Cryptomator: Free Cloud Encryption for Dropbox & Others
Free client-side encryption for your cloud files.
Open source software: No backdoors, no registration. Win/Mac/Linux

Integration for Cyberduck/Mountain Duck.
software  tools  encryption  privacy  opensource 
6 weeks ago
Nebula: A collection of Gradle plugins, built by Netflix
Netflix's Gradle plugins extending the core Java application build support with many other common wishes like source and doc JAR publishing, OS package generation, and transitive dependency lockfiles.
opensource  gradle  deployment  tools 
7 weeks ago
Pass: The Standard Unix Password Manager
Password management should be simple and follow Unix philosophy. With pass, each password lives inside of a gpg encrypted file whose filename is the title of the website or resource that requires the password. These encrypted files may be organized into meaningful folder hierarchies, copied from computer to computer, and, in general, manipulated using standard command line file management utilities.
security  unix  tools 
7 weeks ago
Rancher Labs | Lessons Learned Building a Deployment Pipeline with Docker, Docker-Compose, and Rancher (Part 1) | Rancher Labs
…we’d like to share the story of how we implemented a container deployment workflow using Docker, Docker-Compose and Rancher. Instead of just giving you the polished retrospective, though, we want to walk you through the evolution of the pipeline from the beginning, highlighting the pain points and decisions that were made along the way.
docker  deployment  infrastructure  devops 
january 2017
20 Python libraries you aren't using (but should) - O'Reilly Media
Okay it's a listicle, but there's a bunch of nifty stuff in here. In particular I think it's cool to see how some libraries are already taking advantage of Python type annotations as a form of metadata for purposes like CLI usage doc output, and even generation REST APIs.

Annoyingly, you need to log in with an O'Reilly account to see the entire article.
python  articles  code  tools 
december 2016
Building a technical career path at Spotify | Labs
How Spotify defined a career path framework that isn't based on "ladders" in the sense of "up or out"—it accounts for individual contributors who are content to stay that way but attain increased levels of mastery or wider influence through cross-functional work, etc. This integrates with their emphasis on autonomy and structure of "squads and tribes".

Follow-up posts actually outline the framework in entirety.
management  process  career  HR 
december 2016
Logging at Skyscanner: building and using a real self-serve data platform at scale – Code Voyagers
It’s important we all share our experiences of implementing distributed data platforms. What follows here is a summary of the steps we took at Skyscanner to do this, and the outcomes that followed.
data  architecture  design 
december 2016
Textio: Hire smarter.
Textio is an advanced machine learning platform for writing better job postings. Textio instantly predicts the hiring performance of your post by comparing it to more than 50 million others, and provides clear guidance on how to improve it.
hiring  jobs  management 
december 2016
Type-Level Programming in Scala | Apocalisp
Series by Mark Harrah covering many topics and examples for type-level programming, later getting into some coverage of Shapeless and typeclass derivation.
scala  programming  to-read 
november 2016
DataSketches | Data Sketches
A Java software library of stochastic streaming algorithms

"In the analysis of big data there are often problem queries that don’t scale because they require huge compute resources and time to generate exact results. Examples include count distinct, quantiles, most frequent items, joins, matrix computations, and graph analysis.

If approximate results are acceptable, there is a class of specialized algorithms, called streaming algorithms, or sketches that can produce results orders-of magnitude faster and with mathematically proven error bounds. For interactive queries there may not be other viable alternatives, and in the case of real-time analysis, sketches are the only known solution.

For any system that needs to extract useful information from big data these sketches are a required toolkit that should be tightly integrated into their analysis capabilities. This technology has helped Yahoo successfully reduce data processing times from days to hours or minutes on a number of its internal platforms."

c.f. Bloom filters, HyperLogLog, etc. https://github.com/twitter/algebird and http://blinkdb.org/

