Automated Xcode Build Numbers, Late 2016 Edition — Curtis Herbert
Still a pretty good resource for whenever I forget how to auto increment build numbers in an Xcode project.
Xcode  Development 
5 days ago
Translucent Glass Ocean Sculptures by Ben Young
Some really fascinating pieces of art, that mimic the look and feel of water with translucent glass.
Blog  Art  Interesting 
5 weeks ago
Developing for iPhone Pro - Allen Pike
Very interesting ideas about the new layout that is surely going to take some shape in the rumoured iPhone pro.
iPhone  Apple  iOS  Newsletter 
august 2017
Random Shopper — Randomized Consumerism
A project that started way back in 2012 by Darius Kazemi, that purchases random items every month from Amazon! It's giving me some ideas.
Amazon  Bot  Development  Newsletter 
august 2017
A subway-style map of the Roman roads of Britain
This is pretty interesting, as most of the places still have similar names!
Map  Roman  Britain  Newsletter 
july 2017
Apple confirms iPod nano and iPod shuffle have been discontinued - The Verge
Will anyone except tech journalists notice this?

I haven't heard anyone speak the name iPod in a long time.
Apple  iPod  News  Newsletter 
july 2017
MacPaw acquires The Unarchiver and commits to... | MacPaw Blog
The Unarchiver app for macOS is probably the most popular one of its kind (that isn't a System app), and MacPaw are a great bunch of people! So this can only be a good thing.
App  Tech  Apple  macOS  Mac  Newsletter 
july 2017
Monzo – The Monzo Current Account Preview!
You can register interest for the Monzo Current Account! Wooooo!
Tech  Finance  Money  Newsletter 
july 2017
The Reality of Indie Life
A really great talk by Stephen Hackett about becoming an indie, the problems he faced and how he overcame them, and a few other interesting topics.
Talk  Video  Tech  Newsletter 
july 2017
Campo Santo - Love at First Site
Campo Santo really know how to interact with their fans.
Gaming  Firewatch  Newsletter 
july 2017
Groovebox - Product Hunt
This is a super fun app. I've made a few drum loops on it, but it would be interesting to see if it's possible to create a whole song on it.
Music  App  iOS  Newsletter 
july 2017
How to implement Hashable for your custom class — Swift Coder
This was super helpful in making me understand the Hashable and Equatable protocol, and also providing a super simple implementation.
Swift  Development  Newsletter 
july 2017
Supporting Dynamic Type
A super old blog post (2013!), but it was brilliant in helping me implement Dynamic Type support at work.
Swift  Development  iOS  Newsletter 
july 2017
Made With ARKit - Apple ARKit Augmented Reality Minecraft by Matthew Hallberg
Wow, this is by far my favourite example of Apple's AR Kit.

I really, really, really hope that something like this comes out!
AR  Tech  Apple  iOS  Newsletter  Gaming  Minecraft 
june 2017
One Weird Trick to Lose Size – Halide
A really interesting story by the developers of the great new camera app for iOS, Halide, on their process of minimising the size of their app binary.
iOS  Developer  Apple  App  Newsletter 
june 2017
I’ve Been Writing Server-Side Swift!
I made my first API, and I used Swift to do it!
Swift  Programming  Tech  Newsletter 
june 2017
Apple Music’s New ‘My Chill Mix’ – MacStories
Another great addition to Apple Music. I don't have it yet, but hopefully I get it soon, because I'm already a big fan of the "My Favourites Mix".
Apple  News  Music  App  iOS  Newsletter 
june 2017
Snapchat Can Now Share Your Location
Snapchat just received it's location sharing/viewing feature, which can potentially become an issue when it comes to young people. I wrote a short piece on how to fine tune the preferences.
iOS  Snapchat  App  Privacy  Guide  Newsletter 
june 2017
YouTube: Taking Screenshots in iOS 11: A look at 10+ handy tips
A great video from 9to5 Mac, showing off the great new screenshot features coming in iOS 11.

