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My favorite “what should I try first” games by category
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26 days ago
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Why Google Is Suddenly Obsessed With Your Photos – The Ringer via Instapaper https://theringer.com/google-photos-data-collection-e8578b3256e0
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7 weeks ago
How to manage up with your boss — Quartz
The 15-minute weekly habit that eased my work anxiety—and made my boss trust me more via Instapaper https://qz.com/964501/how-to-manage-up-with-your-boss/
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11 weeks ago
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Bulletproof User Onboarding
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12 weeks ago
Breaking Down the Father on BBC Being Interrupted by His Children
Breaking Down the Father on BBC Being Interrupted by His Children
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march 2017
The magic of microcopy
The magic of microcopy – uxdesign.cc – User Experience Design via Instapaper https://uxdesign.cc/the-magic-of-microcopy-a56c5decbe1f
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march 2017
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I Subscribed To Push Notifications From 12 News Outlets For 3 Months — Here’s What I Learned via Instapaper https://rantt.com/i-subscribed-to-push-notifications-from-12-news-outlets-for-3-months-heres-what-i-learned-290f43843ebc
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march 2017
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Getting the most out of Threads – Several People Are Typing — The Official Slack Blog via Instapaper https://slackhq.com/getting-the-most-out-of-threads-ae86797d681d
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february 2017
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A Meditation on Medium’s Model Change (from a Medium Creative Exchange writer)
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january 2017
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