Ahem, https://www.datanami.com/2016/04/27/snappydata-gets-funded-spark-gemfire-combination/
data  algorithms  Yahoo 
november 2016
The Privileged Lie of Gender Equality in Thailand - Harvard International Review
By Thai Harvard student Jasmine Chia who subsequently spoke with the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand on this issue.
thailand  society 
october 2016
What now? – Thailand's Royal Succession
New Mandala as usual has some of the best analysis on these controversial matters.
thailand  government  news 
october 2016
Home | Matrix.org
Matrix is an open standard for decentralised communication, providing simple HTTP APIs and open source reference implementations for securely distributing and persisting JSON over an open federation of servers.
programming  networking  communication  IoT 
september 2016
Vehicle Roadworthiness
Unofficial info on vehicle roadworthiness inspection required by Thailand Department of Land Transport for cars over 7 years old or motorbikes over 5. Also has info on vehicle registration/tax requirements, compulsory insurance, etc.
thailand  government  taxes  travel 
september 2016
The data model · BurntSushi/nfldb Wiki
Project that catalogs and queries extensive play-by-play data from NFL.com and aggregates stats.

This seems like it would be a fun way to get a layman (who is a fan of American football) interested in learning some Python and SQL.

To see the mind-blowing degree to which the author takes his fandom and technical chops seriously, see also the functionality to download game video, slice it by play, and create a playlist from your statistical queries:

programming  python  sports  NFL  statistics  data  database 
august 2016
Common Language Server Protocol
Visual Studio's open "language server" protocol for IDE-like features, applicable to projects like ENSIME.
programming  tools  code  protocols 
june 2016
Quite nice open source application-level monitoring tools for Java apps. Does call tree views including SQL statements, request traces, client-side RUM, JVM info like heap and GC, thread pools and sessions, EhCache, detects business-level "use cases" if using Spring MCV, custom codahale/metrics.

Has a Grafana application and Kibana dashboard for beautiful graph dashboards, integration with Elasticsearch, Graphite, and InfluxDB for time series storage.
monitoring  metrics  Java  performance  devops  tools 
june 2016
Every line of code is always documented
I often want to express to people how version control is an amazing time machine documentation tool, if you practice some commit hygiene and use good messages. Mislav has deftly done the work for me.
versioning  history  documentation  git  vim  development 
june 2016
EasyEDA - Online PCB design & circuit simulator
EasyEDA is a free, zero-install, Web and Cloud-based EDA tool suite, integrating powerful schematic capture, mixed-mode circuit simulator and PCB layout in a seamless cross-platform browser environment, for electronic engineers, educators, students and hobbyists.

Can import Eagle CAD files, among others. Access open source hardware component libraries, great idea.
electronics  design  tools  IoT 
june 2016
Gatling Project, Stress Tool
Gatling is an open-source load testing framework based on Scala, Akka and Netty

  - High performance
  - Ready-to-present HTML reports
  - Scenario recorder and developer-friendly DSL
scala  performance  testing  webdev 
june 2016
Erlang & Home Automation
A nice take on how Erlang is awesome for IoT applications.
erlang  embedded  IoT 
june 2016
Mexican Grilled Corn Avocado Toast | How Sweet It Is
Grilled corn, queso fresco and cilantro—yeah that sounds like some legit avocado toast.
recipe  food 
may 2016
Painless release with SBT - Byjean
A nice combination of using sbt-git's versioning support along with sbt-buildinfo and sbt-release to get a workflow where version bumping is automated via git tags.
development  scala  git  devops 
april 2016
Input: Fonts for Code
Very nice customizable coding fonts with a selection of letterforms and weights.

This is also nice: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/jan-fromm/camingo-code/
fonts  programming  tools 
april 2016
Features | Multi-Cloud Ops Tools for Devs | Cloud 66
Multi-cloud infrastructure management with support for rolling deployment strategies, replication and back-up support for multiple data stores, firewall management, container build environments, DNS service with service discovery features.

Appears to have a fitting model for typical modern three-tier web apps with a background worker component.
operations  automation  sysadmin  hosting  cloud  server 
march 2016
B2B Lead Generation and Risk Management | DueDil
"Bloomberg of private companies"

Database of companies and directors. Filter, alert, connect spreadsheets/Salesforce/API.
business  data  search  research 
march 2016
Meng Wong's new thing, a spinoff from JFDI.Asia. Typically ambitious and disruptive.

"Legalese is overkill for basic contracts, which are the corporate equivalent of a gist.