My favourites are the keyboard shortcuts, which are the same as the Mac!
iOS  Newsletter 
june 2017
This was a bit strange, some company called OnePlus released an iPhone 7.
Tech  Newsletter 
june 2017
YouTube: Visualization of Quantum Physics (Quantum Mechanics)
I watch a lot of videos on YouTube about science, and Quantum Physics is super interesting (but god damn mind breaking)

This is supposed to be a quick video to show a visualisation of particles, their quantum states, and calculating their position and velocity.

I can 100% admit, this one went straight over my head.
Science  Newsletter 
june 2017
YouTube: Interview: Scott Forstall and Original iPhone Innovators @ Computer History Museum
Scott Forstall, along with other people that were on the original iPhone team discuss the original product, and how it all got started.
iPhone  Video  Tech  Apple  Newsletter 
june 2017
YouTube: Tony Hawk Skates First Downward Spiral Loop
This is a video from 2015, so it's not exactly breaking news. However it looks awesome.
Video  Skateboarding  Newsletter 
june 2017
Introducing Object Storage | Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean (who I use personally for all my servers), just announced their new service - Object Storage.

Their words: "The simplest way to cost effectively store, serve, backup, and archive a virtually infinite amount of media, web content, images, and static files for your web applications."

I'm interested in using this as a CDN, so hopefully I get an invite soon.
Cloud  Web  Storage  Newsletter 
june 2017
Twist - Mindful Team Communication
The guys over at Doist (makers of Todoist) have released their latest product, which is a team based communication app, designed to rival things such as Slack and Hangouts.

It has a super nice design, and it's packed full of well thought out features that make it a really well rounded product.
Productivity  Chat  Team  Newsletter 
june 2017
iMore: Pokémon Go's New Gym system: How to defend, attack, and earn rewards!
The true Pokémon Master, Rene Ritchie, goes all in on the latest update!
Pokémon  Guide  Game  iOS  Newsletter 
june 2017
The Outline - Leaked recording: Inside Apple’s global war on leakers
A fascinating read about the past leaks, and what Apple are doing to try and minimise them.
Apple  Tech  Newsletter 
june 2017
Mac Developers Survey Results 2017
Setapp ran a survey recently asking developers of Mac apps their opinions on the Mac App Store, what can be improved, and general opinions on each part of the process.

They received 742 responses (me being one of them), and the data is very interesting to see. Especially as they did the same last year, so you can compare each result to see how it has changed.
App  Mac  Newsletter  Developer 
june 2017
Yes, Uber board member David Bonderman said women talk too much at an all-hands meeting about sexism at Uber
It's a very strange situation at Uber, they just can't stop doing things wrong.

From a customers perspective, the service is quite good, but the company itself, definitely not.
Uber  Newsletter 
june 2017
Uber is adding women executives - Axios
My perception: "How can we save our public image? I know! let's just hire some women."
Uber  Newsletter 
june 2017
Theresa May says not to worry about DUP views on ‘LGB…what’s the rest of it?
Not exactly words of wisdom from the current Prime Minister of the UK.
Politics  Newsletter 
june 2017
★ The 2017 iPad Pros
John Grubers take on the new iPads that were announced at WWDC is quite interesting, my idea was that these were only slight upgrades, but it seems I was very wrong.
iOS  iPad  Tech  Newsletter 
june 2017
Planet of the Apps — Watch on Apple Music.
It's finally here!

The first episode is free for anyone to watch, which is a nice touch, but after watching it myself, I can't say it will be for everyone.

