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Repair — Cultural Anthropology
Steve Jackson post on his take on repair with some handy references to everyone from Heidegger to John Dewey
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21 days ago by cheapjack
Critical Making: Conceptual and Material Studies in Technology and Social Life
Critical Making: Conceptual and Material Studies in Technology and Social Life

2012 introduction to critical making wrt STS paper

This article provides an overview of a series of experiments in ...
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5 weeks ago by cheapjack
Matt Ratto and co
Critical Making: Conceptual and Material Studies in Technology and Social Life
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@jackie_pease @DoESLiverpool @PaulaSalurand This is more up our #CriticalKits street
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7 weeks ago by cheapjack
Marvin Minsky
"School is the best thing ever invented to keep you from thinking about something important for more than a few minutes"
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july 2017 by cheapjack
Brazil's 'Telematic Revolution' | Rhizome
Reflecting on past visions for the public domain @Daniel_IV_ great companion piece to
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december 2016 by cheapjack
Indie Manufacturing - A Brief Critique of Ship-Bits-Not-Atoms
replicator dreams & replacing workers @amcewen references the lucas plan #criticalkits
november 2016 by cheapjack
The Science Button: Make a magic button to tag a video stream live
Make a button maybe with node-red to tag a video stream when someone says something interesting or needs further comment/research/flaming/response/backing up/ confirming/abuse / laughter/ make another... after writing about the [Big Red Science Button]( Note to self; should probably revise my blasé comment on 'all science is just inferences' after reading Karl Popper and various STS bods
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november 2016 by cheapjack
First Chapter
Claire Bishop follows the trajectory of twentieth-century art and examines key moments in the development of a participatory aesthetic.
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november 2016 by cheapjack
html - How to parse an RSS feed using JavaScript? - Stack Overflow
$.get(FEED_URL, function (data) {
$(data).find("entry").each(function () { // or "item" or whatever suits your feed
var el = $(this);

console.log("title : " + el.find("title").text());
console.log("author : " + el.find("author").text());
console.log("description: " + el.find("description").text());
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november 2016 by cheapjack
Field Ready - Humanitarian Supplies Made-in-the-Field
Seem interested in injection moulding and bucket factories makes me think of indie manufacturing. Airbags for rubble lifting. Maybe most useful idea is the cloud of makers and that networking

Avoiding the pitfalls of speculative humanitarianism

Contextual documentation the hyper local contextual bodge
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november 2016 by cheapjack
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