When should you use Legalese? When you're raising funds. Anything to do with investment or shares is more like a kernel patch. If you mess up, you might be breaking the law or you might just make other people very rich yet walk away with nothing."
legal  software  entrepreneurship  investing  finance  management 
march 2016
About | Zanata
Open source localization web service similar to SaaS like POEditor.

"Zanata is a web-based system for managing localization projects. Localization (L10n) is the process of translating software or documentation into different languages.

Zanata is written in Java and uses modern web technologies such as JBoss, Seam, GWT, and Hibernate. It also presents a REST API. It currently supports translation of software through Gettext/PO, Java Properties and XLIFF (partial), and DocBook/Publican documentation through PO files. Projects can be uploaded to and downloaded from a Zanata server using a Maven plugin or a command-line client."
L10n  opensource  Java  international  language 
march 2016
Welcome to the coala documentation! — coala 0.4.2.dev9999 documentation
Interesting idea for wrapper to provide uniform interface and config to static analysis tools like linters, code formatters, etc. across languages. Silly names though, bears?
tools  programming  opensource 
march 2016
The 120-Hour Workweek - Epic Coding Time-Lapse
Okay this isn't healthy, but I'm pretty blown away by this guy's preparation and how much he has put into the quantified self tracking stuff.
programming  workflow  video  productivity 
march 2016
Reinventing Organizations Wiki
This wiki is best used as a reference, almost a sort of handbook, for leaders looking to upgrade specific management practices in their organization.
business  process  society 
march 2016
Jobbatical.com Beta
They made a cute site for global job search.
jobs  international 
march 2016
This is a tool for powerful automation of OS X. At its core, Hammerspoon is just a bridge between the operating system and a Lua scripting engine. What gives Hammerspoon its power is a set of extensions that expose specific pieces of system functionality, to the user.

This reminds me of the old OS X automation utility Marco Polo, but taking "power user" a few steps further. React to filesystem or wifi SSID events, script window management, etc.
mac  osx  automation  lua  software  opensource 
february 2016
Autonomous Desk: A $299 Smart Sit-to-Stand Desk
Quite affordable, high-quality motorized standing desks with memory positions. They've been well-regarded on Product Hunt.

International shipping available, though I've inquired about Thailand and gotten no response yet.
furniture  shopping  health  office 
february 2016
Zalando STUPS
The STUPS platform is a set of tools and components to provide a convenient and audit-compliant Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for multiple autonomous teams on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Aimed at facilitating audited and secure "one AWS account per team" setup in organization with autonomous, self-organized teams.
aws  automation  workflow  devops  docker  management 
february 2016
Connect Your Home Router to a VPN to Bypass Censorship, Filtering, and More
Good introductory overview to getting set up with a router/firmware like DD-WRT or Tomato that can act as an OpenVPN client.
vpn  networking  home  privacy  security 
february 2016
Howl :: Editor
Interesting editor project written almost entirely in Moonscript ("CoffeeScript for Lua") with a tiny C core. They are throughly documenting the APIs and publishing HTML results from BDD specs to encourage a deeply scriptable design.

Lua (with LuaJIT) is very fast and very suitable as an application scripting and prototyping language—much of Neovim is also prototyped in Lua with the Vimscript runtime based on it, so Neovim should also be deeply scriptable with Lua.
editor  opensource  moonscript  lua 
february 2016
Aboriginal Taiwan: Visiting Orchid Island - Adventures Around Asia
Orchid Island or Lan Yu, beautiful home to the Tao people, perhaps Taiwan's best-preserved aboriginal culture after Japanese occupation strictly controlled access to the island. I've wanted to go since seeing it in an EVA Air magazine a few years back.

According to original text of the EVA article [1] June is the time to see boats in action for flying fish season, but other sources say March to June, and their flying fish festival held February to April.