I'll give it a few more episodes before I make my mind up.
Apple  TV  Newsletter 
june 2017
Ethereum price hits record high after bitcoin, now up 5,000% since January
I'm partly happy that it's become popular, but i'm not so happy that I recently sold my Ethereum.
Tech  CryptoCurrency  Ethereum  Newsletter 
june 2017
Track Your Steps With Walk More
A pedometer app for iOS by one of my friends.
iOS  App  Newsletter 
june 2017
WWDC 2017
My brief thoughts on the Keynote from WWDC 2017.
WWDC  Apple  Newsletter 
june 2017
Working Copy 3 - Product Hunt
Possibly now the best git app for iOS.
Tech  iOS  App  Newsletter 
june 2017
NOMATIC Backpack - Product Hunt
A pretty nifty backpack that I'm definitely thinking about buying. It can hold everything!
Tech  Newsletter 
june 2017
Halide Camera App
Another camera app for iOS, this one has a great design, but I'm still trying to figure out what makes it special
iOS  App  Newsletter 
may 2017
Readdle Update Their Apps With Custom Drag and Drop
More thoughts from me on Readdle's latest updates.
iOS  Readdle  App  Newsletter 
may 2017
Drag & Drop between Readdle apps sets the bar for cross app interactions on the iPad
Readdle has added drag and drop on their iPad apps! I'm still hoping for a native way to do this on iOS, but this is incredible!
From a developers perspective, that must if been so hard to do, given the seamlessness shown in the video.
iOS  App  Newsletter  Readdle 
may 2017
Dash for iOS: Back on the App Store
The once removed documentation app is now back on the iOS App Store for free.
iOS  App  Developer  Newsletter 
may 2017
iOS 11: iPad Wishes and Concept Video – MacStories
A great iOS 11 concept by Federico Viticci and Sam Beckett.
Video  iOS  Concept  Design  Newsletter 
may 2017
Eight Things You Hate About Gmail and How to Fix Them - WSJ
It sounds a bit like clickbait, and there's definitely a Buzzfeed feel to the video, but these are some great tips.
Email  Gmail  Google  Video  Newsletter 
may 2017
Important lessons from the first NSA-powered ransomware cyberattack - ProtonMail Blog
A few opinions on the recent "WannaCry" ransomware from the people at ProtonMail.
Hack  Ransomware  Cyberattack  Newsletter 
may 2017
Shazam Launches Redesigned, Simplified iOS App – MacStories
I've always wondered why Shazam had such a complex layout, and seemingly useless features. But in the latest update, it's been really simplified, and finally seems like a quality application.
Shazam  iOS  App  Newsletter 
may 2017
YouTube: How to Shoot on iPhone 7
A short series of videos from Apple about tips on using the iPhone camera. Including a very useful tip on creating vertical panoramas!
Apple  iPhone  Camera  Tip  YouTube  Newsletter 
may 2017
Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, and Fedora are all coming to the Windows Store - The Verge
Installing an OS from the Windows Store does sound rather interesting. Too bad I only need macOS.
Microsoft  Windows  Store  Linux  Newsletter 
may 2017
iTunes is coming to the Windows Store | iMore
Yep, that's correct.

Maybe Apple are aiming to get Apple Music subscribers, and then convert them into iPhone/iPad/Mac users.
Apple  Microsoft  iTunes  Windows  Newsletter 
may 2017
The Minimalists: Simples
A short 4-part animated series by "The Minimalists", about how to remove junk from your life, why money won't buy happiness, and what happens when you keep assigning your dream experiences to the out-of-reach "someday" category.
Minimalist  Videos  Animated  Newsletter 
may 2017
YouTube: Coding "Snake" in 4 min 30 sec (no engine or library)
This guy created Snake using just a HTML canvas object, very impressive, even without the fact it was completed in under 5 minutes.
HTML  Programming  Tech  Newsletter  Game 
may 2017
Introducing Echo Show
There's a new Echo out again, and this time it's got a camera and a screen!
Amazon  Echo  Tech  Newsletter 
may 2017
ZEIT – Buy Domains from the CLI
Zeit let's you buy domain names directly from the command line, using just "now domains buy <domain>". But while it's certainly interesting, I'm unsure about it's usefulness.
Web  Domain  Tech  Newsletter 
may 2017
Google’s mysterious new Fuchsia OS has a UI now - The Verge
I had no idea that Google was even working on a new OS until I saw this, but it's an intriguing project. Maybe this is the next step for Android? Or maybe it's going to be as successful as their previous attempt at making an OS, Haiku.
Google  OS  Tech  Newsletter 
may 2017
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