art  artists  photographer  photography  portfolio  heroes  hero 
february 2013 by chrismasters
Game Icons
Hundreds of free icons to customize and include in your games.
art  free  games  icons  SVG  PNG  vector 
january 2013 by chrismasters
The ReCode Project is a community-driven effort to preserve computer art by translating it into a modern programming language (Processing). Every translated work will be available to the public and contemporary artists to learn from, share, and build on.
art  code  graphics  processing  computerart 
november 2012 by chrismasters
The swiss magazine of visual creation - graphic design / typography
art  design  graphic  magazine  typography  swiss 
august 2011 by chrismasters

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