[1]: http://travelsintaiwan.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-wonders-of-orchid-island.html
travel  taiwan  culture 
january 2016
6 Smart Tax Moves to Make Before 2016 | FutureAdvisor
There are a few interesting tips here, like allocating REITs to an IRA because of their tax inefficiency: they disperse significant dividends. Also donating stock in-kind to non-profit organizations as a personal tax write-off that the org will never have to pay capital gains on.
investing  finance  taxes 
january 2016
Observations on film art : Hands (and faces) across the table
Some great articles of film criticism and craft from this author; referenced from Every Frame a Painting.
creative  film  media 
january 2016
Building Event-Driven Microservices with Scala, Functional Domain Models and Spring Boot
A laundry list of buzzwords I happen to like these days: reactive, event sourcing, CQRS, microservices, Scala, Docker. Not a great deal here that's actually new to me but it's a good succinct bring-it-all-together talk.

Chris Richardson discusses an event-driven microservice architecture, it’s benefits and drawbacks and how Spring Boot can help, implementing business logic using domain models written in Scala.
scala  data  architecture  patterns 
december 2015
Comparing Visa Signature and World Elite MasterCard Benefits
Pretty useful hotel benefits for Visa Signature cards (Sapphire Preferred is one)—if booked through the Visa Signature site. Could be worth looking when traveling, there is a lowest rate guarantee among the benefits.
travel  shopping  hotel 
november 2015
Cleaning & Restoring a 35mm Slide | The Laughing Bunny
PEC pads and PEC-12 fluid seem to be the recurring recommendation.
photography  hobby 
november 2015
Go database/sql tutorial
The idiomatic way to use a SQL, or SQL-like, database in Go is through the database/sql package. It provides a lightweight interface to a row-oriented database. This website is a reference for the most common aspects of how to use it.

Why is this needed? The package’s documentation tells you what everything does, but it doesn’t tell you how to use the package. Many of us find ourselves wishing for a quick-reference and a “getting started” orientation that tells stories instead of listing facts.
golang  database  documentation  programming 
november 2015
Writing type parametric functions in Go - Andrew Gallant's Blog
"I’m going to present a package ty with facilities to write type parametric functions in Go that maintain run time type safety, while also being convenient for the caller to use.

By run time type safety, I mean that the types of a function’s arguments are consistent with its parametric type or else the function predictably fails at run time with a reasonable error message. Stated differently, a lack of run time type safety would permit arguments that are inconsistent with the function’s parametric type at the call site, but might fail with unrelated and hard to debug errors (or worse, not fail at all). Thus, run time type safety in this context is a statement about failure modes."

This is a nice intro some of Go's reflection API's, in addition to the type-parametric experiments themselves.
golang  programming 
november 2015
Testing in Go | via @codeship
Great introduction to Go's standard lib testing package, httptest.Server, using interfaces for injected dependency stubs, and tips for testing concurrent code with channels.
golang  testing  concurrency  programming 
october 2015
The Design Sprint — Google Ventures
The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. Developed at Google Ventures, it’s a “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more — packaged into a battle-tested process that any team can use.

Working together with companies in a sprint, we shortcut the usual endless-debate cycle and compress months of time into a single week. Instead of waiting to launch a minimal product to understand if an idea is any good, teams get great data from a prototype. The sprint gives these companies a superpower: The ability to build and test nearly any idea in just 40 hours.
entrepreneurship  biz  design  workshop 
august 2015
OS X restarts unexpectedly
Great. My old MBP that still gets a lot of work done as a "desktop" is exactly this model and is having exactly this GPU panic symptom since upgrading it to Yosemite. It might have to serve out the rest of its days with the Nvidia GPU disabled.
apple  mac  graphics  hardware 
august 2015
Introduction to Azure Data Factory
Microsoft's cloud service for data pipeline operations and data integration. This is actually starting to look pretty good.

Can use on-premise data stores as sources/sinks—Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, Teradata, etc. Take a look at the related Stream Analytics and Event Hubs Azure products.
cloud  data  database  integration  hadoop  hive 
august 2015
Crossbar.io Unified Application Router
Crossbar is a WAMP (Web Application Messaging Protocol) router for RPC or publish-subscribe messaging architectures over WebSockets or legacy fallbacks, with 8 supported language backends.
websockets  webdev  python  javascript  erlang  Java 
august 2015
Building Cloud Native Applications - DZone Cloud
A good primer for technical management, or for engineers who have been stuck in monolithic enterprise software environments for a long time, on what all this "cloud native" hype is about.
cloud  distributed  operations  software  development 
august 2015
Nim Programming Language
I have to admit that from a quick skim this looks like a nice combination of language features.

