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Friday Fun: Absolutely Amazing Video Game Remake Wallpapers
How hot would it be if a game actually looked this good.. Crazyness.
illustration  videogames  wallpaper 
february 2009 by chrisdrackett
Lunch Bag Art
guy does one of these every day for his kid. Crazy cool.
illustration  inspiration  art  drawing  kids  creativity 
december 2008 by chrisdrackett
great collection of art in moleskines
art  moleskine  illustration  inspiration 
april 2008 by chrisdrackett
Line Rider - Transcendental™
These people make me feel like such a total slacker. At least I get paid for what I do... kinda... :'(
animation  LineRider  illustration 
march 2008 by chrisdrackett
Ms. Juno MacGuff
Looks like Jer has started updating his "blog" and flickr again.
illustration  jeremy  sketch 
march 2008 by chrisdrackett
a game that may never come out.. but isn't the art great?
design  illustration  games  trailer 
august 2007 by chrisdrackett
just wonderful stuff done using "processing": if only I had more free time...
art  code  design  development  gallery  illustration  inspiration  java  motion  programming  science 
july 2007 by chrisdrackett
Wicked Crispy
Very cute illustration blog of Jeff Victor. I love his star wars stuff.
blogs  illustration  drawing  cute 
june 2007 by chrisdrackett
Dynamic Google ig themes
You can now set dynamic themes that change over time on google's home-page service. (unrelated: some padding to the left of the google logo on this page wouldn't hurt...)
themes  time  homepage  illustration 
march 2007 by chrisdrackett
get your fix of detailed animation here. Be sure to check out the Bendito Machine.
animation  art  flash  illustration  motiongraphics  movies  Bendito  Machine 
march 2007 by chrisdrackett
Russ Mills
Very cool illustrations with subtle details.
illustration  art 
february 2007 by chrisdrackett
Christian Moore Illustration & Animation
This guy taught me how to model in 3d when I was in high-school in cincinnati.
3d  teachers  illustration 
january 2007 by chrisdrackett

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