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Circulating Reference: Sampling Soil in the Amazon Forest
This is a handy science studies primer from 1991, it gives the general gist of Latour and many others concerns though of course it's way more concerned with philosophy of reference which may annoy some. Whether it's showboating or not it's an interesting take on problems of correspondence. I like it because it's about soil and a clear precursor of his later interest in Gaia and useful critiques of images and concepts of the earth as globe as being having little value. The pedocomparator is also clearly fits in a CriticalKits category; seems easily incorporated into a maker STEM environment worksho
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august 2018 by cheapjack
Repair — Cultural Anthropology
Steve Jackson post on his take on repair with some handy references to everyone from Heidegger to John Dewey
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june 2018 by cheapjack
16 bits on critical making
1111 things to remember from dawn of maker phenomenon
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may 2018 by cheapjack
Critical Making: Conceptual and Material Studies in Technology and Social Life
Critical Making: Conceptual and Material Studies in Technology and Social Life

2012 introduction to critical making wrt STS paper

This article provides an overview of a series of experiments in ...
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may 2018 by cheapjack
Matt Ratto and co
Critical Making: Conceptual and Material Studies in Technology and Social Life
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may 2018 by cheapjack
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