"Nim (formerly known as "Nimrod") is a statically typed, imperative programming language that tries to give the programmer ultimate power without compromises on runtime efficiency. This means it focuses on compile-time mechanisms in all their various forms.

Beneath a nice infix/indentation based syntax with a powerful (AST based, hygienic) macro system lies a semantic model that supports a soft realtime GC on thread local heaps. Asynchronous message passing is used between threads, so no "stop the world" mechanism is necessary. An unsafe shared memory heap is also provided for the increased efficiency that results from that model."

Soft-realtime garbage collection or more manual memory management. Native binaries that require no runtime or interpreter.
programming  language 
august 2015
CS106 Winter 2008
The archived course web site for exactly the quarter of Stanford CS106B for which Prof. Julie Zelenski's lecture videos are available on iTunes U and YouTube.

This allows access not only to assignments, etc., but importantly the correct version of the Stanford C++ libraries shown throughout the course so that code samples are consistent when you attempt to follow along.
education  computing  programming 
august 2015
Management Magazine
First Round has a pretty stellar collection of writing about management.
career  education  management 
august 2015
June Intelligent Oven ・ The computer-based oven that thinks like a chef
Yeah it seems slightly ridiculous now, but it's only a matter of time before all of our home appliances are like this.
products  cooking  food 
july 2015
An Urban Dictionary clone for Thai slang.
Reference  language  thai 
july 2015
ArsDigita Computer Science University : Free Education : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
ArsDigita University was a one-year, intensive post-baccalaureate program in Computer Science based on the undergraduate course of study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The majority of the instructors were professors from MIT and the program was tuition free. After running from September 2000 through July 2001, seeing the first class to graduation, the program was forced to shut down.

This library of open educational resources includes lectures and coursework from the ArsDigita curriculum. These university level materials are available for free download.
education  video  programming  theory 
july 2015
The Algorithm Design Manual
Site for Steven S. Skiena's highly regarded algorithms text, including solutions and a wiki.

See also the linked "Algorithm Repository", and audio and video recordings of Skiena's lectures: http://www3.cs.stonybrook.edu/~algorith/video-lectures/
algorithms  programming  books  education 
july 2015
Here's Google's Secret to Hiring the Best People
Despite a reputation for some dubious interview methods in the past, Google's SVP of People Operations has instituted changes driven by outside research and desire to eliminate biases and improve consistency. In this article he describes his vision of a combination of techniques, including structured interviews, general cognitive ability assessments, and work sample tests, with a clear rubric.

Interesting point that they have candidates interviewed by people are likely to become their subordinates, instead of only their potential bosses as is usually the case.

Unbiased hiring committee that is separate from the interviewers (implying that interviewers must write good notes, in a consistent format).
hiring  management  entrepreneurship  culture  interview 
july 2015
The Hiring Post
Thomas Ptacek on the broken software engineer interview and doing better by focusing on a consistent, data-driven process.

"Those candidates got a study guide, a couple of free books, and an open invitation to proceed with the process whenever they were ready. Those $80 in books candidates received had one of the best ROIs of any investment we made anywhere in the business. Some of our best hires couldn’t have happened without us bringing them up to speed."
hiring  management  software  interview 
june 2015
The Architecture of Open Source Applications
Authors discuss implementation and lessons on numerous quality open source projects. I read part of the chapter by Audrey Tang while looking at EtherCalc and was blown away.

Content is Creative Commons-licensed and royalties from copy sales go to Amnesty International.
books  opensource  programming  architecture  education 
june 2015
Seaborn: statistical data visualization — seaborn 0.5.1 documentation
Seaborn is a Python visualization library based on matplotlib. It provides a high-level interface for drawing attractive statistical graphics.
python  data  visualization  statistics  code 
june 2015
Philip Guo - CPython internals: A ten-hour codewalk through the Python interpreter source code
Here are nine lectures walking through the internals of CPython. The purpose of these lectures is to give a technical overview of the core components of CPython. Although it does not strive to be comprehensive, once you understand these lectures, you should be able to understand the rest of the CPython code base.
programming  python  language  video 
june 2015
Thai Film at Cannes a Sign of Our Times
On Cemetery of Splendour at Cannes and the perennially-under-appreciated at home Apichatpong Weerasethakul.
art  thailand  film 
may 2015
Overview - Kazoo Admin Guide - 2600hz Docs
Welcome to Kazoo, an ambitious project to bring cloud-based VoIP and telecommunications to everyone.

