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Measuring Worth - GDP Series for US and UK
includes GDP and chained GDP for US; GDP and chained GDP for UK
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december 2008 by chrischantrill
US Population Estimates from 1900
Census Bureau's annual population estimate from 1900 to 1999
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april 2008 by chrischantrill
JpGraph Chart Library
Open source graph creating Library for PHP.
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february 2008 by chrischantrill
Statistical Abstract of the United States
historical editions of Census Bureau's publication. From 1878.
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december 2007 by chrischantrill
Historical US Federal Expenditure by Function 1902-1970
Table from Historical Statistics of the United States: Chapter Y: Government. Includes US Federal Expenditure 1902-1970, p 1123-1124.
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november 2007 by chrischantrill
Budget of the United States Government
Main page for latest US government budget documents.
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november 2007 by chrischantrill
State and Local Government Finances
Census Bureau main page for state and local government taxes and spending.
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november 2007 by chrischantrill
Federal, State, and Local Government Spending
Census Bureau stats for federal, state, and local spending.
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november 2007 by chrischantrill
Historical US Federal Spending
Table No. HS--47. Federal Government -- Receipts and Outlays: 1900 to 2003 (xls).
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november 2007 by chrischantrill
US Budgets back to 1996
Browse US budget documents. From 1996 to present
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march 2007 by chrischantrill

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