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Want Facebook virality? Put it in an image
Daniel Victor writes: "As far as journalists/social media folks are concerned, it means we have to look for opportunities to post our stories as photos, not links. Then you put a link in the description and reap the benefits of the increased virality."
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january 2012 by cherylsadler
How to Promote an Event Online
With dozens of avenues for online promotion as a Marketing and Sales professional, how do you choose the best channels for promoting an event online? This infographic will guide you to optimal social media event promotion for a successful event. Brought to you by the Rasmussen College - School of Business.
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november 2011 by cherylsadler
Fessin’ up: Addressing mistakes
"Mistakes are not acceptable when they are avoidable." Creating a checklist for Twitter and Facebook.
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august 2011 by cherylsadler
HOW TO: Plan and Promote Events With Social Media
Events, whether they are a local tweetup, a championship game or the world’s largest conference, can be notoriously difficult to plan, promote, and execute. But the end result can be amazing, and that is why we plan them in the first place
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august 2011 by cherylsadler

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