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Monday Commitments and Friday Wins
The four sections represent

Upper Left: Intention for the week: what are the 3-4 most important things you must get done this week toward the Objective?
Lower Left: Forecast for month: What should your team know is coming up that they can help with or pre
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july 2014 by chris.heisel
OKR Mistakes (and how to fix them)
A Key Result is NOT something you do, it IS something that happened because of what you did. Save the tasks for the weekly priority list.
july 2014 by chris.heisel
The Art of the OKR
One great way to do this is to set a confidence level of five of ten on the OKR. A confidence level of one means “never gonna happen my friend.” A confidence level of ten is also known as sandbagging. You are looking for a sweet spot where you are pushing yourself and your team to do bigger things, and where you have a 50/50 shot of failing.
july 2014 by chris.heisel

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