Kazoo is an API-based platform that lets you use your existing phones, programming languages and IT skills to build voice, video and SMS services. We focus on building a simple, powerful communications platform and let you focus on marketing, servicing and integrating communications with your clients systems.

Dubbed a "scalable, distributed, cloud-based" telephony platform, Kazoo provides simple to use, consistent API so that people who know little about building telecom systems can still dive in and utilize the power of the phone network. In practical terms that means you can create your own phone service in the cloud. Or on a server in your mother's basement. Or in a distributed cluster of servers around the globe. It's up to you.
voip  erlang  pbx  opensource  distributed 
may 2015
Please stop calling databases CP or AP — Martin Kleppmann’s blog
While the central point may be more or less intuitive at this point for people who have a moderate level of distributed systems knowledge, Martin Kleppman has at very least provided a laundry list of key papers to read and reference.

"The CAP theorem is too simplistic and too widely misunderstood to be of much use for characterizing systems. Therefore I ask that we retire all references to the CAP theorem, stop talking about the CAP theorem, and put the poor thing to rest. Instead, we should use more precise terminology to reason about our trade-offs."
distributed  database  research  theory 
may 2015
Error Handling in Rust
Mmm delicious monadic error and null handling in Rust, with Option and Result types like we find in good statically-typed functional languages. This article goes further to show custom error types and the `try!` macro.
rust  programming  code 
may 2015
Kestrels, Quirky Birds, and Hopeless Egocentricity
Reg Braithwaite's book exploring Combinatory Logic and practical applications of the theory. Full text is available on the site.
programming  theory  books  ruby  coffeescript  functional 
may 2015
Talking About Money
Patrick McKenzie on consulting rates and pipeline development.

"Spoiler alert: there is virtually no difference in the mechanics of work done between $100 an hour, $200 an hour, and $30k a week — all of the leveling up there is in sophistication on who you go after, what engagements you propose and deliver, and how you package things for clients."
finance  consulting 
may 2015
Hands-on Scala.js
A book in progress by Li Haoyi on Scala.js
javascript  scala  books 
april 2015
Darlington News - School welcomes Royal Thai Scholar
On Darlington's relationship with the Royal Thai Scholar government education sponsorship initiative.
education  darlington  thailand  philanthropy 
april 2015
An Introduction to Tracking Statistics with Graphite, StatsD, and CollectD | DigitalOcean
A good primer to getting going with this venerable metrics stack, although you'll want to have a look at some further possibilities like statsite as a drop-in replacement for statsd, the statsd plugin for collectd, Grafana as your Graphite UI.
graphite  monitoring  statsd  tools 
april 2015
The aftermath of Nepal’s earthquake exposes Asia’s geopolitical fault lines - The Washington Post
Speculation that Nepal rejected Taiwan's offer of earthquake aid in form of search and rescue specialists, out of allegiance to China in a manner "rather similar to self-censorship". Relief organization on the ground may be complicated by aid from China and India, rivals vying for influence in Kathmandu.

“SAR and humanitarian assistance is a relatively uncontroversial area where Taiwan can do a lot of good regionally, and it's unfortunate that geopolitics would prevent it from doing so,” Cole said. “It has lots to offer, and can learn a few things in the process that can then be applied back in Taiwan to save lives. Nothing beats experience.”
asia  nepal  taiwan  china  international  politics  disasters 
april 2015
ReadMe.io : Crowdsource Your Developer Hub
Cool service to host/generate developer documentation: guide-style and interactive REST API with an optional theme mimicking Stripe's popular design. Built-in Markdown-based editor and GitHub-synced auto-generation. Host versioned doc archives. Users can suggest edits.

Free for open source projects.
documentation  tools  services  development  API  hosting 
april 2015
Modern Extreme Programming
Some nice ideas for software development and devops practices.
software  development  methodology  management 
april 2015
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